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Apple Store / Apple news / The new renderings represent what the iPhone 13 mini might look like
12 May 2021

The new renderings represent what the iPhone 13 mini might look like

There are some facts about the release of the new iPhone 13 mini. Read our article to learn more about this unique smartphone

Diana Dubynska

The iPhone 13 mini is likely to be Apple's latest small smartphone. In 2021, in early autumn, the following gadgets will be introduced: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

People want to know the differences between the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 13 mini. It is said that there will be no major changes in appearance. 13 mini will have a reduced screen cutout, as well as a different placement of the cameras (diagonally, not vertically). This is what makes the iPhone 13 mini unique. By the way, the camera unit is larger than its predecessors. This also means that the performance of the cameras will be improved, regardless of the size of the gadget. The lenses have a personal glass, so you need to wipe them separately from each other.

All new smartphone models, which will be demonstrated at the end of 2021, will have the A15 Bionic system, support for Wi-Fi 6E, improved cameras and LTPO displays from Samsung. The screen will have a high refresh rate, great interface, high quality energy savings, there will also be Face ID and Touch ID.

Apple has lost sales of the iPhone 12 mini. Therefore, everyone expected that the production of small smartphones would be completed. But, the iPhone 13 mini will end this era. It is possible that this model will bring the company success and satisfaction to future users.

Will Apple release the iPhone mini?

With each release of a new smartphone from Apple, you can see that the size of the screen and body increases. And most buyers like it. People like large and high-quality screens where you can comfortably watch a film or play a game. But there are also users who are fans of small screens. Therefore, smartphones such as the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini may be suitable for such a group of users. It is better for someone to use a smartphone with only one hand and to fit in a pocket without any problems.

By the way, the new line of iPhone 13 will have new and various colours: matte black and orange. The latter colour is more like a bronze hue, has a very private look. But it is possible that the release of this colour may be cancelled. We hope to be able to see the new iPhone in such a unique way. Black will also have an unusual look for us.

Apple is also working to update the coverage of the smartphone frame. It is said that she will not collect many fingerprints. This is a great idea.

As for the camera of this line, you can use the portrait mode not only for photos but also for video. In addition, a new feature is astrophotography, it will be possible to take images of the starry sky, and as a result get incredible photos.

Rumour has it that the iPhone 13 mini may have another name, namely: iPhone 12S. If the choice is made on the second option, it means that there will be no major changes in the new gadget. And, perhaps, there will be no numbering in the name at all.

Find out what the Apple One is here.

Which gadget to choose: iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini?

  1. It's hard to judge yet, because little information is known about the iPhone 13 mini. But if you want to change an old smartphone to a new one and like a small size, the iPhone 13 mini will be a great option.
  2. If you already own an iPhone 12 mini, there is no great need to buy a new smartphone model.
  3. If you need a high-quality camera, the iPhone 13 mini will have just that. Of course, the iPhone 12 mini also has a great camera, but the new model will have improved functionality.
  4. The performance of the new smartphone will also be improved.
  5. The cost of the iPhone 13 mini is not yet known, but it will be higher than its predecessor.

Therefore, thanks to these criteria, you can roughly understand which model of smartphone you need. Of course, the iPhone 13 mini has yet to wait. Many people may decide to buy an iPhone 12 mini, which will also be a good option.

Let's talk about the iPhone 12 mini. It has fast performance, a great camera and an attractive design. In the packaging of this smartphone you will not receive headphones and a charge unit, only a cable and documentation. Many buyers still can't get used to the fact that the package does not have a charge unit, but Apple says that it will help improve the environment.

The design of the iPhone 12 mini is identical to the iPhone 12, the only difference is in size. There are the following colours available: black, white, blue, red and green. The interface is very easy to use.
The smartphone has protection against dust and moisture. It is possible to immerse the phone to a depth of 6 meters for only 30 minutes, but there was no guarantee.

The weight of the gadget is 136 grams, which is a small feature.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 12 mini is not inferior to the iPhone 12. The smartphone works quickly, without any problems. The situation is similar with the camera. High quality photos and videos are guaranteed.

So, the iPhone mini is an interesting idea from Apple. Let's hope that the iPhone 13 mini will be successful among users.

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