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24 April 2021

Apps for brain development on iOS

A list of applications that will help develop mental abilities, analytical thinking and quick perception of information

Olha Litvinova

If, paraphrasing a quote from one of the characters in the popular British TV series "Sherlock", you want to say that the mind is in vogue today, you will definitely be right. Nowhere without knowledge today, because every year life becomes easier only due to the work of complex mental work of scientists and researchers. More and more often we observe robotization of production, mechanization of service and so on. This means that over time, mental work will become more relevant.

Brain development programs

However, it is no secret that mental work can be as exhausting and long as physical work. Therefore, against this background, competitive people are creative, resistant to mental stress and attentive. To help you acquire these qualities as quickly as possible, we have prepared for you 10 brain development programs on the iPhone, which will definitely pump your brain to the maximum.


This is a German application and website, developed by scientists Royan Amadi, Michael Nideggen and Jacob Futoryanski, designed to develop your mental abilities such as memory, concentration and quick thinking. The program itself determines your curriculum and special training: all you need is to pass a test to determine your strengths and weaknesses. After passing the test, you will have access to many mini-games and workouts aimed at improving your cognitive abilities.

Brain development programs

In addition, the program is officially recognized by scientists and is used to curb the development of dementia. However, not all features of the program will be available at once. NeuroNation runs on a premium subscription system, so some features of the program will be hidden in the free version.


The application is designed to develop many cognitive functions of the brain, such as: analytical thinking, rapid perception of information and rapid formulation. In addition, the application will help you develop eloquence, grammar and knowledge of mathematics. Most of the features of the application are available by paid subscription, but even without it Elevate offers you a wide range of tasks and mini-games that will be available to you after passing the initial test and selecting the necessary categories for development.

Brain development programs

The advantage of the application is that before starting it, it explains the importance of each task and gives instructions to it. The application is not available in Ukrainian and Russian, so it can be useful for those who want to improve their applicable knowledge of English.


A multifunctional application that will help you develop speed of thinking, concentration, logic and much more. The program is designed by experienced neuroscientists who know very well how to improve your brain. Interestingly, CogniFit evaluates up to twenty-three cognitive indicators of a person, as a result of which testing, creates a personalized training program that helps stimulate your brain. In addition to the above, according to the developers, the program helps to identify or indicate the risk of various cognitive disorders, such as dementia, multiple sclerosis or even insomnia. Only 4 features of the application are available for free, and an annual subscription will cost you more than $100. However, the benefits and effectiveness of the application are worth every penny.


Lumosity is a website and application that aims to improve your attention and thinking speed. The application works on a similar principle as previous programs. The application works according to the following scheme: after you register you will need to go through three mini-games that will determine your entry level, after which the application will select a personalized training program for you, aimed at improving your mental abilities.

Brain development programs

Training is divided into seven categories: "Language", "Attention", "Speed", "Problem-Solving", "Flexibility", "Mathematics", "Memory", each of which will help you develop the appropriate characteristics of mental activities. Despite the fact that the program itself chooses your task and pace, you are free to adjust it to yourself, lowering or raising the difficulty. This is designed so that you can practice systematically and not give up learning due to excessive complexity or long time to solve the problem. The application is available for free, but with limited features.


The site, created by Russian scientists, was created to constantly stimulate mental abilities. Like previous programs, BrainApps offers us an initial test to determine our strengths and weaknesses, and also creates an individual training program. By going through mini-games and tasks that will take you no more than 5 minutes each, you will be able to develop not only logical thinking, speed of decision-making and attention, but also creativity and imagination.

Brain development programs

There are more than ninety games and special tasks available on the site, which will greatly help you to improve your productivity and creativity. You will also be able to track your progress on a daily basis. Only part of the functionality is available for free, but it is enough to significantly improve your performance.


The application is available on iOS and Android. The program gives you access to more than forty games that will help you develop your attention, memory and analytical thinking. Once downloaded, you are immediately given access to mini-games that will help you both discharge after a hard day and train your brain. The longer you play and develop, the more difficult the tasks will become. Leading experts in the field of cognition have worked on the application, claiming that just 10 minutes of training your brain a day will be enough to feel the progress after a while.

Brain development programs

The application is available for free in the App Store and Play market, but you will have to pay for access to all the functionality of the program.


If you are a person who finds it extremely difficult to remember people's faces, dates or numbers, then this app is for you. Eidetic has more complex tasks and is extremely suitable for students who really need to remember a lot of meaningful information. The main task of the program is to help you pump up your memory. Training is based on the fact that you create cards by entering the information you want to remember on them, and the application, using based on the technique of interval repetition, creates a special schedule, which will send you notifications of tasks for repetition. You will have to enter the correct answer several times, otherwise the answer will not count. The program is free, but allows you to study only one of the categories at a time. However, the price of the full version is only $3,


As the name suggests, the application is best suited for fans of mathematics. Many math puzzles and tasks become available to the owners of the application, which will clear their brains and help them develop attention and logical thinking. In addition to various tasks, you will also have access to intellectual tests, educational games and logic problems. All tasks are based on an IQ test, which allows you to develop your logical thinking.

Brain development programs

The application is available for free and does not require a subscription, but after each game the user will be forced to view ads to somehow fund the developer.

Personal Zen

The program was developed by scientists from New York, whose main task was to help people overcome stress in a frantic pace of urban life. The developers believe that stress has a significant impact on our ability to think adequately in emergencies and on our relationships with other people. So they have created an application that will help you control your stress levels and calm you down. After installing the application, you will need to indicate the level of your nervousness and choose the time during which you will be able to exercise for a week. Your task will be to follow two faces - menacing and friendly. A positive result is achieved if you interact more with a positive person. It has been scientifically proven that just 20 minutes of such leisure a week will help you significantly reduce stress.

Fit Brains Trainer

A program with a very nice and bright design that is ideal for improving brain function. The application contains more than three hundred educational games, tasks and puzzles that aim to improve your attention, intelligence and logical thinking. All games and tasks are aimed at interacting with different parts of your brain and range from assembling puzzles to linguistic and mathematical tasks.

Brain development programs

Fit Brains Trainer gives you the ability to track your progress and point out your strengths and weaknesses, showing you graphs and charts of your performance. In addition, algorithms automatically complicate your training, depending on your progress and success in certain types of tasks. The application is free and available on iOS and Android platforms.

Brain Wars

The application gives its users from all over the world the opportunity to compete with each other. The program allows users to move into a room with a random opponent, and then with the help of a mini-game you determine together which of you has a sharper and smarter mind. The winner is the one who manages to quickly understand the course of the game and correctly apply some rules to solve problems. Thanks to certain algorithms, the program determines the level of development of your thinking, memory and other mental abilities, and then displays the relevant statistics.

Brain development programs

By downloading these brain development apps to your iPhone, you will gain access to an incredible world that will actively train your mental abilities.

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