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13 September 2021

Smart Cities: Utopian Concepts That Will Save the Environment

How can smart cities save humanity from environmental disaster?

Olha Muntean

When we hear about smart cities, we imagine some kind of utopian settlements that, in their measure, can even scare. And this is not surprising. This concept has often, one might say, deformed in pop culture, showing that smart cities are a utopia. Everything can be hacked, everything can be spoiled, the system malfunctions, and indeed, the riot of machines, artificial intelligence, we all know this, we have all seen it.

city model

But if we move away from the perception that the works of art have given us, and look at the concept with a fresh and objective look, then what can we see? Unambiguous amenities, improved infrastructure, favorable conditions for development. But if we look a little further and think about the prospects that smart cities will give us globally, then we will see clear chances for improving our ecology. And this is much more interesting.

What do smart cities offer us?

Smart cities primarily offer convenience to the people who live in them. Yes, ecology is an equally important aspect that is taken into account when designing a city. But these things are interconnected, because smart cities give people the opportunity to understand that environmental safety is convenient.

Transport, infrastructure, transition to the network, safety, comfort - it's all about smart cities. And all these aspects affect the ecological situation on the planet, which makes us think about how to transform all cities into smart ones.

Optimization of the transport system

The transport system is almost the main pillar on which the further destruction of our ecology is built. After all, the use of many cars that emit different emissions into the atmosphere.

It's worth starting with the fact that maximum optimization is planned, which allows you to make sure that there are no traffic jams, therefore, no delays. The only thing that now there will be no excuse at work, or school, why you are late, but this is only half the trouble. In addition, smart cities are optimizing public transport lines, which also has a great effect on the environment.

Well, where is the utopian future without electric cars? And it really is. In some cities, they even encourage the use of electric cars, but here there will be no alternative. And this is logical. There is no need to rush anywhere due to the lack of traffic jams, you can always get there on time, saving the environment along the way.

city drawing

And in this way, smart cities will already reduce the load on the ecosystem of our planet, abandoning a large amount of transport, switching either non-electric cars or public transport.

Saving resources

Saving energy resources is really important. This not only saves money, but also helps the environment. Considering that it is unlikely that we are all sitting with solar panels, therefore, the environmental issue of our energy consumption is in question.

However, one must understand that smart cities are, as a rule, the most efficient technologies. Consequently, the state, and the city government, encourages residents who fully switch to solar energy. And saving water also allows the water treatment plant to relax.

Environmental responsibility for citizens

Smart cities are not only a place of residence, but a kind of community. Each of its members must defend the overall cleanliness and the good of the environment. And here sorting will help us. Surprising modern trash cans in smart cities is bad form. However, many people are never used to sorting. And then a smart city comes up, which will allow you to track who is throwing out the garbage.

If a person does not sort at all, then he can receive at least condemnation from others. Don't forget that smart cities offer increased security measures that include regular street surveillance. Thus, the likelihood that a person under the camera will not just waste on sorting, but also litter in a public place decreases to nothing.

city buildings

And let's hope that finally all countries will have full-fledged sorting centers that will correspond to the desire of people to live in smart cities.

Improving comfort as a way to fight for the environment

In addition, smart cities not only offer various Sci-Fi things that we are used to seeing only in films about the future, but also provide an unforgettable level of comfort.

Along with this, people can expect an improvement in the work of utilities, namely, garbage collection services. It would seem a common thing, but now it will become a more regular activity, for which you may have to pay more, but you will not have to watch the bursting trash cans, into which people are trying with their last bit of strength to shove their bags.

night city

And the operation of solar panels will provide not only a high-quality supply of electricity to the house, but will also make it possible to abandon various environmentally hazardous power sources. But even here you can doubt, because panels are cool and good, but when the number of cities increases, and they become commonplace for people, you will have to think about how to find an alternative and independent way of producing energy. But with the rapid development of mankind, it is not worth thinking about how you will have to get out in the future. There is clearly something.

Purity of nature in a smartphone

Speaking about a smart city, we understand the increase in the comfort of people living in it several times. Therefore, it is inappropriate to be surprised that everything will be optimized so that people can do everything in one click of a smartphone.

And this, in turn, can also help in the issue of ecology. First, it will reduce the use of transport to get to the right place and pay for the right receipt. Yes, it seems to us, young people, that this can be done through various banking aggregates, but older people find it much more convenient and “safer” to go to the bank, because in this way, in their opinion, they are 100% likely to fix the fact of payment ...

And, it would seem, what is the problem? After all, excess activity will not hurt anyone. But the problem is that it will reduce even the use of public transport. Yes, there are various unmanned electric vehicles, but we have not heard of electric buses, for example. And let's be realistic: a lightning-fast full transition exclusively to electric transport is impossible. It will only integrate into the activities of smart cities, and become, along with conventional diesel-fueled vehicles.

day city

In this way, we can avoid creating a carbon footprint by avoiding traffic congestion, using less traffic, and so on. And so will contribute to the economy. After all, the impact on the ecosystem will decrease even if one person, instead of going to a conventional bank, prefers to use a smartphone. Now imagine that there are 10, 100, 1000 such people.

So will smart cities save the planet's ecology?

Smart cities can only sound like a whim for the rich. After all, everything sounds so unrealistic that it is impossible to believe that in the future absolutely everyone will be able to afford living in such a place. But this is a fact.

Smart cities are not just a whim for maximum comfort for residents. This is the creation of the most favorable, in our reality, environment for the planet. To say that every smart city will be equal to the closure of the ozone hole, or even more, is silly. Obviously, they will not be able to cover absolutely all the harm that has been and will be done to our planet.

But the fact that such places will contribute to not aggravating the situation is great news. We can only hope that smart cities will come in a pristine concept, without the author's gasoline visions, and exactly as they were conceived. Otherwise, we will observe what we have now, simply with a more colorful presentation.

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