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icoola.ua / Apple news / Max Payne: Rockstar Games Classic On Mobile
14 April 2021

Max Payne: Rockstar Games Classic On Mobile

Max Payne is a legendary game from the Rockstar Games studio that players have not forgotten for almost 20 years.

Ольга Мунтян

It is impossible to forget the excitement experienced by users of mobile devices and portable consoles when GTA Vice City Stories came out on them. What seemed so far from our realities, and was something futuristic, turned out to be literally in the hands, hidden in a tiny device. But, no matter how sad, even they, over time, become boring. The wow effect subsided, and people continued to storm arcades, clickers, three-in-a-row and so on.

But it is incredibly strange that behind the Wow effect that people have, from the cult GTA, many seem to have forgotten about the release of the Max Payne game on the iPad. And this brainchild of Rockstar studio should be familiarized in more detail.

max payne pistol

What is Max Payne and what is it about?

Max Payne is a human game wrapped in a fast-paced shooter. In fact, that's the whole point of Rockstar. They have a talent: to fit into a third-person shooter not only interesting mechanics, but also to show the role of a person in society, his life, views, position, gradation of his personality. But the shooter itself is filled with various mechanics that can please even now.

But first about the plot. And this is a noir story that tells us about the police officer Max Payne, who worked undercover. He is accused of a murder that he did not commit. As a result, he finds himself between two fires: on the one hand, his fellow policemen, who are eager to get Max in order to arrest him, on the other, criminals who are clearly unhappy with Payne's motives.

Max's life turns into an endless escape. His family has been killed, and he is being hunted. The only thing left for him is to try to clear his name, find out who is responsible for the death of his loved ones, and destroy everyone who only tries to get in his way. And all this is accompanied by gloomy and depressing statements by Payne himself, who is already tired of this life, of the eternal running from death. We see a person who just wants peace, but who does not believe in it to the last.

But, when everything is clear with the plot, how can the game surprise you in terms of gameplay? Can a third-person shooter reveal all the hardships of the hapless cop?

max payne shoots

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Gameplay features

Max Payne is an action shooter. You need to run, shoot off crowds of enemies, find cover for yourself in order to advance further in the story. The problem is that at first glance it seems that such a genre would be more typical for a classic action movie with a pretentious and uncomplicated plot. But no. The developers went all out, and made not only a dark, multi-layered and complex plot, but also decided not to stuff players with banal shooter mechanics.

The game developers themselves boldly declare that Max Payne was able to show a new take on action shooters. And they have every right to make such statements. For the first time in the history of the gaming industry, the game introduced such a wonderful feature as Bullet Time. It makes it possible to slow down time. For example, Max was squeezed in his modest shelter, so an urgent need to get out of it. No problem! One jump and the time dilation function is activated. Max, in a jump, can knock down a crowd of enemies with his trusty weapon.

In addition, the game features an impressive variety of firearms that can be effective in completely different situations. It is really different, and, among other things, you need to shoot carefully, because getting into opponents is not so easy.

max payne gameplay

Does the game have disadvantages?

It's hard to talk about the shortcomings of such a game. There are many factors at play here. The first is the year the game was released. This, for a second, is already 2001. The second is a port to mobile devices. The game really hasn't undergone any changes. And the third - this game is an immortal classic, which, well, just wants to forgive some inaccuracies and mistakes.

Yes, in some moments the game shines too much with pathos. The main character himself sprinkles quotes to the right and to the left, they are all about the futility of being, about the infinity of the path, about the eternal escape from the mortal shackles. But this does not cause any rejection, or disgust. First, the orders of gamers were different then. For them, even such pathos, in the cover of a dark and depressing plot, gave the feeling that they were enjoying something sublime, something an order of magnitude higher than anything else. Secondly, these quotes are exactly what the game was loved so much that even today you can find memes with old Max Payne, or just pictures that give us the opportunity to remember this iconic character.

In some moments one can come across absurd decisions of level designers. But this can be justified, to some extent. Yes, the situation when Max stands near a hefty gap into which he can climb even while standing, but cannot do this due to pure design, is weird. She still causes some kind of laughter, surprise. However, again, this is 2001.

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The question may arise, why did they not change such errors when porting the game? It's not that simple. Firstly, changing something when porting a game can delay this process for quite a long time. Correcting one error will cause two new ones. Secondly, the games of the Rockstar studio are so unstable that any attempt to port them to any platform simply causes hellish torment for the developers, and then the hellish torment of users who happen to see it. Yes, it sounds like such an excuse for itself, no doubt about it. However, it is better to see the product as a whole and functional than to watch some kind of circus, which is even impossible to play.

max payne comic

Why was the game missed by many users, and is it worth your attention now?

Max Payne is a cult game. This is a prime example of an immortal classic. Unfortunately, many users did not have a chance to play it at the time of its release. Many, however, will not dare to buy a game now, which is quite old, if they have access to a whole range of brand new bright projects. However, when there is an opportunity to complete the game on your iPad, it is worth grabbing onto.

Getting to know the world of good old Max Payne is an invaluable experience. Someone will simply remember and shed a tear of nostalgia, while someone will meet him for the first time. However, to miss the opportunity to complete such a game is a real crime. And the price in the AppStore is only three dollars. All the factors that make such a game invaluable to many, the price is entirely fair. Considering the age of the game, some flaws, some mistakes, such a cost is fully justified. This is the minimum worth paying to be a part of this heartbreaking story.

To forget this, almost a masterpiece, is clearly not worth it. It is worth familiarizing yourself with it, it is worth showing it to those who have not seen it. But don't let this game die quietly in the backyard of app stores.

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