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Apple Store / Apple news / Review of DJI OM 4 - best-selling stabilizer
06 June 2021

Review of DJI OM 4 - best-selling stabilizer

DJI OM 4 stabilizer is able to correct many operator errors and take shooting quality to a new level. The device demonstrates stable operation, has a stylish design and has one of the best sets of functionality.

Oleg Volobuev

As the cameras in smartphones improve, so does the number of fans of mobile videography, and as we move even to the amateur level, the desire to get a quality and smooth picture comes to the fore. Not all smartphone models boast an optical stabilization camera, but even if this feature is present, it can only reduce image shake when changing the position of the gadget in space, while a single stabilizer allows you to change the shooting angle without losing quality and achieve maximum smoothness when moving the smartphone in any plane. The DJI OM 4 iPhone stabilizer will be a great helper for travelers, athletes, and just people who lead an active lifestyle and are fond of shooting video. In addition to its main mission, which is to reduce image jitter when filming, this stabilizer for the iPhone also has many auxiliary functions and modes designed to make even an amateur video better and more original.

Stabilizer for DJI OM 4 iPhone

DJI OM 4 - Review

The electromechanical stabilizer with three axes DJI OM4 is extremely convenient in operation together with the smartphone, after all the small sizes and a difficult design allow the device to be easily placed in any backpack or bag. The number "4" in the name suggests that this is not the first generation of the stabilizer, and the main difference from previous models is the magnetic method of mounting the smartphone, which, it should be noted, is really reliable.

Contents of the DJI OM4 delivery set:

  • DJI OM4 stabilizer itself;
  • Two magnetic fasteners (one in the form of a clip, the other in the form of a metal "sticker" on the body with a reclining ring;
  • Removable tripod;
  • Stencil for correct fixing of fastening on the case of the smartphone;
  • Carrying case;
  • Charging cable and documentation;

If you have some concerns about the magnetic mounting method, it is useless, because judging by the test results, it can withstand a separation load of more than 5 kg in a static position. Of course, if you set a goal, the smartphone can still be shaken, but for the normal filming process, this is an extremely unlikely scenario.

Delivery set DJI OM4

Also keep in mind that using a metal washer will disrupt the wireless charging of the smartphone, so if you are used to charging the device this way, it is better to use the clamps. However, there is a downside, because a nice bonus will be the absence of the need for regular calibration of the stabilizer, because installing a smartphone in the clamp "by eye", you can get worse quality or increased charge, and the option with the appropriate part, which is glued to the body, reduces nullified similar consequences.

The DJI OM4 case is made of light gray plastic with a rough texture, the handle uses a rubber gasket that provides a secure grip. In general, the appearance of the stabilizer leaves a positive impression, it is well assembled and looks modern.

DJI OM 4 - How to use?

As already mentioned, DJI OM is a complex device, so it is very compact, and to prepare the stabilizer for direct use requires only a few movements. All three motors have mechanical limiters of the angle of rotation, which must be taken into account before shooting, because it can interfere with the choice of individual angles, however, this is solved by premature rotation of the handle in space.

Appearance DJI OM 4

If you use additional accessories with your smartphone, such as a microphone or optics, there are special slots on the side of the magnetic pad of the stabilizer, designed to calibrate the center of gravity of the smartphone with a counterweight.

Control of the DJI OM 4 stabilizer is realized by means of three buttons, a swing and the joystick. If necessary, the reaction speed of the joystick can be adjusted via the menu, and he is responsible for moving the smartphone up and down, right and left, but also, with proper skill, you can use all the design features of the device, which allows you to perform even diagonal wiring.

The power button is responsible for several functions at once, such as changing the portrait mode to landscape mode, switching to standby mode, calling the quick settings menu or switching between photos and videos, and turning on the battery indicator in the off position. With the trigger you can select the stabilization mode, switch from the main to the front camera or start tracking the object. The record button and zoom swing are responsible for only one action, so as not to get confused during shooting.

Stabilizer functionality

What is the best stabilizer for the iPhone?

With its main task, namely the stabilization of the smartphone camera when moving it in space DJI OM 4 copes perfectly. Of course, to achieve a cinematic picture with dynamic scenes and stunning camera smoothness, much larger and more expensive equipment is used, but it is also quite naive to make such demands on a smartphone with a hand-held stabilizer. However, the device really smooths out shaking, including when riding a bike, skateboard or other similar vehicle, and when activating the sports mode, it is possible to shoot dynamic and high-quality scenes, even in not very good conditions.

To access all the features of DJI OM 4 you need to download a special application DJI Mimo, it is free and opens many additional ways to implement creative ideas. Although some videographers have well-founded claims to this program, in their opinion, even the standard iOS application has more of the necessary settings and modes for 2021. The point here is not in the method of stabilization or electronics, but in the specifics of the application, for example, the application FiLMiC Pro is able to provide sufficient functionality to professionals and demonstrate excellent compatibility DJI OM 4.

Shooting process on DJI OM 4

Among the main advantages of DJI OM 4 it is impossible not to mention the Active Track 3.0 mode, which monitors the object. It is effective not only in movement, but also when using the stabilizer on a special support. Thus, in the first case, freedom of movement in space is provided, which is most important when shooting on rough terrain, and in the second, as a cameraman and a person in the frame can be one person, especially since you can use gestures to enable recording.

Active Track mode has been significantly improved in the updated version of the stabilizer, so the camera will continue to monitor the subject, even if it periodically disappears from view, for example, hiding behind another object in the frame. It does not matter what object, person, just an object or animal, it is important only that it be possible to distinguish it in general.

Connecting the DJI OM 4 stabilizer to the phone

DJI Mimo offers users several creative modes. In Motion Timelapse mode, you need to select four points through which the stabilizer will move the iPhone camera smoothly. In Hyperlapse mode for dynamic scenes, the stabilizer is able to hold the object at a certain point in the frame, adjusting to its movement with Active Track.

In addition to shooting video content, the stabilizer is also effective for photography, because there is a mode of automatic shooting and gluing panoramas. In general, the stabilizer simplifies the process of obtaining high-quality images and allows you to reach a new level in this aspect. For active users of social networks in the official application was introduced a small, but quite convenient editor for short videos. This allows you to quickly select the desired template and upload the post to your page.

Given the battery capacity of 2450 mA in DJI OM 4, the owners' feedback on the actual battery life can be expected for 15 hours without recharging, but this value is quite relative, because much will depend on operating conditions, availability of additional accessories and settings used. The stabilizer uses a USB Type C connector, so it can be easily charged with a power bank, thus removing the question of autonomy.

Features of work with the stabilizer

DJI OM 4 -How to buy?

The DJI OM 4 stabilizer perfectly performs its primary task, the device is able to correct many operator errors and take the shooting quality to a new level. Among all the variety of manual stabilizers for smartphones DJI OM 4 is undoubtedly in the leading positions. The device demonstrates stable operation, has a stylish design and has one of the best sets of functionality.

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