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Apple Store / Apple news / Fallout Shelter: a full-fledged part of the legendary franchise, or an ordinary simulator?
25 March 2021

Fallout Shelter: a full-fledged part of the legendary franchise, or an ordinary simulator?

Fallout Shelter as a full-fledged part of the gaming industry and an inexhaustible stream of fans.

Ольга Мунтян

"War. War never changes. "

It was this phrase that became a real symbol of the Fallout universe. Along with Vault-Boy, this phrase always reminds of that wonderful retro-futurism, shown through the prism of nuclear wastelands. Yes, even those who are not very close to computer games, often met the image of a smiling blond cartoon boy showing a thumbs up.

And the fact remains. The Fallout series of games has become truly cult. The very first game was released back in 1997, and since then, it has found a huge number of fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Bethesda studio decided that it was necessary to expand its influence, and confidently entered the mobile application market. This is how the world was able to see Fallout Shelter.

What is Fallout Shelter?

people go in refuge

When the players who fell in love with this, without exaggeration, the legendary series first saw Shelter, they did not quite get what they used to see. After all, usually, fallout is a game not without fun, but it has some kind of eerie and gloomy shade. This is an RPG that tells about interesting events, in the center of which was the Protagonist. And there is where to laugh, there is variability, there are sad, and even frankly creepy and scary moments.

But here is a colorful atmosphere, and a real hideout simulator. You can forget about exploring the world by hand, with all its complexities and beauties. You have to be the Overseer. Now you must take care of the people in the shelter, make sure that they have a place to live, find ways to entertain them, get them enough food, water, energy. In fact - a simulator of a refuge in the Fallout universe, only without creepy experiments.

What game mechanics can be found in FalloutShelter?

Well, it's worth starting with what kind of game it is. And it is really simple. From graphics to mechanics.

The visuals of the game are simple. Everything is done in a cartoon style, and the characters are, roughly speaking, Vault-Boy with different hairstyles and costumes. Speaking of characters. From the beginning of the game you are greeted by six heroes. These are ordinary "no-name" characters that are randomly generated and have their own characteristics. There are 7 characteristics in the game. SPECIAL system. There are 7 key skills that affect the entire gameplay. Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck. Every skill can come in handy somewhere. Thus, Strength is needed for power generators, Perception is for water filtration stations, Dexterity is for the dining room, and so on.

But the rooms don't end there. You can release villagers into the wasteland. Skills are really needed there too. They affect how long your character can survive in the harsh conditions of the post-apocalypse. And it is not only the average value of skills that affects. Each skill gives something different. So Strength can affect how much your character can take with him, stamina on his standard of living, and agility on attack speed. And it's worth noting right away that when the game was at the start, the trip to the wasteland was not particularly interesting. Yes, it was still the best way to get resources, however, it didn’t provide any interactivity. But now that the game has the "Overseer Room", you may stumble upon something interesting, and your scout will notify you about it.

what people do

And the "Keeper's Room" is generally a godsend. You can send villagers on various quests to get unique stories, and what's more, enjoy amazing and funny storylines. The tasks are very diverse, and there may even be ones that will surprise even those who are familiar with the universe from the very beginning.

Well, what else can the game catch? Rare and legendary characters. Yes, during quests, or even a regular walk in the Wasteland, you can meet a rare, or even legendary hero who can significantly improve the state of affairs in your shelter. What is the difference between them? Rare characters are, in fact, the same "no-names" that just have pretty good SPECIAL indicators. But here are the legendary ... And these are the characters of the computer universe. Among them you can meet your favorite and familiar heroes who will cause a real childish delight in those who recognize them. There are as many as 23 of them! And it's very funny to see them in their hideout.

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Also, don't forget about weapons and costumes. Costumes increase the stats of a villager, while weapons can increase his damage in battle. Very useful things that you will have a lot during the game.

Fallout Shelter controversial moments.

Each game has its own disadvantages and advantages. But there are also moments that cannot be ranked, neither to the first, nor to the second. And there are such moments in Shelter. And, of course, it has to do with microtransactions. Donate is an integral part of any free game, that's right. But here he is in places dubious. There is a case system here. But they are called differently - Lunch boxes. They contain objects and characters. You can get trash to create various objects, the objects themselves, which can be extremely useful, as well as characters. The benefits of lunch boxes are phenomenal. These are not some kind of loot boxes, where the chance of getting a quality item is 0.0001%. Not. There is a fairly high probability of getting something worthwhile. And at the start you can get enough of them in order to feel comfortable. Why is the moment controversial? Because sometimes the game as if forcing you to buy them. And it's not that it's bad, it's just that in some moments they seem to be a really necessary measure. But this would not have been a problem, if not for one "but".

levels in refuge

You can get lunch boxes by completing tasks, or, every seventh day. And the problem is that the game is not designed for the cunning user to decide to twist the time in the game. That is, you can rewind the time forward a week and get a lunchbox. All. You don't need to invest. Why is that? Unknown. But that on the PC version, that on the mobile, such a scheme, alas, works. But we strongly advise against using this bug. This will ruin absolutely all the gaming experience that you can get in the course of independent resource extraction.

What else is doubtful? Legendary characters. They are really cool, they don't have completely clogged SPECIAL scales. But there is one "but". The legendary characters are the heroes of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Unfortunately, for some reason, characters from the Fallout New Vegas universe have not been added to the game, which is incredibly sad. This part is replete with such vivid characters that you can get stuck for more than one day, studying their stories. But they are not. It is unknown why, but they are not.

What are the disadvantages of this game?

Well, like any project, FalloutShelter is not without its flaws. The first one is all the same legendary characters. Yes, this mechanic is both cool, controversial, and lacking. Namely, they are able to spoil any opportunity to enjoy their rarity and uniqueness. The fact that you can build a complete collection of legendary heroes is a definite advantage. You can connect everyone in one room, and it's incredibly cool. However, again "but". You can drop the same character from the lunch box several times. Yes, a unique and rare character, one for the whole universe, in FalloutShelter can be met more than once or twice. On the one hand, this is incredibly cool, because this way you can collect a whole shelter from only legendary heroes, if you really want to. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the heroes deteriorates.

Another significant drawback is the "hard mode". The mode is really radically different from the classic one. After all, now your characters die forever, without the opportunity to be reborn for a modest number of covers, and getting some quality items becomes much more difficult. But here a logical question arises. The game is a kind of meditative simulator of the Overseer. But the main highlight was that the shelter continues to live when you are not at the screen. You can close the game, and the processes will go on as usual. And now you send a resident to reconnaissance on hard mode, you need to constantly go into the game to check if he died there in order to quickly send him home. Of course, this allows you to immerse yourself in the game, to feel very responsible, but let's be honest: in FalloutShelter, people can't always play for hours, watching everyone. The game is simply not made for this.

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dog and cat

Why should FalloutShelter be loved and appreciated?

But what exactly is FalloutShelter really? This is no ordinary simulator designed to please fans of the series and get them to buy lunch boxes. Not. It is a guide to the Fallout universe. For the author, this game was the beginning of a long love for the universe, and forced to delve into these various stories of characters, to create the history of the world. FalloutShelter is able to introduce new players to the world, not to leave them right off the bat. It is in this game that you will understand which enemies are difficult. You will know that ordinary radroaches are much weaker than mole rats, and the Claws of Death and Radscorpions are what you need to run from at supersonic speed.

FalloutShelter does its best to introduce the player to the world of the game. Even at the stage when there were no quests and full-fledged sorties, this game was able to hook, and force to buy the game in order to find the very Alistair Tenpenny, or Colonel Autumn, to look at them in the game itself. And there already passed an acquaintance with the series itself, gained new knowledge. And after the information received, people returned to Shelter to re-look at the game from a new angle, make sure of its coolness, and join the general joy when they meet new legendary heroes.

Despite the fact that FalloutShelter changed the war, in the usual sense for the series, it did not change the principles of the genre, and was able to become a full-fledged and full-fledged part of the legendary franchise.

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