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24 April 2021

Interesting programs for creativity on the iPhone

Programs to help you develop creativity and generate more new ideas

Olha Litvinova

Maintaining your creativity is an important part of life if your activity is related to a profession that requires the constant generation of new and interesting ideas. This skill can be maintained in tone with the help of special applications for creativity on iOS, which we will discuss in this article.

First, before you start working with programs, it is important to remember that the best environment for creating new ideas is created when your brain processes information without any outside stimulation. Due to the amount of technology that surrounds us today, it is a bit difficult to do, because something is constantly happening around us, and it is difficult to abstract from it. Sometimes we spend much more time on our gadgets than required by training or work, which impairs the ability to dream and imagine. When working creatively, you should turn off all the devices you use. This will significantly affect your performance and your brain will rest from the continuous flow of information.

Creativity Programs

Meditation will also be a good activity to stimulate creativity, because it allows you to give your brain time to rest.

Moleskine Notes

Moleskin is a world-famous company that has been delighting artists from all over the world with its notebooks for many years, which turn into sketchbooks in creative hands. Sometimes pictures and important notes need to be on hand in electronic format. This is especially true for digital artists, so Moleskin has given its customers every opportunity to work comfortably with their creations.

The world has seen a special set of Smart Writing, which comes with a notebook and a smart pen. These two items are connected to each other and through the application Moleskine Notes automatically converts all paper entries to electronic format and then immediately sends them to your iPhone, iPad or any other device.

Writing Challenge

All people who are involved in writing poems, stories, novels and other literature in one way or another know how difficult it is sometimes to come up with something new and original.

Creativity Programs

Writing Challenge - a program with numerous topics, with which you can significantly enrich your imagination and practice writing short works. After just a few written topics, it becomes increasingly likely that the application will get you back on track.


A program that will help your creativity to stay in shape. It contains numerous exercises aimed at improving the development of creativity. Here you can choose the mode by which Oflow will generate a random exercise in front of you and engage in a dose of creative inspiration and inspiration. The interface here is quite nice, so the process of working with the application is comfortable. The developers have also added a special notebook here, in which you can immediately write down all the new ideas while working with the application.

The Brainstormer

This application can give you a real brainstorming, thanks to which you will be able to move from the deadlock in your creative endeavors. The Brainstormer generates random phrases with which you can significantly increase the number of your own ideas for pictures, stories, poems, songs and so on. Thanks to its functionality, the application activates those parts of the brain that are responsible for creativity, so the inspiration does not have to wait long.

Creativity Programs

If you are fond of writing poetry, but can not find a new topic, just use the program and try to describe the phrase that falls to you. This will start the processes that are responsible for the development of your creativity.

Mann filters

If you have ever wanted to have your own business and work for yourself, this application will come in handy. Before starting something big and new, all people have doubts about the success of businesses and ideas. Mann's filters are designed to help your users solve these problems with detailed analysis and special algorithms that show whether your project will be successful. This way you will know if your idea is worth the resources that will be spent on it in the future, or if your project still needs a little refinement.


From the beginning, this idea was to be implemented in the form of physical cubes, but later the developers decided to develop an application in a format for mobile devices. The essence of the project is cubes that help to develop the skill of making stories.

Creativity Programs

Each cube has several images that help activate each user's individual associative series. You can use both ordinary and fictional rules. A good option would be to ask yourself: "What role will this object or image play in the life of my character?", "What will my picture embody if I put this object in it?" and so on. There may be as many such questions as your imagination can generate. When creating new projects, the application can be used as a kind of brainstorming or just a creative warm-up.


An application created to expand your worldview. It's very easy to use: you need to create your account and choose the topics that interest you most. This way, various articles with media files on topics that interest you will appear in your feed. All content will become more and more personalized if you are active in this network and put preferences on the posts that interest you.


Among the main features of this program is the creation of so-called mental maps. Convenient is the distribution option, with which you can show this card to anyone. MindLine helps to develop both divergent and convergent thinking.

Creativity Programs

Simply put, the method of mental maps will come in handy both at the stage of generating ideas and during the direct implementation of your idea. The program is available in both the mobile version and the web version, which is likely to be written in Chinese through its developers.


RealtimeBoard is a board that helps to develop your thinking both as a team and alone. You can work on joint projects, draw and modify them directly in the application. It is also possible to create mind maps, add various stickers and easy communication between team members during the work.

Finished projects can be converted to various formats and exported to social networks directly from the application. The application is free, but without the use of paid functionality, its capabilities are somewhat limited. You will not feel these limitations if you use the program for personal purposes or work with some people in a team. The possibilities for which people using this application are innumerable:

  • use throughout the process of creating and implementing the idea
  • better understanding of the client's wishes with the help of individual functions
  • collective voting for the best ideas
  • visualization of all projects for easier implementation

Creativity Programs

RealtimeBoard is a comfortable application to work with, as its interface allows you to easily navigate all recorded and started projects. Also, if you really want to implement one of your ideas, but do not know what form to choose, you can always use the built-in templates.


The program, for all poets who once faced the impossibility of finding the right rhyme that would fit perfectly into the poem. Here you can search for inspiration and choose rhyme at the same time. One of the interesting features of the application - the characteristics of the rhyming word are available for viewing. You have the opportunity to learn the etymology, lexical meaning, correct pronunciation and even see examples of cases in which a word is used. The use of rhyme is suitable for other creators who simply do not have enough quality brainstorming. The method of associations and analogies will help you to competently generate an idea for a new project and implement it.

Creativity Programs

Poems can be created here even in a group of several people. For all users who are constantly working with text, this application will be the right hand.


An understandable application with simple functionality, with which you can track the entire development of your creations from start to finish. Here you can generate a list of associations that will cause a lot of functionality. Images, quotes and individual collections for creative work are what Brainsparker offers its users.

Schulte table

Everyone who has practiced their reading technique knows about these tables. It houses a variety of objects that help improve peripheral visual perception of information. During training, you will develop this skill and each time you will find the right objects faster and faster.

Creativity Programs

Every day it is enough to devote literally a few minutes to the program and in half a year you will be surprised by your new speed reading skills.

Really Bad Chess

This application is created for those who are no longer interested in ordinary chess. A set of pieces is randomly generated on the board, which can be significantly different for both players. This makes the game much more interesting and makes you think about solving the problem from a creative point of view. The gameplay is very interesting, but the number of possible matches per day is limited. This gives you a little rest from chess. Usually after a few months of using this application, users want to play regular chess, but after the first game they again have a desire to play a "bad" version of the game.

Creativity Programs

Downloading applications to develop creativity on iOS will be a good solution for all people whose work involves the constant generation of new ideas.

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