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08 June 2021

How the iPhone is prepared for sale

Information that will help prepare your iPhone for sale, while maintaining personal information. You can also clean the device so that unauthorized people do not gain access to personal data.

Anna Onishchenko

If you are wondering how to prepare an iPhone for sale, then this article fully covers this topic. A special instruction is provided, due to which you will not lose personal information and will not leave it to the new owner of the smartphone.
 Preparation for sale

It should be borne in mind that innovative mobile devices store an unlimited amount of personal data: important notes, passwords, logins, videos, photos and much more. Selling the phone along with all this information to a stranger is not a good idea, because he can use them, and not necessarily with good intentions. If you don't reset your preferences and do the necessary preparation, because of the security of your Apple ID, the new owner won't be able to do it on their own.

What needs to be done when replacing an iPhone

When replacing the iPhone, the first step is to back up your data. The device should be unlinked from the profile, then personal information should be erased. This action is carried out in several ways on a computer:

  • Using the iTunes application – connect a smartphone via a USB port to a laptop or PC. Go to the section responsible for managing the phone. Click the "create a backup" button. Wait until the end of the process.
  • Thanks to iCloud storage – you need to make sure that the device is connected to Wi-Fi, then go to the "settings" section, then in the iCloud menu, open the "backup" item, click on "create", wait for the process to finish.

It is also necessary to disable the function called "find an iPhone":

  • Go to the section with settings.
  • Visit the iCloud menu.
  • Open the item "find an iPhone".
  • Disable this function using a special switch, enter the password in the pop–up window.

To sign out of your Apple ID account, you need to go to the settings, select the "sign out" function, enter your account details. Collecting personal settings is very simple: go to the "main" section, located in the settings, then to the "reset" item, select "erase settings and content", wait for the cleaning to complete.
Sign out of your Apple ID account

To completely reset your iPhone, you need to follow a few steps:

  • If you have connected a smartwatch, cancel this action.
  • Create a backup (different methods are described above).
  • Sign out of all accounts.
  • Go to the "options" section, select "general", then the functions of reset and delete.
  • When prompted to enter a password, enter it, then click on the "erase data" item.

Now you know how to delete everything from iPhone via computer. All actions do not take any other time, will not cause any difficulties.

How to delete a previous user's iCloud account

To avoid situations when the iPhone asks for the account information of the old owner, you need to understand how to delete iCloud account of the previous user. It should be borne in mind that if the previous owner did nothing, then to activate the phone, you will need his username and password in the Apple ID.

To disconnect your account, you need to follow five steps (if you got your smartphone in a locked state, try the following options, which will be described below):

  1. Go to iCloud settings.
  2. Scroll down the display and press exit, then again.
  3. When asked what to do with the information, answer "delete", enter the password Apple ID.
  4. Go to the section with settings, select the following items: "basic", "reset", "erase".
  5. You may need to provide a password to unlock and confirm that you really want to erase everything.

After that, the information will be deleted, the new user will be able to activate the mobile device using their profile.
 Removing information

Removing from account, iCloud helps to untie the device, but only if there is no access to the smartphone. You need to ask the former owner to perform certain actions, because only he is able to correct the situation:

  1. Go to the website icloud.com, log in.
  2. Go to the item "find an iPhone", select "all devices" to display a list of phones associated with this account. Click as desired.
  3. Click on "erase iPhone".
  4. Next, you must confirm the actions by clicking on "erase".
  5. To complete, you enter your Apple ID account password. You can skip the Next and Finish windows.

After all the actions, the device should unlink from the account. The next time you connect to the Internet, a full cleaning should start on it. Upon completion of the process, the smartphone will be as new, you can set up your account.
Deleting an icloud account

Stages of preparing a smartphone for sale

Now it is completely clear how to delete all information from an iPhone before selling. It is worth once again to briefly consider the stages of preparation:

  • Performance check – the main thing is to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of an iPhone, to know its price. To avoid unnecessary questions, you should describe in detail all the information: why you are selling, how many years you have used it, what functions are faulty (if any), whether you have repaired it, etc.
  • Disabling the lock – in the touch version: unlock the phone, go to the settings, open the password tab, delete prints, disable the password. Face: go to the settings item again, open the password panel, reset.
  • Disabling eSim – to do this, you should contact the operator, the check is carried out in the sections "settings", "cellular communications".
  • Disconnecting the Apple Watch – first, unlock your mobile device, go to the "Watch" tab, click on "my watch". In the section "information" you need to find the item "disable", click on "unpair", then confirm.
  • Creating a backup – unlock your smartphone, go to the settings section, click on the Apple ID, which is located at the top of the display, select the “iCloud", activate the backup process, the final stage – clicking on "back up now ".
  • Sign out of your iCloud account – before deleting all information, you should sign out of your account Thus, no one will be able to access your personal data. To do this, go to the settings, click on this application, scroll down and click on "exit".
  • Disabling the "find an iPhone" function – this feature should not interfere with the new owner of the iPhone. Usually it is tied to the storage, so when you log out of the account, everything is deleted. It should be understood that situations when this does not happen are quite frequent. In this case, you need to perform several actions: go to the site, enter the password, open the "all devices" tab, delete unnecessary items.
  • Erase data – this item is responsible for resetting the settings to the factory settings. To do this, go to the menu, find the item "general", click on "reset", clear the data.
  • Complete cleaning – wipe the display with a soft cloth, use a cotton swab to clean the charging port. Thus, the gadget becomes more marketable.
    Cleaning the iPhone with a rag

You can add various components to the iPhone that you no longer need: a case, a charger, a cable, and more. Thanks to this, the price of the device will be significantly higher, and you will get rid of unnecessary accessories.

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