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Apple Store / Apple news / Best of the Best: Top Power Banks with MagSafe for iPhone
12 September 2021

Best of the Best: Top Power Banks with MagSafe for iPhone

Best MagSafe Batteries for iPhone Smartphones

Olha Muntean

MagSafe Batteries are an amazing solution for many modern phones. Their main advantage is their compactness, which classic portable chargers cannot provide. After all, you must admit that it is always not so pleasant to carry around with a wire to charge your smartphone, and to constantly carry rather bulky power banks. Especially if the need to charge the device appeared during a walk, or in a hurry, then we can feel the entire inconsistency of such portable devices.

However, MagSafe batteries allow you to forget about this, because they are simply attached to the device, which allows you to easily recharge it without discomfort.

iphone battery

But there is always one "but". I would like to find something optimal. Something that will ideally match the price-quality ratio and will serve for a long time, happily and reliably. And therefore, the top of the brightest offers that may interest you are presented to your attention.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

The original portable charger from the apple giants themselves. What could be wrong with her?

The question, in fact, is ironic, and the charge itself is on this list, only to have something to start from. This product has many problems that will make it much less convenient to use.

But let's start with the benefits. The main thing is the original product. It comes with a warranty and is tailor-made for your device. Just beauty. In addition, it supports reverse charging technology (via a wire, but still), which is also a nice bonus.

However, here we see obvious disadvantages, one of which is the price. From 3500 hryvnia for such an accessory would be appropriate, if not for one "but". The capacity is only 1460 mAh, which is ridiculous. Roughly speaking, for more than 3 thousand, you get about 30 percent of a regular portable battery, which makes you even feel sad.

But it is very beautiful, pleasant to the touch. It looks as if it justifies absolutely all of its cost, but this is if you do not connect it. But it displays in a widget, has a Lightning port, and is quite compact.

apple battery

But, we will consider this an example, from which it is worth starting from.

Momax Q.MAG Power

The battery is very pleasant to the touch and looks very expensive. Momax is a 5000 mAh battery that is a classic in the world of portable chargers.

The battery is one-to-one, like the original Apple portable, but there is one caveat, which will be discussed later. And so, USB-C, high capacity, the presence of a charging indicator and even 10 watts of power. But there is the most delicious nuance that makes the purchase of this device desirable. Namely the price. From 1000 hryvnia for a battery that surpasses the original in properties - it's cool.

momax battery

But there are also a couple of nuances. The battery is rather bulky, which makes using it a little less convenient. The feeling is constantly created that the phone is about to fall out of your hand. And the fact that it is not original can cause discomfort for some users, because in the event of a breakdown, they can start rushing back and forth in search of a solution to the problem.

HyperJuice Magnetic

A battery that is considered to be one of the best to use and has performed really well. The name itself speaks of it - hyper juice. This is exactly how this gadget can be described.

Excellent, classic capacity, 5000 mAh, stunning appearance, overall quality, compactness, the presence of a USB-C port - these are all obvious advantages. And the power of this battery is 12 W, which allows you to use it with great pleasure. And the price is from 1500 hryvnia. Amazing.

juice battery

But where there is no nuance. Although the battery is quite compact, I personally was not very comfortable with it. But this is definitely not for everybody. As well as the fact that the model has only 1 color. For me personally, this is not a minus, because I would have taken a black one anyway, but someone will be annoyed that it will not be possible to take a colorful recharging unit. But maybe the manufacturers will correct themselves.

Mophie Snap & Juice Pack

The Mofi create awesome batteries that are simply eye candy. And for the hands too!

The surface of the battery is covered with a fabric that is pleasant to the touch, which allows you to get maximum pleasure even from touching. In addition, the same classic capacity for the device, 5000 mAh.

It has a charging indicator, a USB-C port, and a good charging speed via a wire, namely 12 W. But the most important thing is the magnetic ring, which allows you to use the battery with other devices. Ideal for business people with multiple phones. And the pleasant price of 1,500 hryvnia also cannot disappoint.

mophie battery

Of the shortcomings, it can be noted except that the low power without a wire. Only 7.5 W is strange, and even surprising, but it is not so important. You just have to feel for a rather cool device longer.

McDodo Magsafe Magnetic

A real giant of this top. Looking at this device, we understand that it was made by people for people. Huge, voluminous, functional and powerful. And cheap too! Only 1,500 hryvnia for such a car. But there are also nuances. But let's start with the pros.

The capacity of this battery is 2 times more than that of its predecessors, namely 10,000 mAh. It supports proprietary animations of the original apple devices and also has a comfortable stand.

Also, despite the fact that USB-A is already becoming an anachronism, it is still on the device, along with USB-C. There is also a charge indicator and a rather comfortable stand. But there are two significant drawbacks.

mcdodo battery

The first is the weight of the battery. It is quite heavy and makes you literally constantly change your hand for holding the phone in order to get at least a little rest. But this is not surprising. Surprisingly, the device is so large that on the iPhone 12 it closes the camera altogether, and on the 12 mini it goes beyond the body. You won't get aesthetic pleasure from using the device, but you need it for practical purposes, right?

Is a MagSafe battery worth the purchase?

Portable batteries are excellent products that have a number of nuances, many advantages, and allow you to extend the life of your smartphone.

When buying them, you need to rely on your own needs and think about what you need: an original product, a compact, but not as powerful, or an impressive, but incredibly smart battery.

But any of the candidates presented has the right to life, and will serve you for a long time and reliably.

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