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Apple Store / Apple news / How to distinguish original AirPods from fake: top signs
16 March 2021

How to distinguish original AirPods from fake: top signs

When buying headphones, you should pay attention to several basic nuances that will help determine the authenticity of an accessory. If you find similarities, then it's time to be on your guard and think again.

Ольга Мунтян

The modern market is ready to provide goods in any price policy. Many people want to buy a quality product of a well-known brand for a cheaper price. It is because of this that many fakes appear, which are sometimes quite difficult to distinguish from the original. Headphones from Apple AirPods are no exception. And even if it can be difficult to visually find the differences, the internal functionality and capabilities - sound quality, assembly, ergonomics, will reveal the unoriginality of the product. So how do you tell an original AirPods from a fake one?

Signs of Non-Original Air Pods

When buying headphones, you should pay attention to several basic nuances that will help determine the authenticity of an accessory. If you find similarities, then it's time to be wary and think again:

  • Low price. Don't be fooled by the unreasonably low price of headphones. Obviously, stores will not offer large discounts on the item. If the seller offers to purchase AirPods at half the official price, then this product is very likely a fake.
  • Take a close look at the box in which the headphones are packed. The original packaging from Apple is white to match the accessory. Note that droplets should be drawn on the front panel.
  • Quality difference. The earbuds and the case for them are made of smooth glossy plastic, which will not slip on the palm of your hand. Counterfeits, in turn, are unlikely to use a quality composition. Pay also attention to the ease with which the case opens and, in general, to its defectiveness.

An attempt by small companies to sell cheap on materials and at the same time pass off their product as an original turns into the fact that the consumer receives components from cheap plastic. It bends easily and can crack. If you feel the slightest doubt, we recommend that you visit the official Apple store and feel the difference clearly.

External Differences Of The Forgery From The Original

First, you need to distinguish two categories of differences: visual and workflow.


  1. Original AirPods are white without yellowing. While the fake has a heterogeneous admixture of other shades: yellowness and whiteness.
  2. In the original product, you get a perfectly smooth plastic without defects. A fake is frosted plastic with a slight roughness.
  3. The original case opens easily and closes tightly, without gaps. A fake may have a worse "fit".
  4. The original earphones on the speakers have a metal mesh. It fits snugly into the case, leaving no gaps. The fake gives a fabric mesh with gaps.
  5. The originals are marked for the designation - L and R. In a counterfeit such markings may not be.
  6. Original labels without errors on the packaging. Counterfeits often have errors in brand names or in general.

The working process:

  1. Original AirPods deliver clear sound, no squeaks or noises, with crisp bass. Fakes have a more muffled sound.
  2. Apple headphones instantly sync with other devices wirelessly. It will take a little longer for the copy.
  3. The original battery lasts longer, as it has an economical consumption. A fake requires recharging more often.

How To Check AirPods By Serial Number?

Apple reliably monitors its product turnover. Therefore, it is not surprising that any of their products has a serial number, which can be checked at any time on their website. This is a reliable way to test the earbuds for originality.

The number itself is located on the lid of the charging case and on the box. Of course, cunning sellers can easily fake and re-stick the serial on the box. But changing the number on the lid is almost impossible. You can check the serial number at official website.

Do not exclude the possibility that someone will be able to change the case by inserting non-original AirPods there. So always inspect the earbuds themselves and the charging case for signs of defects.

AirPods Pro Original Differences From Fake

The Chinese have learned to make really high-quality fakes, which are difficult to distinguish from the original in appearance. Even the name is consonant - APods Pro. So what's the difference and how not to be fooled when buying AirPods Pro?

  • The non-original product lacks the Designer by Apple in California inscription on the back of the case. Moreover, the metal stiffener is darker than in the original;
  • On the back of the non-original case, the button for resetting the connection will be highlighted more clearly. Connectors for charging, both the original and the fake are the same;
  • Fake Air Pods have oval earbuds inside, while the original product has more round ones;
  • The lid of the original case is capable of opening 120 degrees, while the fake case opens only 90 degrees;
  • A fake can be distinguished by the presence of an LED indicator in the case, since the original AirPods Pro do not have such an indicator;
  • A fake is lighter than the original by a couple of grams, however, it is quite difficult to find external differences;

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You can also identify non-original headphones from Apple by two criteria: by the contact area, which is located at the bottom of the accessory, and by the shape and color of the nozzle for removable nozzles.

Of course, there is no noise reduction in the Chinese fake APods Pro. In fact, these are the most ordinary wireless headphones with a rather low sound quality. For little money and a similar look and feel to the popular and trendy AirPods Pro, you get hollow audio output and lack of adequate bass.

Manufacturers of non-original earbuds have spent a lot of effort to create a superficially exact copy of the AirPods Pro. However, they did not have enough money to provide a high-quality assembly of sound drivers.

The main thing that should confuse the consumer in the first place is the low price of the proposed headphones.

How to Distinguish AirPods 2 From Fake

Apple's AirPods 2 wireless earbuds are a natural complement to your mobile phone for communication, audio playback, and voice commands. This is why many iPhone owners prefer AirPods 2.

AirPods 2 can get expensive, so other brands are looking for alternatives. The choice of fakes consists of some main factors: the minimum price and the maximum external similarity with the original headphones. These qualities are combined in the headphones of the Chinese manufacturer TWS i200. And even if they have a number of impressive differences from the original Apple, very often dishonest sellers or even stores try to sell them under the guise of original products. So how to avoid being hooked by scammers and distinguish real AirPods 2 from fake ones?

  1. If, when you first listen to music with fake headphones, you could not catch the differences, then we recommend setting the sound to the maximum mark. This will create distortion. It should be noted that non-original headphones have a problem in terms of deterioration in the quality of communication.
  2. Fake earbuds need to be charged more often than the original ones require.
  3. A non-original product will not fully integrate with iPhones, since it does not provide for subtle settings.
  4. Buying non-genuine headphones, the consumer not only gets bad sound and inconsistent connection, but also loses the whole set of benefits that Apple put into AirPods 2. This is what made them the most popular wireless headphones.
  5. The boxes of original and fake earbuds may appear identical at first glance. One difference, which can only be noticed by direct comparison, is the embossing of the accessory image on the top of the lid, which in the original products will be made with a large relief. To understand that the headphones are not original, you can also use the labeling table, since in this case all the information will be written on one sticker. In the original product, this information is indicated on three stickers. You can also notice the difference in the layout of the text.
  6. You can immediately identify a fake by examining the lodgement for the case: in the original it has clear embossing edges and is made of matte plastic. The counterfeit has a not-so-neat plastic stock made from the same material as the yogurt can.

  1. Pay special attention to the availability of the accompanying documentation. If you have not noticed any typos in the text, then look for a separate insert with the serial number of the accessory. Non-original headphones will not have it.
  2. The case of non-original products is lighter by a couple of grams, however, the quality of materials and the assembly itself practically does not differ from the original. The Chinese made it so that the lid of their product snaps into place with the same sound, and the headphones are fixed with a magnet with the same force.
  3. Non-original AirPods 2 have the same serial numbers on the right and left earbuds, while the original products have different serial numbers.
  4. Original AirPods 2 have an icon in the left recess on the inside of the case lid, which indicates that the headphones cannot be disposed of in household waste bins. Counterfeits mainly put this mark on the right.

AirPods - Purchase Date Not Confirmed: How To Remove

If you, at some point, felt a trick and decided to check your headphones for originality, then this can help Apple official website. On this site, you can enter the serial number of your airpods and check if they are original or a clever Chinese fake.

However, what if after entering your serial number you receive a “Purchase Date Not Confirmed” notification?

First of all, do not panic, because such a message means that your AirPods wireless headphones are original, and the serial is registered in Apple's database.

On the official website, you can not only find out the authenticity of your smartphone, headphones or other gadgets from Apple, but also register them in the database upon purchase.

This procedure is necessary to record when and at what time your device or accessory received a warranty, as well as the end date of the warranty. This information must be provided by the authorized dealer or the store itself at the time of purchase of the device.

Thus, the message about an unconfirmed purchase date only means that you purchased your device from an unlicensed dealer or from an unofficial Apple Store.

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How to Remove Purchase Date Not Confirmed Message

Many users receive such a notification, as often, many company representatives miss the moment of registering the device on the official Apple website. This may cause this message to appear on the screen of your smartphone.

To update or add information about your device, you must contact an Authorized Licensed Apple Representative directly. Before calling technical support, have all Apple Care agreement numbers, device serial number, and purchase receipt ready.

Apple Technical Support Care is a service that provides specialized technical support for working with Apple gadgets.

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