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02 May 2021

Tips for nature saving. Ecological situation in Ukraine

The impact of human activities on the environmental situation in our country. Simple tips to help save nature

Olha Litvinova

Ecology in Ukraine - what is it?

First, to save nature, you need to think about the place where you live, so you should start with the environment in Ukraine. Unfortunately, today the situation in our country is not the best: air pollution due to gas, large landfills in the forests, lack of proper waste disposal and many other not very pleasant things.

Tips for Nature

However, if you know a few simple things about how to protect nature from the negative effects of human activities, you can easily help our environment.

How to save nature: rules

To preserve nature, you need to regularly follow simple rules.

  1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth: this way you can save up to 20 liters of water per day.
  2. Once you've worked on your laptop, unplug it. This will significantly reduce electricity costs.
  3. Train yourself to sort garbage. This will make the waste easier to recycle, and you will be able to contribute to the fight against environmental pollution.
  4. Dispose of newspapers and books that you do not need. Thanks to paper recycling, we have the opportunity to save up to half a million trees a week.
  5. Print on both sides: it will save a lot of trees that we need so much.
  6. Take a shower instead of a bath. So you use less electricity and water.
  7. Use matches instead of lighters. Lighters are harmful to nature because their plastic body decomposes for a very long time.
  8. Use ordinary or metal utensils instead of disposable ones. This will reduce the amount of plastic thrown in the trash.
  9. Replace plastic bags with eco-bags.

Tips for Nature

  1. Use bamboo toothbrushes, not their plastic counterparts.
  2. Move ecologically. If you have the opportunity to walk or ride a bike - use it.

Replacement of plastic bags.

Replacing plastic bags is a real breath of fresh air for nature. Such packages are short-lived and unsuitable for permanent use, but at the same time they have a very long decomposition period. We use them every day and don't even think about the damage they do to the environment. In order not to contaminate the soil and not to overload the landfills, it is necessary to find a worthy replacement for them. Things that can replace plastic bags:

  • Kraft paper bags. Such packages are a good alternative: they are easy to recycle because they are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The period for which the craft bag decomposes is up to 1 year, which is much faster than its polyethylene counterpart.

Tips for Nature

  • Eco-bags. Such bags are very practical due to their durability and convenience. Made of durable material, they are great for shopping. Eco-bags can be washed and used as many times as you want.
  • Biodegradable packages. Unlike plastic bags, which decompose up to 100 years, in biodegradable analogues, this process takes up to three years. When these bags decompose, they produce carbon dioxide, which is not as harmful to the environment as methane, which emits polyethylene.

Bamboo toothbrushes

In Ukraine, hundreds of toothbrushes that cannot be recycled are regularly thrown in the landfill, but they can be replaced by a good alternative - a bamboo toothbrush. Why bamboo? This material decomposes much faster than plastic, and is very easily restored in nature. Also, one of the unconditional advantages is the antiseptic properties of such brushes.

Tips for Nature

Absolutely safe are those brushes that are made entirely of bamboo. If the brushes have nylon bristles, you should get rid of the brush head and send it for disposal.

Reusable utensils and bottles

The next solution for unloading the ecosystem is to use reusable utensils and bottles. How is it useful? The life cycle of disposable plates and cups will not be exactly the same as that of reusable utensils, because immediately after use they become unusable. We take such short-lived dishes with us on trips and picnics, referring to the convenience: you do not need to wash anything after a meal and everyone has enough dishes. If we took ordinary reusable utensils with us in such situations, the plastic waste after such trips would be significantly reduced.

Another important point is to replace plastic bottles with metal ones, because after the end of their service life, they can be recycled, while plastic after one use is likely to fly into the trash.

Tips for Nature

In addition, once you buy a metal bottle, you can save on such packaging. So, it is worth switching to reusable things, because it is:

  • durability
  • saving money
  • improving the environment

Energy efficiency: wise use of energy

Energy efficiency is the reduction of electricity use to a minimum, provided that the person remains in a warm and comfortable environment. How exactly can you develop energy efficiency at home?

  1. Resource savings. This applies primarily to water, gas and electricity. To do this, you need to slightly change your habits in life. Example:
  • cover the water when brushing your teeth;
  • turn off the lights when you leave the room;
  • use LED lighting
  • not leave appliances you do not use plugged in
  • not over dry things while ironing
  • right load the washing machine
  • boil only the amount of water you need
  1. Home insulation. If you have wooden windows, you should replace them with plastic, because they retain more heat in the room. You can also improve the ventilation system and thermal insulation of your roof.
  2. Purchase of calculators. With such devices you will pay only for the consumed resources.
  3. Use of ecological energy sources. You can install solar panels and panels, windmills. In fact, there are many devices that run on wind or solar energy: from small and simple to large and complex.

Tips for Nature

You can easily charge the same laptop from the unit for which the source of energy is sunlight.

Ecological transport and environment

Ecological transport (or green transport) has minimal impact on the environment and the process of climate change. This type of transport must use renewable energy sources. It must also be sufficiently accessible to all sections of society. By using environmentally friendly modes of transportation, we can significantly reduce the amount of energy spent on conventional transport.

Tips for Nature

We recommend that you give preference to those services that use electricity or any other renewable resources as a source. If you want to help the environment - choose environmentally friendly ways to travel. If possible, go for a walk or ride a bike: this will not only reduce gas, but also allow you to stay in great physical shape.

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