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23 April 2021

Program for Marketers: Analytics and Social Networking

List of applications that will help marketers to properly manage social networks and gain an audience

Olha Litvinova

For marketers, an important feature of their work is constant contact with everything new, which can greatly help in their field. In this article, we have compiled a list of free applications for marketers on the iPhone that will help make the work more organized.

SMM applications for iPhone


This service is available on various operating systems and also has a web version for browsers. Buffer allows you to work with social networks easier and more organized, because the program is designed to manage them. You can connect any of the following networks to your account:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

The wide functionality of the program allows not only to effectively manage all networks, but also to create your own schedule, which will publish posts or set up the option of automatic posting. Also, available here is a tool that will give you access to a broad analysis of your accounts, which will show all your activity. Pleasant minimalist design will be a guarantee of comfortable work with Buffer, and in case of any questions you can always ask for help directly in the program, where all questions will be answered by a special service. One of the disadvantages is that the application is available exclusively in English. However, even without special foreign knowledge, you can easily understand the tools.

Programs for marketers

Buffer - an application for those users who like to keep everything in one place and not spend too much time searching for the right network.


The number of people who use this application reaches about ten million, and the service itself supports more than five dozen different languages. Hootsuite will be your best friend when working with social networks, because the application allows you to effectively manage online activities. In addition, it will greatly help in planning posts, as well as provide access to a function that tracks news by keywords on Facebook. Viewing statistics with Hootsuite will allow you to analyze all activity in the linked accounts.

The program has a nice design without unnecessary panels, so it is quite easy to use, and also allows its users to quickly switch between different accounts. In general, Hootsuite is a convenient and fast application that will not be superfluous in the arsenal of an Internet marketer.


If This, Then That - a service with quite interesting functionality that allows you to create a kind of interaction between your social networks. For example, if you choose to "Post" on Twitter, you can use special options to link this action to likes on Instagram or any other network. Such interactions are called recipes, and they are performed automatically.

Programs for marketers

If you have difficulties, and you do not quite understand how it works, the application has a section where all the recipes from the developers are painted. If you still can't find something useful here, you can refer to the lists created by other users of the program.

Facebook page manager

This application was developed by the Facebook team so that users can create several profiles at once and manage them using their devices. Here you can post photos and videos, reply to other users' messages and comments under posts, set a schedule for publishing your posts, and so on. Also, here, as well as in other applications with similar functionality, viewing of statistics is available.

Facebook Page Manager is a multifunctional application that includes a nice design and ease of use.


Another useful application that should be in the arsenal of a good SMM-cheek. Everypost allows its users to post on different social networks at the same time. The service supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, so you can not only manage posts, but also set the time of their publication.

Programs for marketers

The program is quite functional, because it gives the user a lot of opportunities when working with social networks. For example, you can:

  • set up automatic news search by keywords on Twitter
  • find a way to shorten the text for posting on Twitter
  • store various media files in cloud storage
  • sort various articles in special sections

Registration in the application takes a few minutes, and its operation does not cause any problems. Due to its simplicity and functionality it will be a good tool for a marketer.

Blogging applications for iPhone


A useful application that allows you to run your blog even when you do not have stable Internet access. Here you can not only create posts, but also edit them, add media files, filter comments left by other users.

Programs for marketers

The interface is quite user-friendly, and the design does not irritate the eye, so working with the application is as comfortable as possible.


Another application that will help you in creating your own blog is Blogger. It is available both in the form of a mobile application and in a browser version. Here, users create their own texts for publication and use the function to switch between accounts to work better with social networks.

One of the disadvantages of Blogger is the inability to register in the system using a mobile application. This can only be done in the web version. In general, the application has good functionality, but the App Store is sure to find analogues with a wider range of tools.


A popular application created specifically for exchanging news and opinions. Here you can follow the updates of your friends and other users. You can also create a variety of surveys, which you can post in your feed. In the publication, you can add media files to the text to help diversify the profile.

Programs for marketers

Unfortunately, registration is only possible in the web version, and your friends' posts cannot be shared. Despite its minor shortcomings, Livejournal remains a good platform for exchanging views.

Organizers that are worth downloading on iOS


A popular application used by everyone from students to entrepreneurs. Evernote is designed to quickly create notes and organize them with different sections. Not only plain text is added here, but also various attachments such as photos, audio recordings, reminders, and so on. Evernote is also suitable for those who are used to working in a team, because there is a separate feature called Work chat.

Programs for marketers

Simple design and intuitive interface - the key to interesting notes and convenient planning of your time. All this is in the application, so it is convenient to work in.


An organizer with which users create their own cards. Once you've created them, you can edit them, add color labels to them, make lists of them, and add them to the boards. Trello is convenient to use in a team, because here you can both write down an individual goal and write down tasks for your colleagues.

Programs for marketers

One of the advantages of the platform is the ability to read the online guide, in case you find it difficult to understand the functionality. The design of the program is concise and convenient, which makes your work as comfortable as possible.

Applications for editing photos on the iPhone.


The platform is popular among many users because of the ability to freely download media files, sharing them with other users. You can also edit photos using filters, and share the finished result with friends.

Flickr is available exclusively in English, but due to its simple interface it can be used by anyone. The program is quite interesting, but in our opinion, it is better to use it to find inspiration.


A service designed for photo editing, namely the overlay of audio files on video and photos. The desired images can be selected directly from the gallery or social networks. You can also add various captions and filters, and share ready-made creations directly through the application.

Programs for marketers

It is very easy to register on the platform, and a convenient toolbar will help to understand the management of even those people who have never used similar programs. True, Flipagram has some effects that you can apply to your photos, but if you need a simple application for overlaying music on media files, this is exactly what you need.

Agios analytics software

Google Analytics

The application is free and available on various operating systems. With its extensive functionality, Google Analytics allows you to get detailed analysis of your audience and traffic sources. All data is tracked in real time, so you get the most accurate information about the activity in your social networks. You can save all reports and even share them with other users.

Programs for marketers

For a marketer, a program with an interesting design will be indispensable, because here you can get a lot of data through a few simple interactions with the platform.


A platform that helps companies and individual users find references to their brand. Some of the popular companies that use the application are Panasonic, IKEA and H&M.

Brand24 allows its users to search for mentions related to their activities on various social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, news feeds and personal blogs. Suitable for those marketers who like to analyze the statistics of their competitors.

We hope that you have learned a little more about applications for SMM on the iPhone and in the future you will know what a good marketer should have in his arsenal.

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