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18 April 2021

Overview of the Forest program. Should I download the Forest app

An application that will help you learn to concentrate without being distracted by your phone

Volodymyr Gybchakevich

The Forest program is a kind of magic pill that is useful for people who are constantly distracted by their mobile phone and cannot concentrate. According to statistics, for many, the issue of concentration of attention is a sore subject, because in the modern world, where technological progress is moving in giant strides, there are many distractions around that do not allow directing their mental flow in the right direction. Many users have already downloaded the Forest application and appreciated all its advantages.

The program allows you not to be distracted by extraneous sites. Developed for iOS and Android, there is also an extension for the Chrome browser. One of the advantages of the application is the Russian-language interface.

The essence of the project

After downloading the program, you should set the timer for the time that you plan to spend wisely, without being distracted by anything in your smartphone. At this time, the application begins to grow a virtual tree. When a person picks up the phone and enters another application, Forest immediately warns him to go back, otherwise the plant will die. This is what happens, if the user ignores the comment, the tree really dies, so there is no need to be distracted by the Instagram feed or look at the profiles of friends on Facebook. I would like to believe that inside each of us there lives a bright and kind person who will never do this to nature, even if it is virtual (just a joke).

forest logo

It is worth noting that the concentration time can be accompanied by pleasant music, since the application contains a whole set of ambient sounds. The user should pay attention to the fact that additional options in the program are available only to users of the PRO package. The free version has more modest functionality, but many of them are quite enough, so they do not bother with expanding the possibilities.

Browser extension

In addition to the application, there is also the Forest browser extension. Its job is to block specific Internet resources. The user independently chooses the sites that should be automatically blocked while the person is working. Only the resources necessary for the work remain available. That is, in fact, here you need to create a "white list" of platforms in advance, which should be in constant access.

The focusing time can be varied in the range of 10-120 minutes, in 5 minute steps. Next, we start the timer. Trying to enter a site that is not included in the "white list", we automatically provoke the system to give us a warning about the risk of ruining the tree. You can also log in directly to the extension, in which case the plants grown there will be visible in the program.

Application scenario

Both the extension and the application can be used as:

  1. Reliable blocker of Internet resources. While the extension is functioning, all social networks and other platforms are turned off for a certain time, which take up precious time. On the other hand, extremely useful sites remain on the "white list" - for example, Google Doc and Wikipedia.
  2. Pomodoro timer. The program allows you to measure intervals of 25 minutes. However, further it is necessary to detect independently the interval of the break, although in most cases this does not cause difficulties.
  3. Time limiter on the smartphone. Often, addiction to gadgets greatly interferes with work and good rest. You can set a timer when you are dining in a restaurant, reading a book, sitting down to knit, or just doing some important task. This will allow you to maximally focus your attention on a useful matter and not constantly look at your smartphone. At the same time, you are provided with a state of rest, which is also very important for high-quality work performance.

forest screen

You can cheat. For example, when you go to bed, you can set a timer, and while you are actually resting, virtual currency in the form of seeds will accumulate in the application. You can really improve the quality of your sleep in this way so that your hands do not reach your smartphone in the evening. An excellent solution for those who want to do a digital detox before going to bed.

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Formation of a virtual forest

The timer is set for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 120 minutes, with a step of 5 minutes. In 20 minutes, for example, not a full-fledged tree will grow, but a small bush. Therefore, in order to form a dense forest, it is necessary to stop using the gadget more often. You can go to the forest from the menu on the left. For each tree that has grown, you are entitled to a small reward in the form of a certain amount of grains. This is a kind of currency for buying other tree modifications.

By planting a new type of plant each time, you can create an interesting and varied forest that will not consist of pine trees alone. To select a non-standard type of tree, before setting the timer, click on the image of the Christmas tree. The trees will change according to the timer time - the most advanced plant varieties will grow for 120 minutes.

Application statistics

The program collects statistical data on its own. For example, you can control how long the application was running on a particular day, as well as how many trees were grown then. You can set up statistics for the day, for the week, as well as for the month and year. It must be remembered that a forest that has been growing for a long period of time will look more beautiful, since it will be dense and look like a fabulous one. It will not be very pleasant to find dead trees there, so you need to try to prevent this from happening.

In addition, the application allows you to activate "tracking", which will help you find out how long the smartphone has been used. The program clearly shows at what time certain trees were grown, as well as how often the screen of the gadget was turned on. Often we pick up a mobile phone, even without realizing it, just out of habit - we turn it on to see the time or automatically go to Instagram to look at new stories from friends.

forest 3

For this, you need to download the Forest application, which will help you discover how often we use the gadget aimlessly, and could do something useful or just relax and reboot. Many, looking at the statistics, are amazed: how can you sit on the Internet so much? It turns out that it is possible, but we do not notice it until such a useful program opens our eyes. And immediately you begin to control your actions and spend time constructively.


The application, in addition to a forest full of trees, also contains special stripes - badges awarded for certain achievements. For example, you can get a badge when the total productive time reaches 3-7 days. There are also achievements for the number of open trees, as well as for other achievements. And you can also become the owner of a badge for your friends - and the more there are, the faster you will receive a prize.

What about ranking?

The app has an interesting competitive aspect. You have a certain rating among all your friends, and there is another - among the program community. This implies a simple condition: you can win the leading place if there are more trees in your forest than other participants. It's pretty simple - grow and stand on a pedestal.

Common room

The interest in the application is fueled by the fact that here you can create a separate room with your friends in order to jointly grow a variety of trees. This function will be available only if you have friends in the application, so it is worth acquiring them, and as many as possible.

Paid services and premium package

If you nevertheless decided to download the Forest application, please note that it also has a paid version. The cost, of course, is not high, but for some it is essential to use the free option, which is also quite interesting. However, those users who have purchased the premium package do not regret it, since they use the utility constantly.

As for the PRO, here you will have access to detailed statistics. In addition, you can tag the desired focus time, as well as add other smartphone applications to the whitelist, plant trees with your friends, turn off annoying ads, and more.

trees on game

It is worth noting that the premium package includes such a function as buying virtual seeds for real money. Other acquisitions, for example new varieties of trees, ambient sounds, the ability to remove a dead bush, can be made for virtual currency - game seeds. Therefore, the main task for you is to accumulate them, unless, of course, you want to pay for features with real cache. It is worth paying attention to the fact that after purchasing a certain type of wood, all subsequent varieties will cost more. This means that every time you need more and more virtual seeds.

Real trees

It is noteworthy that the developers of the Forest application have taken an eco-initiative that brings real benefits to the surrounding nature. Now, using virtual currency, the user has the opportunity to plant a real tree. Many will ask: how it really looks. And the procedure is quite simple - in the corresponding item of the main menu, you must select the "Plant" function. The cost of a real tree is 2.5 thousand coins. As soon as payment is made, the application will issue a notification, which will say that the tree will definitely be planted as a token of gratitude to you for supporting this rational movement.

forest gameplay

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