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08 May 2021

GameSir X2 for iPhone - mobile game controller

It is worth paying attention to the GameSir X2 gamepad. Although only compatible with Android, this device is an excellent mobile game controller.

Anna Onishchenko

For just a few years, when we mentioned games for a mobile phone, we presented Super Mario and others in the same spirit. The main purpose of these options was to pass the time. The people who agreed to pay $60 for them simply do not exist. Nowadays, everything has changed, except smartphones, they remained with the same rectangular shape and uncomfortable control. In order to make the task easier for gamers, was developed game controller GameSir X2. This gamepad allows you to get the most simplified and convenient control.
Gamepad GameSir X2

With the development of telephone progress, games have taken on a new level. This is due to two reasons:

  • More and more powerful smartphones are constantly being released. Due to the large screen and special internal filling, they can easily cope with games of any complexity.
  • Services have been developed that are responsible for streaming. Processing takes place using the cloud, due to which you can play on various gadgets. The phone is a screen and buttons for control.

If you decide to buy a GameSir X2 gamepad for iPhone, you will not go wrong. The device does not belong to either the first or the second above-described option. It is attached to the phone as an additional unit. Once connected, you can play on your smartphone like a standard gamepad. It is worth considering this curiosity in more detail.

Duration of operation and appearance

The price of the gamepad for the iPhone GameSir X2 is quite reasonable. It is part of one of three controllers. The first is an external simple Bluetooth device. The second - with a special fixation for a smartphone. The third is a block that turns an iPhone into a controller (the described gamepad belongs to this group). The case is made in the form of a rectangle, has a sliding mechanism, is optimal for almost all innovative gadgets with USB Type-C.

In shape, this controller is a bit like a Switch with a split system. On all sides there is one gamepad joystick controller for the GameSir X2 smartphone, designed for the thumbs. In the presence of a set consisting of four special buttons. The ones on the right have the standard ABXY configuration, on the left have special arrows. There are also "home" and "start" keys, several special buttons. They work efficiently, measurably, and are quite pleasant to the touch. Each is rated for three million clicks. Thanks to this, they have a long operational life and are able to last longer than your iPhone. You will definitely be delighted with the thumb sticks on each side. They are distinguished by their high strength and e-sport class.
Gamepad and joysticks

Each side is slightly thickened towards the base, slightly curved from the outside. This makes them comfortable to grip, especially when compared to standard rectangles. The handles are soft, made of high-quality rubber, which makes it even more comfortable to hold the controller. Triggers are available for millions of clicks.

The body is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It also has a rigid polycarbonate frame. Due to this, it is distinguished by its reliability and durability. There is a special recess between the two sides, a phone is inserted into it. Don't worry about running out of space. The sides slide apart and securely grip the smartphone. A device with dimensions up to 167 millimeters will fit here.

In the process of inserting the phone, the first thing to do is to connect it to the jack USB Type-C on the left. Then fix correctly on the right side. Both parts are equipped with soft special pads, so your gadget is completely safe. The back panel is not completely closed, which was done on purpose. This allows air to enter so that the device does not heat up during the game.

The appearance of the unit is quite aesthetic, the base part is made in white, the bumper and buttons are in black. There are black inserts at the bottom. The joystick on the left is underlined in red, on the right - in blue. There is no need to worry about the soiling of the product, this can clearly be attributed to secondary problems.
 Gamepad color scheme

Compatibility with other devices and power

Gamepad for iPhone GameSir X2 has simple and easy settings. But he does not have his own battery. It runs on your phone, which seems like a terrible idea since the controllers use a lot of power. If you look from the other side, communication can take place using wires. Due to this, resource consumption is significantly reduced. For an hour of play, only 2 mAh is spent (the figure varies based on button presses). The efficiency drops by 0.06%, which can practically be equated to zero.

Despite the small amount of consumed charge, the phone will continue to discharge. At the end of the device there is a connector for connecting a standard charger or a power bank via a Type-C cable, due to which you can play endlessly.

It should be borne in mind that there is no suitable application for X2 in the Apple Store, it is not compatible with the iOS system, only with Android (with the latest versions that have Type-C). If you charge the iPhone using Micro USB, the gamepad will not work. Of course, it's nice to have a Bluetooth option, but this requires an internal battery, which will entail design changes.

Functions and specifics of the gamepad

The main advantage is the wired construction. To some, this will not seem logical, because nowadays. Everyone is striving for smart and a minimum of wires. In fact, information is transmitted much faster using cables. You just won't notice any lag. For players who are shooters, the latency of even 8 milliseconds will become critical. Thanks to the wired controller, they'll get rid of it.
 Faster game

It all depends on whether you have correctly figured out how to connect GameSir. At first, it seems rather complicated. There is an opinion that three hands are needed, because you should simultaneously stretch the device and insert the phone. The engineers foresaw this option and made life easier for the user: USB Type-C is able to rotate 50 degrees (to be precise, 51). This allows you to connect your smartphone before you insert and fix it. After the controller is pulled apart, a gadget is placed inside.

Another feature is the button that takes a picture from the display. Some will not find it important. But for those who like to take screenshots, it will become indispensable, because during the photo process, you can not leave the game. Apart from this GameSir X2 has the following advantages:

  • charging port safety;
  • stable and fast connection;
  • versatility;
  • ease of management;
  • compatibility with various gaming devices;
  • low-energy consumption.

The controller weighs 362 grams. The complete set consists of a box, instructions for use and the device itself. Working platform - Android 9.0 and higher. The built-in spring is able to withstand any load, does not stretch over time. Factory assembly guarantees the durability and strength of the device without any damage or breakdowns. Only original GameSir parts were used in the manufacture.

What conclusions can be drawn from the above

We do not recommend purchasing a gamepad for the iPhone GameSir X2 on AliExpress, because you can get a fake. Yes, you will save your finances, but the device itself will not work for a long time.
 Buying on aliexpress

GameSir X2 Type-c mobile gaming controller is a new generation of wireless gamepad joysticks designed for handheld online gaming. The device will be an excellent option for the modern user, as it has a full set of various controls. It belongs to the most technologically advanced gadgets on the market today. A unique design has been developed, due to which your iPhone is securely fixed during the game. The main strength is the wired design, which makes the latency to a minimum. The disadvantages include support only for Android systems that have USB Type-C ports. Despite this, this problem is not a disadvantage. Numerous Bluetooth controllers are presented for those who do not own the new Android operating system.


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