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icoola.ua / Apple news / Swampy the Crocodile is the best puzzle for children and adults
17 April 2021

Swampy the Crocodile is the best puzzle for children and adults

How Disney has developed a bright puzzle for different operating platforms.

Volodymyr Gybchakevich

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular because, unlike computer games, you can play them anywhere, just have a charged phone on hand. Puzzle games on the iPhone are becoming increasingly popular, many users want to relax with such games. Puzzles like Swampy the Crocodile are a game that is suitable for children and adults, it helps to develop logical thinking, teaches thinking critically and look for a way out of various situations that arise at the levels.

Swampy the Crocodile is one of the best games in its genre, as it includes numerous levels, clear controls, a colorful picture and different difficulty options. It was first released in 2011. Disney has developed the puzzle and released it on various operating platforms. The released application was immediately welcomed by users, because the program turned out to be surprisingly interesting and colorful. At first, it had a few levels that could be passed quickly, but over time the game has evolved, and now you can play it in the evenings, gradually helping different characters to solve all the puzzles.

swompy with friends

Characteristics and features of the game "Swampy Crocodile"

The main character of the puzzle is a crocodile named Swampy. Most of all, he likes to splash in the water under the warm jets of the shower, but at one point something terrible happens - the water stops flowing into his house. From this moment begins a familiar game in which you need to go through many levels and help return the water to the house Swampy. The player needs to find all the pipes damaged by other crocodiles and repair them by passing simple and complex levels. After passing different levels, the water in Swampy's bath will start to flow again, but if it is not enough, the crocodile will be upset and will express dissatisfaction.

The peculiarity of the puzzle is the continuous collection of ducks at different levels. The number of points collected by Swampy depends on how many points he will be credited. If you score too few points, you can retake the level and find previously uncollected items or additional rewards that increase the amount of the result.

Additionally, the game has a collection of found items - all items selected by the crocodile on the levels will be collected in a separate collection. Extra points in the game will also be credited if the player delivers more water to Swampy than needed to pass the level.

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swompy in game

The game "Swampy Crocodile" does not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. It has a pleasant musical accompaniment on each level, a beautiful, bright picture and an incredibly cute main character who is able to show the player different emotions. Together with Swampy time flies imperceptibly, the game allows you to quickly relax and immerse yourself in an exciting atmosphere.

"Crocodile Swampy": a review of the gameplay

This is a game of logic that allows adults and children to have a good time. Since the release of the program, it is constantly evolving, new stories and levels are released that allow you to re-immerse yourself in the world of a crocodile who loves to swim. Before you download the application to your mobile phone, you should get acquainted with the features of the gameplay.

Available game modes

All available stories and modes in the game "Swampy Crocodile" are divided into finished episodes. They can be paid or free. Swampy's story is completely free, it contains the following episodes, each of which includes 20 exciting levels:

  • meet Swampy;
  • restless waters;
  • under pressure;
  • floats or tones;
  • changes for the better;
  • boiling point;
  • on the border;
  • be careful - the wind !;
  • influx;
  • drying out.

Also presented is the story of Ellie, which includes 4 different episodes, in which each of the first 5 levels out of 20 are free, and the others need to be purchased. In the game for Ellie you need to spend steam to the piano. The third part of the puzzle is the story of Cranky, which includes 4 episodes of 20 levels. In each episode, the first 5 levels are provided free of charge, and the others need to be purchased.

Additionally, players have access to "The Story of a Mysterious Duck", the episodes of which are the same as in the main story "Swampy the Crocodile", but they differ in the ducks available for collection, located on the levels.

Simple control is the key to a successful game

Another distinguishing feature of this game is the simple controls. In order to pass the level, you need to meet certain conditions and collect bonuses at the location, which look like rubber yellow ducks. To get the main bonus, you need to completely wet the duck with water. Each level of the game has its own characteristics.

how to play swamp

It is important to pass them taking into account certain conditions:

  1. To create a tunnel you just need to move your finger on the screen.
  2. When there is an obstacle in the form of a green mass at the level, it must be bypassed - in case of water ingress, it increases in size.
  3. If there is light purple water on the level map, it is considered dirty and cannot be poured into the Swampy bath.
  4. Then on the levels will begin to appear "blocks" that prevent free movement - Swampy can break them by directing the flow of water.

After passing the level, the player will be able to see a satisfied or upset crocodile - it all depends on how much bath water you can collect.

How to download game "Crocodile Swamps" on iPhone

In order to immerse yourself in the bright and exciting world of the game "Swampy Crocodile", it must be installed from the official resource. To download the game to any Apple mobile phone, you should use the official App Store. The selected application is installed in a few minutes and does not take up much memory.

gameplay with duck

Swampy the Crocodile is a logic game that attracts many players for many years. It is worth immersing yourself in a colorful story and help our cute crocodile enjoy taking a bath!

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