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Apple Store / Apple news / Checking iPhone by IMEI: nuances and features of IMEI
08 February 2021

Checking iPhone by IMEI: nuances and features of IMEI

How to check your device for compliance via imei

Antonyuk Kateryna

Smartphones from Apple are the dream of many. Someone can afford to buy a gadget through a specialized store, and someone can't. A good way to still become the owner of a modern gadget is to buy it in an unauthorized store. This, of course, is the way out, but few people know how much trouble can be hidden behind this purchase.
There are often cases when a gadget from unofficial Apple stores soon after purchase begins to work poorly. The owners just lose control of it. But the most dangerous thing is problems with the police, because the phone can be stolen. What should I do then? Fortunately, today there are many different programs and services that will allow you to easily and quickly check the gadget before buying. If there is an urgent need, you can check the device with the assistance of the service center masters.

Apple representatives constantly say that for them, customer safety always comes first and will always come first. And it is, indeed, so. In almost every iPhone model, engineers and developers provide a separate module. It stores the serial number and IMEI. Their advantage is that even with the use of modern illegal equipment, it is impossible to change it. Thus, any iPhone that gets into your hands is easy to check for "cleanliness". All you need is the Internet.

Information about the iPhone by IMEI

IMEI – the unique number of any gadget. It contains a lot of useful information specifically on this device. Through this code, each user can get the following information:

• the” cleanliness " of the phone, i.e. whether it was stolen or not. You can find out if the former owner of the phone contacted the police, where they recorded the moment of theft and entered the code in the appropriate database;
• whether the "Find iPhone" feature is enabled. If the feature is activated, it indicates that the former owner did not log out of his iCloud account;
• the country where the phone was purchased. You can also find out for which state this particular model was intended.

Now the question is, how do I find out this unique code? There are two ways to do this. The IMEI is indicated on the original packaging, on a sticker that describes all the technical data of the device. Among the characteristics you will find the code. IMEI – this is fifteen digits (in exceptional cases, there may be seventeen). This code is not called unique for nothing, because it is different for each device. It is assigned during the production of the gadget.
Unfortunately, the factory packaging may not always be at hand. It does not matter, you can find out the IMEI through the combination: *#06#. For a set you must use the standard dialer. After a few seconds, the unique number will be displayed on the screen of your device. If we are talking about the Chinese version of the iPhone XS Max (for 2 SIM cards), then two codes will be displayed on the screen. This situation can be traced to smartphones that support eSIM. For verification, you can use any one.

There are several other ways to find out the unique device number:
• the device ID is stamped on the SIM card tray;
• in some models, you can find the IMEI on the back cover;
• you can find out the code through the official Apple website (using your account) or via iTunes.

Everyone can choose a convenient way for themselves.

How to check an iPhone by serial number

If you want to check your device or get more information, the serial number will help you. This is a fast and reliable way. In this case, it is not necessary to have the original packaging on hand. All the necessary information is easily found in the iPhone settings. To do this:

  • open the "Settings" and look for the “General " section”;
  • find and open the “About Device " menu”;
  • copy the information from the line "Serial number".

Now enter this number on the iPhone verification resource. There are many of these resources, but we will talk about them later.
The uniqueness of this method is that you can check the device directly in the store during the purchase. To do this, you just need to copy the number, go online and check it. In addition, almost all stores have free access to Wi-Fi, so there can be no problems at all.

What can you find out by the iPhone's serial number?

Thanks to the official service, you can find out all the necessary information about the device before you buy it in an unauthorized store. The most important information is as follows:

  • when the device was released and when it was purchased;
  • how long is the warranty still valid, and is there any warranty at all;
  • whether your iCloud account was blocked.

The most interesting thing is that after downloading the report, the buyer can make sure that he is holding the original gadget, and not a fake. If all the information is reliable and the phone is clean, then you can take it. However, there is one more small nuance. Before buying, you need to carefully inspect the device case. It is worth considering the fact that Apple uses durable materials for the production of its equipment. If you notice an excessive degree of wear, it may indicate that the case for some reason was replaced with an unoriginal one.

Services for checking the iPhone by IMEI

There are many different services that promise a thorough check of the smartphone for authenticity and security. But not all of them actually perform the stated functions efficiently.
We will tell you about the best quality and proven services.

Official Apple Website

With the help of this site, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality and detailed information, following the step-by-step instructions:

1. First, we will learn the IMEI code (how to do this we described above).

2. Go to the site and open the section “Checking the right to service”. Here you will see a field where you will need to enter a unique device code. After entering, click the "Continue" button.

After a few seconds, all the necessary information will pop up on the screen.
Under the first item, you will see information about the current date of purchase of this phone. Here you need to be careful. There must be a green check mark next to the first item. If it is not present, then your device is not original and has no relation to Apple.
Below are the terms of technical support. If there is an orange exclamation mark in front of this item, then the warranty has already expired, and this device is not subject to factory repair and maintenance. The third point indicates information about whether the device can be repaired in official service centers.
Another very interesting point. After entering a unique code, the page will display not only detailed information about it, but also a picture of your device. This way you can check the originality of the case. The color of the real phone must match the picture.

International Mobile Equipment Identity

This resource is on the same line of popularity as the official Apple website. You can get more detailed information here. Observe the following sequence of actions:

1. Go to the site.
2. On the main page, in the corresponding line, enter the unique code of your phone. Unlike the Apple website, this resource will require additional verification. Click here “I'm not a robot”, and then to the right of the lines with the code, click “Check”.

In a few seconds, you will get all the detailed information about your device. All technical parameters will be described here. Date of manufacture and sale, case color, etc. If this information is not enough for you, you can click "Read More". You will see additional information.
If you want to get the most information and verify its authenticity, it is better to check the iPhone by IMEI on several services at once.


This smartphone verification service is international. It provides more detailed information about the device.
At the very beginning of the test, you can immediately find out about the originality of your device. If the smartphone is a fake, then no information about it will be displayed on the page.
So, follow the instructions:

1. Go to the official website.
2. Enter a unique code in the line. Then pay attention to the fact that above this line should be allocated to the category of “Apple”.
3. Do a few manipulations to confirm that you are not a robot.

At the very beginning of the page, you should see a picture that looks very similar to the warranty sticker. You can see your phone model on it. The status will also be displayed, namely stolen phone or not. If you want to get information about which countries your device is adapted for, then on the same page you should enter the letters of the model of your gadget. You can find them in the “Settings”. Go to the “Settings "section on your phone, click “General”, and then "About device". You will see a menu where you should find the "Model" section. For this site, you will only need the two penultimate letters.

This service provides free of charge only information about the technical data of the device, as well as decrypts a unique code. But the paid version, which costs one dollar, will tell you more detailed information, namely:
• where was the iPhone purchased;
• name of the organization that made the sale;
• when exactly and for how much was the device purchased;
• is the "Find phone" feature enabled”;
• the status of iCloud.

The site also offers other rates for paid services. The higher the price, the more information you will be provided with.
Remember that when buying any Apple products, including iPhones, you need to carefully check them for authenticity. This is the only way you can avoid buying an original gadget at a price from an official manufacturer. It is better to spend time checking than to regret the purchase, which in the end turned out to be unsuccessful.

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