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12 April 2021

Rush Royale is a tower defense that will make you fall in love with it

Rush Royale is a game that can change the idea of ​​the tower defense genre.

Ольга Мунтян

“IT Territory - games made with heart”. This is how Rush Royale greets you. The developers themselves confidently declare that they put their heart into their game. Is it really so?

What is Rush Royale?

Tower Defense is an amazing genre. It combines incredible interest, complexity, deceptive simplicity. That only Kingdom Rush is worth. A game that seems impossibly simple at first. There are free slots for towers, all that remains is to choose the one you need and place. But not everything is so obvious. You need to put the right tower, in the right position, pump it correctly. But what if there is no choice? If it is impossible to independently choose the slot where the tower will end up, if it is impossible to choose the tower itself? Rush Royale answers that.

Rush Royale is a tower defense game released by IT Territory. The game began to be actively advertised not so long ago. Colorful and bright advertisements began to appear in applications, which lured people to play. And now it’s time to answer the question whether it’s worth it.

To say that this is a simple game, the essence of which is to defend your goal would be wrong. There are a number of nuances that make the game unique.

in gameplay

It's worth starting with the card system. Yes, there is no standard list of towers for everyone at once. You have a deck of five cards. Initially, you have five standard characters, which include an archer, three elemental mages, and a poisoner. The characters are rather weak, awkward, but even they can provide tangible resistance to the enemy. And finding the enemy will not be difficult. The game features two modes: PVP and co-op. In PVP, your task is to hold out longer than your opponent. In co-op - you and your ally must together defend the field from enemies. It's pretty simple.

Initially, you will have battles with other players, with the help of which you can get trophies. Trophies, in turn, have two main meanings:

  • Rating, with the help of which, you select opponents by level.
  • An experience with which you can unlock new rewards and unlock new heroes.

It's easy to get ahead at first. You will very quickly collect your first points, which will allow you to significantly increase your deck of cards. And then you can combine everything at once, create unique combinations, look for that very invincible deck that can defeat everyone and everything. But here you are greeted by an element of randomness.

On the field you have 15 slots for pawns. Initially, you buy 4 pawns. And you get 4 random characters from your deck that land at 4 different points. You can connect identical pawns to increase their merging level. The maximum level is seventh. With each purchase, the cost of the pawn increases by 10 units of mana. But, mana can also be spent on "mana-enhancement", which allows you to increase the characteristics of all pawns of the same type that are on the field. Exactly. The game evens the chances of all players. Someone can only get the strongest cards from the deck, and someone will receive only support cards that do not cause much damage to the enemy, and are only strong in combination with any other attack card.

And then into the battle! In pvp mode, you have to fight off a horde of monsters for two minutes, in order to then fight a boss that is chosen at random. In co-op, however, bosses appear every 10 waves. They are very diverse and have unique mechanics that can completely change the course of a battle.

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The advantages of the game

happy hero

The game has many advantages. It would seem that it is rather scarce in terms of content. At the time of this writing, there are only 45 pawns in the game that you can play and need to unlock. To say that this is not enough would be wrong. Not. At this stage, there are enough of them. You have 4 categories of pawns: common, rare, epic and legendary. And, of course, the legendary ones are considered the strongest, and are the rarest.

The game features two modes: PVP and co-op. And they function quite well. The ranking system allows you to find an opponent by level. Yes, sometimes you, with a conditional 1500 rating, can hit an opponent who has about 2000 rating. But this does not mean that you will be instantly destroyed. Not at all. Many characters are quite balanced, and even a regular card that is in your deck can counter the epic, if not legendary, pawns on the opponent's board. Cooperative mode, in turn, makes it possible to enjoy well-coordinated teamwork. There are certain flaws in it, however, it is really "joint". It will not have such an annoying thing as a "one wicket game". Not. It is impossible to win on your own. It is the well-coordinated actions of the players that can lead to holding out as many waves as possible.

What's more important to note are the bosses. They are really unique, they can turn the tide of the battle, they have amazing mechanics that are simply impossible not to notice. There are 6 of them in total. Their names are: Tamer, Gorgon, Bedlam, Sorcerer, Tribunal and Puppeteer. They differ in complexity, and have ways to counter them.

  • Tamer - summons a crowd of ordinary monsters that move faster than him. If you do not have time to kill the Tamer and the monsters, you can immediately lose all three hearts in PVP mode.
  • Gorgon - approximately every 8-10 seconds, turns two pawns into stone. If you do not have time to kill her, she can turn the entire field, which will make it impossible to defeat her.
  • Bedlam - periodically changes all pawns. For example, you have 5 pawns on your square, from the first to the fifth level of confluence. They are all different. Bedlam, while leaving the existing level of confluence, exchanges a pawn for a random one, which is in your deck. He can prove to be both useful and very dangerous enemy.
  • Sorcerer - has three abilities. The first one destroys one random pawn. The second - removes all negative effects from him, along the way granting immunity to them. The third - heals the sorcerer for a certain amount of health. One of the most interesting bosses that can be really tough to fight.
  • The Tribunal is the most unbalanced enemy. His ability randomly selects half of the pawns on the square, and lowers their confluence level by one. Thus, the pawn of the second level will roll back to the first, and the pawn of the first level will be completely destroyed. It is this boss who can completely turn the tide of the battle.
  • The Puppeteer is a fairly simple boss who can move pawns on the field in different directions. In addition, he can lower the mana gain level. His ability to move pawns is not particularly dangerous, while his lowered mana boost can be easily avoided by simply refraining from buying an upgrade.

boss in game

In addition, it is worth mentioning the map improvement system. Here you have the epic Crystal Mage card. And here she again fell out of some chest. But you are not upset, because if you get another such, then you can improve this character. It would seem that the usual improvement mechanic, what is it about? The bottom line is that by improving cards, you increase the overall critical damage of your characters. Yes, increasing the level of the card increases critical damage by three percent. That is, even improving the most ordinary and seemingly useless heroes will play into the hands of those characters that you play constantly.

Moreover, the game has a battle pass. Even without buying it, you will receive free gifts for reaching new levels, which will allow you to always have "raw materials" to improve your characters. And last but not least, you can get both epic and legendary heroes just by playing.

But the most important thing is the absence of intrusive ads. Of course, you can watch the commercial in order to get some kind of bonus, but this is purely your decision. It's up to you to decide whether you want to watch it or not. And, in fairness, the features worth watching ads are really useful. 30 seconds of time, and you, for example, can get Battle Pass points.

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Significant disadvantages of the game

bad things

But everything would be too perfect if there was nothing to complain about. Yes, despite the many positive nuances, the game is not deprived of shortcomings.

Let's start with the modes. Yes, they work well, yes, they are quite balanced. But they also have some nuances. Take PVP mode. Here the element of luck, at times, inadmissibly perceptibly decides the outcome of the fight. Here you see that your characters are much stronger, that your team is well-coordinated, there are 2-3 legendary heroes in it, there are the necessary support cards. What more could you ask for? The enemy only has ordinary cards. But here you buy the first 4 pawns, and 4 support cards appear on the board, which either do not attack enemies at all, or they do unacceptably little damage. Until you get enough mana to buy another pawn, you can let enemies get too close to your gate.

But then everything should be better in cooperative mode? Not really, either. Here again, you start the game, you come across an ally, in whose deck there are strong heroes, you look forward to a long and protracted battle side-by-side. But he just walks out. In the best case, he manages to put one or two pawns on the square, but then disappears. It's almost impossible to play co-op alone: ​​there are too many enemies. But there is no banal exit button either! You can't give up ahead of time like in PVP mode, you can't just disconnect. You either have to vainly hold on to the last, or wait until the slow monsters break through the defense. And if you managed to put several pawns, and even improve them, then the wait may even be delayed, because you simply cannot sell them.

Now is the time to talk about the bosses. Yes, they are great, they can completely change the game, they can bring a real revolution to the field! But some go beyond all conceivable and inconceivable frames. Boss Tribunal. He is probably the most dangerous enemy in the game. His ability, roughly speaking, destroys at least half of the pawns. That is, at least half of those pieces that you have on the board will disappear. In order to get a pawn of the fourth level of confluence, you need 8 pawns of the first level. And the tribunal, literally in one second, can remove these 4 pawns that you needed to create a 4th level character. From a character of the fifth level of fusion, 8 will be removed, and so on. In PVP mode, this completely flips the course of the battle, and can bring the outsider forward. One could even say that this ability is needed by this regime. But in a co-op,

And the boss Sorcerer, who can destroy your best pawn in one second, which can also simply end the game in co-op. Not the most pleasant feeling.

What about bugs? Are they there? Again, at the time of this writing, the author has only encountered one bug. And he is connected with the bosses again. Namely with Bedlam.

The game has a specific script that determines how many pawns you have on the field that you can connect. That is, the situation when your square is filled with pawns, and you simply cannot connect them in order to move forward in power, is impossible. But when bedlam swaps pawns, it breaks this script. Thus, during a heated battle in co-op, the boss Bedlam turned the author's entire field upside down, leaving no pawns that can be connected. Thus, the board was filled with different characters, different levels of fusion, which could not be connected. Consequently, it was impossible to buy a new one. And thus, we just had to wait for the inevitable defeat, because it is also impossible to sell pawns in the game.

And what about donation? And with him everything is not so smooth. On the one hand, it is not so necessary. On the other hand, it is donate that allows you to increase the chances of getting some kind of legendary card, getting epic champions. And the problem is that it is quite expensive. So, the battle pass will cost you 330 hryvnia, crystals, which are an important currency, will cost you 2950 hryvnia for 5500 crystals. This is already serious. Yes, on the one hand, no one is forcing you to donate, but on the other hand, even if you suddenly think about it, the price tag may well push you away.

Well, and one more drawback in the piggy bank, which is most likely subjective. There is no single arena. You literally have no playground to test your deck. And this is already a disadvantage. Let's say you have an idea that seems quite strong to you. You roughly beat it in your head, you roughly understand what you need to make it work, you roughly understand what to focus on. But you cannot be sure of your assumptions before playing. Testing it right away in PVP is not the best idea, because you can lose the cherished trophies. Testing it in co-op is also such a decision, because this way you can ruin the game for your ally. But I also want to test it. But in the absence of an alternative, you will either have to risk points or risk a spoiled game for your potential ally.

Is Rush Royale really a game with a heart?

in game

It would seem that the game has more than enough flaws. You can run into an unpleasant bug, you can get on an unbalanced boss, or you can be out of favor with the game's algorithms. But the game is really with a soul! Yes, there are not many heroes in it, it has disadvantages, but it still remains extremely good.

Where else can you imagine that in the game you can even win legendary ones with the help of ordinary cards? And exclusively voluntary advertising in the game is also a rarity today. And a nice design, simplicity of Tower Defense games, the ability to develop your creative thinking, and think over a variety of combinations. This is really wonderful, this is what the game touches.

Every time you get into PVP, you play with a person who also counts on luck, who also reverently collects his deck, suggesting various options for the development of the game. You can learn something from him, you can think about how to get an advantage. And what is only a cooperative in which well-coordinated work and the correct actions of both participants predetermine the outcome of the battle?

Understanding what fans of the genre want to see, introducing interesting mechanics, being able to recoup and catch up in no time are what people love about this game. This is exactly what makes it possible to confidently agree with the statement that the game was made with soul. And there is no doubt even when, over and over again, launching this strategy, you see the inscription: “IT Territory - games made with heart”.


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