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Apple Store / Apple news / Grow Castle. How to make grind interesting?
20 May 2021

Grow Castle. How to make grind interesting?

Grow Castle: A game that shows you how you can make everyday grind fascinating.

Olha Muntean

All that glitters is not gold. This is how you can characterize the many games that are on the modern mobile market. You never know where, under the cover of a beautiful wrapper, there will be banal mediocrity, and where a nondescript, but incredibly interesting and unique product will appear.

And so many projects on the market today. Bright ads that showcase addictive gameplay, really interesting puzzles and nice graphics are just a precursor to yet another disappointment.

But there are some projects that are almost never advertised. They can be seen occasionally in recommendations in app stores, but no more. And the first thought when you see them is "Why have I never played this before?"

Grow Castle is one such game.

grow gameplay

What is Grow Castle?

In the first couples, the game about a growing castle looks like a cross between a clicker and a collectible. Some slots, some characters, only two buttons, one of which improves the archers, and the second the castle itself. Then you go into battle, on your very first wave.

Everything goes pretty quickly, without any problems, given that you are also being trained in parallel. But you won't even dare to imagine that one wave is not even one tenth of a percent of what you still have time to play.

Next, you will find the process of farming money, capturing cities, castles, developing your small town, pumping heroes and obtaining new unique artifacts. It is only after the hundredth wave that you realize that the game wants you to move on in order to make more money in order to move on. Reminds me of the good old grind, which will not let you go for a long time.

grow boss


As for the gameplay itself? And it's pretty simple. You have a castle. You have archers. You have heroes. And there is a big beautiful button that will send you into battle. All you have to do is click on this button. Next, there is a wave of enemies. But this is a very simplified retelling.

Everything begins, of course, as described. You upgrade the castle, which will give you more lives, more mana, more slots for heroes and towers, as well as the opportunity to purchase leaders and turrets for yourself. All this, in turn, can be pumped and improved.

Further, sooner or later, you will find that in addition to gold, you also have crystals. You can get them as a daily bonus, at the end of the wave, or for a donation. For them you can buy turrets for yourself, as well as improve them, as well as give your hero some new perk.

But you can earn gold not only on the battlefield. You have the opportunity to capture cities. It is their capture and improvement that will bring you the opportunity to increase your passive income.

Moreover, the capture of hellish cities will give you nice bonuses to the attack of archers, their critical damage, their attack speed. And the battles on the territory of the goblins will allow you to capture their workers, as well as give additional perks for them. A trifle, but nice.

In total, there are about five hundred cities in the game that you need to capture. The only nuance is that it is not as easy to do as it seems. But if you manage to capture them all, then do not despair. You will have access to the "Endless Castle", which can be captured forever, and this will increase your passive income.

And the classic battle with dragons. You will receive not only some unique thing, but also a lot of gold.

And gold with crystals is not all that will help you in battle. The experience with which you can improve the skills of your brave warriors is also not the last thing. Of course, only about two hundred levels will be available to you, but you shouldn't worry. For them, you will pump absolutely all skills.

And what about the battles themselves?

It's all pretty simple too. Each hero has some special skill. You just need to activate it at the right time. Everything is incredibly simple. But over time, earning gold will want to be automated. Well, really, how to make money flow like a stream into your bottomless treasury, while you are not near the phone? It's simple. The game is completely honest with you and says, "Yes, I'm a grind simulator." There is an “Auto-Battle” button. By clicking on it, you can automate the battle. The game itself will use the skills of the heroes at the right time. The only caveat is that, often, the amount that the game takes to play itself can exceed your total income per wave. But as a daily bonus, you can get a full two hours of free auto-battle.

Also, do not forget about the treasures. During the capture of cities, you can visit the so-called treasures. There you can find unique artifacts that will transform your gameplay. But such artifacts can be bought. There is a broken coin that allows you to use the automatic battle mode for free, however, you will not receive any income for it. However, the taxes that the captured cities pay you will arrive in a timely manner.

grow artefacts

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You can endlessly talk about the advantages of the game. Nice looking design, a huge number of characters, the ability to independently choose the right combination of artifacts and heroes - it's amazing.

However, there is one definite criterion that is quite significant when evaluating any game. Even any claim can be parried by them. Lack of advertising.

First, there is no automatic playback of advertisements from the word at all. You can play endlessly, and you will forget that commercials exist in principle.

Secondly, getting bonuses for advertising is also not in favor with developers. There are only two things that can be obtained for advertising: 3x gameplay acceleration and additional gold. Everything. And, in fairness, you don't really need these things.

The process of grinding itself practically does not bother you, because the game sets a goal for you: capture all cities, defeat every dragon, collect all artifacts.

But there is one “but”. There is one advantage that many would rather call a disadvantage. When you turn off the game, the process stops. The auto-battle mode will not work with the game turned off, your treasury will not be replenished with tribute to the captured cities. To earn passively in the game, you must open it. And that's amazing too. This eliminates the imbalance that such a decision can introduce into the gameplay. Looking to advance through the waves to earn guild XP? Leave your phone overnight in auto-battle mode. Do you want to make a lot of gold? Don't forget to turn on the game at night. That's what Grow Castle is about.

grow dragon


I remember that it was mentioned above that for the lack of advertising, the game can be forgiven for almost everything. Not. There are mistakes that are not forgiven. And Grow Castle can shoot well.

Out of many possible errors, the game decided to make a save error. The author of the article met one single, but such a fatal error.

Just imagine the situation. You spend quite a long time in the game, you have all the artifacts, they are all improved. Your core characters are equipped with the rarest items of all. And what can I say, behind your shoulders there are already more than four hundred captured cities, while you have already passed more than twenty thousand waves. Not a bad result, to be honest. Yes, and you have a good guild, and your own. But here, you go into the game, and she meets you with a message about the need to update. You save one more time, then exit, update whatever you need, and go back. Only now, you notice that the process has been reset.

Yes, a mistake, according to the classics, with cloud saving. Only such a scale, has never been seen anywhere else. The game reset the account two times ago. Perhaps there was some kind of control point, who is in charge of it. But, the trouble was that the rarest artifacts disappeared, the characters rolled back, the level of archers and the castle rolled back. But progress has remained in place. Yes, more than four hundred cities were captured, more than 20 thousand waves were passed, and the progress of the dragons was also preserved.

And then it became impossible to play. The pain of the loss also played a role, but due to the fact that the characters were more than 5 times weaker, due to the lack of artifacts and pumping, it became impossible to defeat already strong dragons. There was no way to move along the waves either. And it doesn't work to capture new cities. The only way out is to reset the entire process, since we could not get help from the support service.

grow heroes

Is Grow Castle worth playing?

I think the answer to the question is obvious. The game is clearly worth the attention of people who love not just stress-free clickers, but real grind simulators. It will appeal to everyone who is ready to leave their device for the night, just to wake up with a mountain of gold.

Yes, the game can give you a critical save error, however, you just need to do cloud save sometimes. Rather, the mistake that the author had was just an exception that should not be emphasized.

You can go into this game to relax, and get another dose of good mood when you can again defeat the annoying dragon.

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