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22 January 2021

Risks of buying an iPhone on AliExpress

Is it dangerous to buy iPhones on AliExpress and what problems can arise if you still decide to order a smartphone in the largest online store in China?

Kateryna Antonyuk

AliExpress is a rather controversial platform. On the one hand – an attractive price, on the other-quality, which is not always at the highest level. That is why many users are wary of purchasing expensive equipment in an online store, and especially think for a long time about whether to buy an iPhone in China on AliExpress. No customer can be insured against the fact that their parcel will arrive to them and will not be lost somewhere along the road. And the question of who to contact for service of the purchased product remains unanswered. But, is the phobia of purchasing equipment in this store justified?

It is worth considering that AliExpress is not the only platform where Chinese sellers trade. The store also has regional divisions, and some countries even have warehouses. Therefore, the customer can receive the purchased gadget from a division that is located in their country and not wait a month or more to receive their order.

Ali doesn't just sell iPhones. If desired, you can find equipment from other popular brands here. But before you buy a smartphone on AliExpress, you need to take into account all the pitfalls.

Pitfalls of buying gadgets on AliExpress

Buying iPhones in an online store, you can get a restored phone or used one.

Restored iPhones

If the product is marked refurbished, it means that the smartphone was repaired after a factory defect and put up for sale. This means that the gadget has not been used before. Quite a lot of brands repair their equipment and sell it at a reduced price. This is a normal practice that is quite common.

But, on AliExpress with iPhones, everything is a little different. The process of restoring the phone is handled by the Chinese themselves. Sometimes these are professional craftsmen, and sometimes inexperienced specialists.

If you carefully study the reviews that are available on the internet, then only 1-2% of them are negative. Therefore, it is very likely to get a high - quality smartphone with Ali Express. However, it is important to note that sometimes parts are not just repaired, but completely changed. And most often on unoriginal ones. Therefore, the following breakdowns may occur:

  • the battery is 10-20% worn out;
  • the display, headphones, or charging may not be original.

However, it is important to immediately identify these problems after buying a smartphone. AliExpress protects its customers, so the store has the opportunity to open a dispute and reimburse part of the funds and continue using the gadget.

Used iPhones

Everything is very clear here, the phone has already been in use before. And it is quite difficult to determine breakdowns, you can understand problems by studying reviews. customers often complain about:

  • Bad battery (holds little);
  • Wi-fi doesn't work;
  • Problems with the microphone and speaker.

Sometimes the product page says that the phone was already in use and was then repaired. However, it is not known in what condition he was accepted for recovery. If the buyer decided to buy such an iPhone at a low price, and after receiving the goods he saw a serious breakdown, he can always repair the gadget in the workshop, and compensate for the money for this.

The most common problems faced by iPhone buyers on Aliexpress

Some users are sure that the models presented on AliExpress have nothing to do with gadgets that are sold with the refurbished mark.

And when buying in this store, the buyer will face a number of malfunctions and problems.

Non-original accessories

Often the order comes in a different package, which does not contain the original power supply and other accessories. Many buyers claim that in any case, the accessories will not be original. But, there is an opportunity to get high-quality equipment, and this moment already depends on the chosen seller. Some put the cheapest cables, others make a fairly high – quality replica, and still others put medium-sized inconspicuous accessories. But, all this can be purchased independently, especially if the smartphone was taken at a low price.

Low-quality battery

Almost all equipment comes with third-party batteries. On the one hand, they still need to be changed every 2-3 years, but if the Chinese do not supply the best quality analog, then this will need to be done much earlier.

You can check the battery quality quickly enough. If during the check it turned out that the battery is already worn out, then you can return some of the funds. Sellers can offer to send a new battery, but if you stand firm and involve the store administration in the dispute, you can reimburse from 1 15 to.20.

The funds received will need to be spent on replacing the battery in the workshop, otherwise the battery life of the iPhone will be very short.

Poor-quality screen

The assembly of the gadget, as a rule, is at a decent level. But the smartphone can be assembled from non-original parts, namely, for example, it will have a built-in non-native display and battery.

The screen may be of poor quality in some cases, and this is visible when using an iPhone. The disadvantages of the matrix can only be seen in comparison with the original smartphone.

Therefore, the buyer can either put up with a bad screen and use what is available, or change it at the nearest service center.

Other modules and non-original components

Everything is not limited to the above components. Buying an iPhone on Ali, you can get a gadget with a replaced camera, a charge controller unit, and much more.

And not the originality of the parts can only be replaced by a professional master in the service center. So, for example, you can live with a replaced vibration motor, but another camera or a weak wi-fi module will definitely affect the operation of the equipment. And in order to find out exactly what the problem is, you will need to conduct a full-fledged diagnosis to make sure that all the modules are available.

Features of iPhone delivery and payment with AliExpress

It is recommended to buy such expensive equipment only from trusted sellers. Thus, there will be someone to make claims against if they exist.

As a rule, all orders are delivered to the post office and if the customer does not confirm receipt, the seller does not receive the money. Therefore, the buyer has time to inspect the gadget well and identify all the malfunctions, if any. The buyer can test the iPhone and then confirm receipt of the parcel.

You need to make sure that the order meets all the characteristics. After that, you can either confirm the receipt and, if desired, leave a positive review, or ask the seller to return part of the funds or replace the product.

It is worth considering that sometimes sellers agree to return a significant part of the funds, but in return they ask the buyer to leave a positive review, so you need to carefully study the information before making a purchase on this platform.

But, AliExpress tries to protect its customers, so in disputes, the position of the client is often taken. Therefore, in case of claims, the buyer will always be protected.

AliExpress or the secondary market?

Ali's main competitor for refurbished smartphones is the secondary market. However, the latter has a number of advantages over the former.

In the secondary market, any purchase of a Used iPhone can be made with a detailed inspection and study of the equipment. And if the buyer finds errors, then he has the opportunity to ask the seller to reduce the cost or completely abandon the purchase. Thus, problematic gadgets are immediately eliminated.

Many people believe that it is always better to hold a smartphone in your hands and evaluate it before purchasing it, than to find out the relationship with the seller after the purchase and ask him to return the funds.

What is the result?

For those who want to buy an Apple cheaper, there is an opportunity to try your luck and order an iPhone on Aliexpress. But, in order not to get a bad gadget, you need to take a responsible approach to this issue. Namely, study reviews, all information about the store and the seller's reputation.

It is worth remembering that in 90% of cases, the gadget will come with non-original accessories, and possibly details. the iPhone may turn out to be a real "Frankenstein", which will have not only unoriginal spare parts, but also several hidden shortcomings that will later manifest themselves.

All these problems are easily solved in workshops, but require additional investment. As for the online store itself, it fully protects the buyer. And if the customer receives a low-quality product that absolutely does not match the description, then it is possible to compensate more than 50% of the cost of the gadget.

Buy an iPhone on AliExpress can only be those users who are not afraid to take risks and are ready to spend time going to the service center after receiving the smartphone, if necessary.

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