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30 April 2021

PicsArt Photo Studio

Contemporary photography is not just a capture of the moment, but an opportunity to convey emotions and mood. Therefore, each photo requires certain actions - editing. A dedicated application such as PicsArt Photo Studio will help with this. The most popular photo editing app on iOS.

Irina Rychkova

We have all long been accustomed to the fact that to get high-quality and bright shots you just need to open the camera on your phone and then edit the image a bit. Today, you do not have to constantly carry a digital camera to take decent pictures, because it now fits in one smartphone. If the photos are taken for personal pages, and not for the purpose of selling a service or product, then the need for extra equipment simply disappears. Photos that fall into social networks must be at least minimally processed in a special application. One such application is PicsArt Photo Studio. In this article, we will introduce you to this amazing editor and reveal its basic functionality for those who want to download PicsArt to an iPhone or any other device.

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the most popular mobile applications for photo editing on iOS. The program is truly impressive in the number of users, as it has been installed on mobile devices more than 300 million times during its existence. The number of reviews on this photo editor is no less amazing - about 4 million users shared their opinion about it.

In fact, even social media users who run their own blogs do not always have the time and ability to use personal computer editors. Because of this, they and other users decide that it will be much easier and faster to download PicsArt Photo Studio to the iPhone. Their choice is quite understandable, because editing on the phone takes much less time, effort and space, and some people are not familiar with photo correction outside of their smartphone.

PicsArt Photo Studio impresses not only with the number of users, but also with its tools, with which any manipulation of images is easy:

- special effects for any color and taste

- use of built-in templates

- Ability to draw on the screen without any additional accessories

- beautiful inscriptions, the ability to adjust their font, size and so on

- a wide palette of colors, which allows you to paint the image as you wish

Also, this program has become a favorite of young people, because unlike its counterparts on personal computers, it is very easy to learn and has an intuitive interface. Given all these factors, it is not surprising that PicsArt has gained such popularity and become the main tool for photo editing on many devices.

Functional. Getting started with the application

First you need to download PicsArt Photo Studio to iPhone. Just before downloading, it is best to make sure that there is free space on your smartphone so that you do not have to delete something important just before this process. The application is free and has a fairly wide range of free features, as in many other photo editors within the program there are additional paid features. Given the incredible number of free templates, stickers, frame backgrounds, it is possible to do without any costs. Another significant advantage over other programs is the ability to work without creating an account.

Interface and tools

PicsArt Photo Studio Tools

As we noted earlier, the toolkit of the application is really large. All tools are on the panel, which developers make cleaner, lighter and more understandable for beginners with each update. The home page is a kind of ribbon where you can see the published works of other users. As in any social network, here you can subscribe to other profiles, like, comment, share publications or rework other people's creations. In this case, a blue pencil will appear on the picture, clicking on which you can view the processing of a particular photo by other users.

To make your own edits, you need to click on the big plus and select an image from a resource such as a gallery or take a snapshot instantly. You can also start editing photos from other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.

The app also provides additional controls, zooming that is very easy to use, undoing the last action, viewing existing and previous images, and the ability to undo all changes by returning to the original photo. The force of application of each effect is conveniently regulated by means of the slider. There is also a brush that allows you to choose the place of application and removal of the effect.

Here are some more PicsArt Photo Studio tools to make your photo better:

- alignment

- cloning

- crop the image

- use of various brushes and paintbrushes

- photo border adjustment

- adding and changing text

- masks and lenses

If you are interested in clip art, then the application will not disappoint either, as it contains a huge number of templates and themes for art of interest, namely: sports games, relationships, music, movies, nature and so on.

Many brushes and shapes that transform on 3D surfaces and a wide range of drawing tools also make the program one of the direct competitors of well-known editing applications such as Photoshop. Also, useful features are adjusting the transparency, shape, size and type of drawing of your marker. As for the text, here you can adjust its size according to your wishes, change its color and choose one of dozens of fonts to your liking. If you are used to working by layering, then this feature can also be found here and start working with the background of the photo, and without it.

Of course, it would be strange if with such a wide range of functionality in Pixart there were no settings to eliminate the shortcomings of the photo. Because of this, the developers have added the ability to correct red eyes, whiten teeth, clone certain areas of skin and eliminate unwanted spots and imperfections on the face. The latter function does a great job when you need to fix minor redness or damage to the skin. There are also tools for auto-selection, smoothing and determining angles, but they need more detailed refinement. For example, using the tanning function, you can treat not only specific areas of the skin, but also the background.

Effects and their use

PicsArt Photo Studio Effects

Many other photo editing applications have greatly promoted the effects that can be used to change the style and appearance of a photo in general. PicsArt Photo Studio, in turn, differs from other editors in that it can apply filters and effects to a specific area rather than the entire default image. Even if you apply a filter to the entire photo, you will always be able to remove it from any part of the photo with a separate tool. Also, very convenient is the ability of the program to work without connecting to the network, but in this case, the process of processing and directly uploading photos to the device may take a little longer. In order not to suddenly receive a message that there is no space on your disk, and you can not upload photos to your device,

Another common feature of PicsArt Photo Studio with Photoshop is the ability to combine different effects by simply mixing them together. So you can choose one of the mixing modes, namely: normal, dark, light, overlay, soft and strong light. There is also an option to add faded colors and several other ways to work with these tools. You have the opportunity to experiment with each of these styles at any time.

Working with collages

Collages from PicsArt Photo Studio

We have already noted that the possibilities of working with photos in this program are more than enough, so creating collages is another nice bonus of functionality. It's hard to think of another mobile app that has as many collage design options. This section contains a huge number of backgrounds and photo frames. There are also a variety of templates and layouts if you don't want to spend a lot of time creating your own.

Photo distribution

PicsArt Photo Studio cloud storage

Most likely you will need to invest some time in editing due to the incredible number of options in the application, but your work will be worth it, and it can be shared directly in the program. Of course, you can just save the image to your gallery, but why not share it on social media? The application definitely does not lack the ability to distribute, because you can easily share the finished photo on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, send it by e-mail and save to the Dropbox cloud storage. You can also add placements and hashtags right when you upload a photo.

PicsArt Photo Studio itself is also a social network with all the relevant features. Here you can comment on the work of other users, put preferences and follow the creators that you like. There are also unique contests and competitions in which users vote for the best photo, and the winner gets a chance to appear on the home page of the program and even more actively promote their work.

Why is the app so successful?

Given all that we mentioned earlier about the functionality and the process of photo editing, it is not surprising that in the application with so many options has gathered a huge group of fans around the world. It is possible that some users prefer this application, rather than, for example, Instagram, because the second application is too simple. Sometimes creative people want some experiments, complexities, as well as working with tools, editing and improving photos. In such situations, PixArt is suitable as nothing else for those people who like to play with filters, layers, cloning, alignment and masks.

Successful application PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is not just a photo editor, but an application with much greater and wider opportunities to realize your own creativity and create unique designs.

We hope that this article was useful and now when you want to download PicsArt on iPhone, you will know all the things that this application is able to implement.

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