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Apple Store / Apple news / Eerie grotesque or complete Peace, Death - an ironic review
18 March 2021

Eerie grotesque or complete Peace, Death - an ironic review

Review of the game Peace, Death. Analysis of the mechanics, gameplay and message of the game.

Evgeny Rogozny

Eerie grotesque or full Peace, Death

Have you ever wondered where you will go after death? Do not believe in either Heaven or Hell - your business. But even the most convinced atheist has thought about it at least once. Turning around for life, each person will see both good deeds and low ones, for which he will certainly be ashamed. But now, the hour has struck, the man dies and sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is over. It remains only to wait for the High Court, where they will see through and through, reveal all the ins and outs and expose nature.

He stands in front of the doors, to the left and right of him are two platforms. By their appearance, you can guess that these are the very distribution elevators to Heaven or Hell. The man stands and looks at the Reaper of Death. He frantically reads the dossier of the newly deceased. The deceased notices confusion in the empty eye sockets of the Reaper, the Reaper cannot decide where to send the person.

“I was kind,” the deceased prompts, but the Reaper is in no hurry to believe him. The reaper is confused by the cylinder on the head of the deceased.

"What if he hides a mountain under his hat?" - thinks the Reaper. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, you have to choose. There will be a lot of those who have died today, and the Reaper decides not to tempt fate and sends a person to Hell ...

So a decent family man, a father of two children, an honest hard worker and a faithful husband flies into the fiery hell. He falls into a valley of darkness and eternal torment, beats against rocks and screams in an inhuman voice. The man falls into the cauldron, where demons immediately grab him and begin to torture him. Horror creeps through the poor fellow, because all this will last, neither more nor less, for another eternity.

Meanwhile, a notification pops up on the Reaper's distribution screen: you made the wrong choice!

The reaper clutches his head, what has he done! He messed things up again, for the second time today. One more mistake and he will be fired.

This was a description of an ordinary situation in Peace, Death, and now let's talk about the components of the game ...

What is the game about? ..

We play as the reaper of death. In the introductory video, he is sitting on the couch and the idea of ​​eating ham comes to his mind. The reaper fumbles in the refrigerator, but a mouse hangs there. The reaper comes to a logical conclusion: to buy a ham - you need money, and in order for money to appear - you need to work. So he decides to get a job in the company "Apocalypse Inc."

The reaper is being interviewed. The HR manager explains to him that he cannot immediately accept the Reaper into the company. The reaper must complete an internship. It lasts exactly 7 weeks. The reaper agrees to these conditions and comes to work the next day. The essence of the first day is simple - send lousy devils to Hell, people to heaven, but this is just the first day ...

Often times, a new job seeker seems to be lucky. Do not hit the lying person, the schedule is not annoying, and the colleagues are normal, but as soon as he works for a while, everything changes ...

Only a couple of working days pass and some unpleasant working moments begin to surface. The applicant reveals more nuances for himself, more demands are made on him, and colleagues no longer seem so adequate. And having gained experience, trainees-slow-witted begin to enrage him. They are just as slow-witted as our applicant when he was just starting his career up the ladder.

This is the idea of ​​Peace, Death - to convey the essence of routine work in the role of the Reaper of Death.

A few words about the schedule ...

In Peace, Death, pixel art. You might have seen something similar in Terraria and Hotline Miami. All the characters and decorations of the Tomb of Death look like games on consoles such as "Dendy" or "Sega Mega Drive". Such graphics are designed for the amateur, but connoisseurs will like it. For its format, the game has a pretty nice picture. It will cause nostalgia for those who played caps at school and bought chewing gum in the form of a cigarette, imagining themselves to be a cool adult. That is, people born before 2000. 

Gameplay in Peace, Death

The gameplay in Peace, Death is rather primitive: your character sits on a chair and the dead are conveyed to him by a conveyor. The time to choose between going to Hell or Heaven is limited, and you need to quickly decide where to send the deceased.

If the choice is obvious on the first day, then additional conditions appear on the second. There are many of them and each requires attention and quickness from the player. In order not to reveal all the cards too early, here are just a couple of examples:

  • Weapons are things that can hurt someone. It is highly undesirable to let characters go to Paradise with such an accessory.
  • Horns - it is unlikely that after a righteous life a person will have horns. The horns in the game are depicted as huge blood-red chitinous processes. There are no deer horns in the game, so when you see the horns, you can not inquire about the personal life of the deceased and immediately throw him into Hell.
  • Blood - everything is not so simple here; on the one hand - it can be blood from wounds - then the poor fellow can be washed and let into Paradise; on the other - it may be the blood of the victims who were killed by the defendant - well then, let him go to Gehenna.
  • Eyes - sometimes by the gaping eyes you can understand who is standing in front of you: a man with poisonous red hating eyes was not a goody during his lifetime and goes to Inferno. But with bright, loving eyes - following the Seraphim - to Paradise. There are also lost souls, they have black eyes. They broke the wood, but they regret it, they need to be spared and sent to Purgatory. Speaking of Purgatory ...

After a number of levels, the game becomes more difficult - the notorious Purgatory will appear. It is intended for those who feel guilty and were not completely lost people during their lifetime. For example: if the deceased appeared before you in blood and with a weapon, but agreed to wash and throw the weapon, he deserves a second chance. Sometimes you will meet people who will refuse Paradise, consider themselves unworthy. It is simply cruel to send them to Hell, so let them treat their feelings of guilt in Purgatory.

The Reaper also has bosses. These will be, no less, no more, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death sprawling phlegmatically on a chair, "well-fed" Hunger, an angry War and a melancholic Plague that is quietly stroking a rat.

Each of the Horsemen works tirelessly, but sometimes does not take out the amount of work; then some kind of war in a third world country will begin, then some kind of ailment will mow down half of the town's population. This event is called the Holocaust. They can be different: from mass brawls of homeless people to pirates-losers:

In such cases, the Reaper will be given a job that needs to be done very quickly - you are given only 4 seconds to choose from. Cope - the Rider will not forget this and will treat you better. If you fail, the Rider will not be surprised. They recruit everyone ...

When your Reaper gains experience, he will also be obliged to help the trainee. The newbie will call and inquire about controversial customers. Nothing special, but sometimes the trainee will be pretty annoying with his stupid questions ...

For successful work, you will receive a currency - a skull. With their help, you can instantly repair the elevator - due to the wrong choice, the elevator slows down; you can increase the influence gain of the Horsemen or get a head start during "sudden" catastrophes. If you work properly, you will get a promotion and a pie off the shelf. Your rank doesn't affect anything, but everyone loves being praised so much, why not? ..

Have you finished playing until Sunday? Congratulations! You made it to the weekend, but it's not for you, you work 24/7. Sundays at Apocalypse Inc. themed day - the scenery of the underworld changes, and all clients come from only one era. A famous historical character, a knight or a mummy may appear to you ...

There are mini-games to dilute the gameplay. Whether it is a safe with a weapon that has accidentally fallen from heaven, or the Plague will kindly drop its favorite rodents. In general, unrestrained fun.

A few words about music and voice acting in Peace, Death

Music in the game to match the graphics - 8Bit. The eight-bit aesthetics also appears in the voice acting - the characters do not speak, but mumble amusingly. You can understand them only by subtitles. Eight-bit motifs also sound on the menu; literally everything here is saturated with this style. Thanks to this approach, the developer managed to transfer the game to obsolete smartphones, because the toy is not demanding on hardware and weighs only 50MB. On the App Store, Peace, Death costs only $ 0.99 and will work even on an old iPhone.

References and humor ...

Yes, only a lazy one did not talk about references in this game. There are a lot of them here and a small cart. Starting with the fact that the game itself indirectly refers to the famous work of Dante Alighieri "The Divine Comedy", ending with the characters that we will judge. Believe me, even if you are not a very impressionable person, you will smile at least a couple of times. The people you meet will surprise you.

Peace, Death - to her Hell, to Paradise or to Purgatory?

Definitely the game deserves only the best treatment. Domestic developers AZAMATIKA were able to create a worthy competitor to the acclaimed Papers, please. And the most gratifying thing is that the developers are not greedy and ideological people. Making a game of this level and selling it for $ 1 is a respectable deed.

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