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01 February 2021

Methods for connecting iPhone to TV

Hidden features of your device that you didn't know about when you connected your smartphone to the TV

Antonyuk Kateryna

New TV models combine a sufficient amount of modern technologies that open up great opportunities for the user. But, what to do if there is no modern device yet, but you want to increase the functionality of the equipment, while using conventional plasma? If the user has an iPhone, then there is a way out.

Phone connection

TVs that combine the most common functions without Internet access only allow you to watch TV shows on channels. But, the functionality of a conventional device can be increased. All this can be achieved if you understand the essence of connecting your phone to a video device. If the user does this, then new opportunities will be available to him:

  • watch videos from YouTube, in this case the TV will act as a large monitor;
  • make video calls using modern instant messengers, everything on the screen will look magnified with the best picture quality;
  • the ability to conduct video conferences, this moment is especially important for office workers;
  • search for any information on the big screen, as well as visit pages in social networks.

If there is an outdated type of device, then, subject to certain rules, everything can be fixed.

What Ways Can I Connect iPhone to Plasma TV

To connect a phone, there is not one, but several ways at once. Namely, they distinguish:

  1. With a cord. You can connect your smartphone to a larger monitor using HDMI. This connector is found on almost every TV. But, all iPhones do not have a corresponding one, but this is not a problem with the presence of a special adapter.
  2. By Wi-Fi. This method is suitable only for those users who have more than models of TVs released in recent years equipped with this function. The main advantage of the method is that there is no need to purchase adapters and pull large wires throughout the house. But, this method will not work for owners of an outdated model.
  3. Through an application that was previously installed on a smartphone. This makes it possible to synchronize data, but the method is possible only when both devices are connected to the Internet.
  4. By purchasing a special attachment. It is acquired in order to open up new possibilities for Smart TV.
  5. Using USB connectors. One of the simplest and most affordable methods. Quite often, these slots are present in all modern models.

Considering all these methods, you can connect an iPhone to all plasma devices quite simply if you choose the right method.

HDMI connection

In this way, you can almost always connect a phone. This cable is often included with the purchase. If it is not there, then you can always buy it.

hdmi lightning

If the user chooses this method, then you need to do the following:

  1. Connect the cable to the appropriate jack on the TV.
  2. Connect the other end to the iPhone, since smartphones of this type have their own unique types of connectors, you must use an adapter.
  3. Next, they launch a smartphone with a TV and carry out synchronization.
  4. Select the desired file or video for broadcasting on the big screen.

The main advantage of this method is accessibility. But, there is one drawback in this method - a small limited type of cable length. So, it will be difficult to control from the smartphone all the time, because the phone will have to be near the TV. But, it is this method that opens up opportunities and allows you to make even an outdated TV model multifunctional.

Wireless connection

This is a fairly simple and convenient way to connect. But, not suitable for all TVs. But, if the device has Wi-Fi, then you can avoid a number of additional cords and thus reduce unnecessary costs. In order to use this method, you must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Open the settings menu on the TV and select the section related to applications.
  2. You need to download and install the corresponding application on your smartphone.
  3. After that, the two devices are synchronized and that's it, now you can view everything you need.

Connect via wifi

If at home there is a home network with a special router, then you can connect all devices to the network quickly enough and without problems.

Connecting with a set-top box

Another option is to use a device from the company called Apple TV. It was created to empower TVs. The set-top box opens up great opportunities and acts as an analogue of iOS on the big screen. In addition to watching movies and accessing the Internet, users also have Apple Music.

Apple TV

Connecting it really opens up a lot of new functions. For example, the owner will be able to duplicate the screen in order to view several files at once. And also it will be possible to use and study various information on Internet resources in a picture of impeccable quality. But, such a prefix also has a minus - a rather high cost.

To use this method you need:

  1. Connect two devices to Wi-Fi.
  2. On your smartphone, you need to go to the control menu, then start the "Screen repeat" option and select the set-top box from the options presented.
  3. Next, you need to go through a security check, enter the numbers on the phone that will appear on the TV screen. These actions are performed only once, and allow complete synchronization of devices.
  4. After the required file has been viewed, you need to disable this function.

With the help of such a prefix = you can connect any gadget model. And the purchase of this device will be the most convenient way to connect an iPhone to a TV and, at the same time, will only open up new and exciting possibilities.

 USB connector

Another easy way to connect your gadget to your TV. In order to do this, you must:

  1. Connect the USB cable to the phone.
  2. Then connect it to your TV. Usually the required connector can be found on the side or back of the case.
  3. Next, you need to turn on the TV and find a menu with settings. The main goal is to find a section that will allow using USB as the main source of information.
  4. Wait a few minutes when the synchronization is completely finished and start using.

USB cable

When using this method, you will not be able to watch videos from a smartphone. But, the phone can be used as a memory storage device. Thus, it will be possible to view only those movies and other files that are on the smartphone.

Popular TVs that iPhone can connect to

It is worth considering that the method of choosing the required connection method is primarily related to the capabilities of the TV itself. And it all depends on the model and manufacturer of the device.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

You can connect your Samsung TV using one of the above methods.

But, the choice of the method of application depends on the year of release of the equipment and its functionality. Also, the personal wishes of the user may affect this, namely:

  • lovers of listening to music will suit the connection of an iPhone via a regular cord - this will allow you to enjoy audio recordings at no extra cost;
  • if the owner of the iPhone prefers mobility and compactness, then you need to pay attention to the Wi-Fi connection, you will not need to constantly keep the phone near the TV, since the network will pull well throughout the apartment or house;
  • if there is an HDMI connector, but there is no possibility of a rootless connection, then only this method remains, this will allow you to broadcast the video on a large screen and enjoy watching.

Also, before using one of the methods for connecting to a Samsung TV, it is recommended to update the firmware installed on the device to the latest version. If it is not possible to download on the monitor itself, then this can be done in any convenient way, and then move it from the flash drive to the TV. This will make it possible to carry out any actions when connecting and eliminate various failures.

Connecting to LG TV?

The method depends on the model and on its capabilities. All devices from this manufacturer can be connected to the iPhone using one of the above methods.

The most popular connection method is using an HDMI cable. It is especially relevant if the TV does not have Wi-Fi. The method allows you to make the device more functional.

But, mobile phones do not have this connector, so you need to purchase a special adapter. And if there was no HDMI cable in the set for the TV, then you will need to buy it as well. The type of adapter depends on the iPhone models:

  • for older generations starting from 4s, Digital AV is required;
  • with iPhone 5 / 5S use the Lighting adapter.

It is also worth considering that interference may occur if using a cable that is too long.

How to connect iPhone to other TV models?

The iPhone can be connected to any plasma TV with additional accessories. And no matter what manufacturer it is, these methods can expand the capabilities of TVs from Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Supra and many others.

Connecting an iPhone without accessories?

This method consists in the fact that it is necessary to apply to help any device that is capable of supporting DLNA streaming. For example, these can be Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and many other forms of Smart TV platforms.

In order to connect an iPhone using one of these devices, you need to download an additional application that will help. For example, many users recommend using AllCast in this case.


The program recognizes all active devices that are also connected to the same network as the smartphone. After that, to start broadcasting, you must click "Cast", then select a device to play on TV.

All of these methods are suitable for TVs from different manufacturers. And the choice of method directly depends on the capabilities of the device and the personal wishes of the user himself.

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