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Apple Store / Apple news / Prophetic Strategy Plague Inc .: relevance and capabilities of the game
08 May 2021

Prophetic Strategy Plague Inc .: relevance and capabilities of the game

How to contact Plague Inc. with a coronavirus pandemic. Gameplay and basic game features on the iPhone

Olha Litvinova

The most relevant game of today or the prophetic "Plague Inc."

We have been battling the world's coronavirus pandemic for a year now. During this time, the word, like the virus itself, has become so familiar to us that almost no one pays attention to it and perceives the disease as an integral part of our lives, as the common flu or cold. However, let's make a leap back in time, to the point where no one even thought about a global pandemic, concerned about the sinister prophecy of the Mayan people. It was then, in 2012, on IOS, and later on Android, one of the most popular, if not the most popular biological infection simulator in the world "Plague Inc." was released.

Plague Inc. What is this game?

Plague Inc. is a strategy that has won the hearts of millions of users on various platforms. This game is unusual in that in the genre of biological infection simulator you will have to play not for brave doctors who are trying hard to save humanity and overcome the deadly threat, but for the disease itself. Your goal, accordingly, will be primarily to infect humanity by modifying and developing your pathogen. The game was originally available on iOS and Android, but with the release of the remake of "Plague Inc: Evolved" is gradually moving to all gaming platforms.

Plague Inc. gameplay

The entire gameplay and gameplay of Plague Inc. is to infect and subdue, or destroy all mankind.

Plague Inc on iPhone

Despite the rather simple graphic design, which forces you to connect your imagination by watching the traffic and sometimes jumping pictures, the game instead gets variability in the form of diseases and ways to modify them. Pathogens in the game are divided into two camps:


  • Bacterium
  • Virus
  • Fungus
  • Parasite
  • Prion
  • Nanovirus
  • Biological weapons


  • June'as Neurax
  • Virus Necroa
  • Simian flu

At the beginning of the game you will only have access to the game for bacteria, but with each victory you will discover the next pathogen. Note that new diseases will open to you only if you pass the previous one at a medium level and above. There are several ways to improve and develop your sinister work. Depending on how you want the disease to be transmitted to others, you can choose to transmit it in three ways: through birds and animals, water and air, blood and insects with the possibility of further combination. Next you will need to choose the symptoms of your infection. There are many symptoms that occur in different places and have different effects. Manifestations of your disease, you can choose the usual nausea or rash, and anemia and insomnia. The disease can develop as modifying each symptom separately, and the addition and subsequent complication of various. However, be careful: the more your pathogen causes symptoms and the more deadly it becomes, the more it will cause concern.

Plague Inc on iPhone

This will lead to the rapid development of a vaccine. Another way to develop your creation will be to improve its special skills. Special skills are divided into general, common to all pathogens, and unique - inherent in the individual. Common ones include resistance to climate and drugs. In addition, the initial resistance of the disease to climate is determined by the location of your first patient. Unique skills depend on the type of your disease: the virus can become unstable, which increases the chance of its mutation; the fungus needs to develop endurance spores; parasite - symbiosis, to ensure invisibility; prion - its effect on the brain; nanovirus - its effect on DNA, and biological weapons - genetic features that complicate its treatment and increase mortality. Despite the fact that the whole process of disease development can be controlled by spending points, earned for the number of infected and dead, she herself is capable of mutations, which sometimes have to be removed so that we are not quickly discovered. As for the special ones, they were created to diversify the gameplay.

The relevance of the game Plague Inc.

With the first news about the Chinese virus, memes began to spread on the Internet comparing it to the script of our game, so users began to discuss the relevance of the game Plague Inc. And all sorts of rumors about biological weapons have further fueled public interest in comparing one of the scenarios of the game with reality, which in turn has significantly affected people's interest in the strategy.

Plague Inc on iPhone

The game itself was quite popular before that, but with the beginning of the pandemic, the level of active players on all platforms reached record levels. This activity has caused game developers to stir and release the Plague Inc. The Cure update on November 11, 2020, in which the player can fight the disease by developing a vaccine and setting a quarantine regime. Interestingly, in February 2020, at the very beginning of the spread of the disease, the game suddenly disappeared from access in China due to the presence of banned content.

The benefits of Plague Inc.

Despite, at first glance, the negative positioning of the game, because from the very beginning we are forced to play as an antagonist who opposes humanity, the game Plague Inc. actually has some benefits and can teach us a few useful things in fighting disease.

Plague Inc on iPhone

Given the famous saying "if you want to defeat the enemy, learn to think like him", we can use this game as a clear, albeit slightly unrealistic method of demonstrating the spread of the disease. By observing how it develops, its strengths and weaknesses, and how humanity responds to it, certain conclusions can be drawn about real situations. With the latest update, we can feel and see even better how difficult it is sometimes to keep the spread of an unknown disease and what it costs the state and doctors. However, the developers do not lose optimism, and therefore, no matter how difficult the situation in the game, humanity always has a chance to overcome a new infection.

Plague Inc on iPhone

In addition, the developer is helping to fight the pandemic not only by interacting with the game, in 2020 it spent $250,000 to fight coronavirus infection, which proves its good intentions. Does it hide the truth?

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