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Apple Store / Apple news / Safari on iPhone: all browser features
03 February 2021

Safari on iPhone: all browser features

Apple's Safari web browser is now faster, better secured, and has a great translator.  Every year the company is improving and trying to make web surfing more enjoyable.

Eleonora Rusanovska

How to download Safari?

To download Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you just need to go to the App Store and click the install button.  For them, as well as for Mac computers, Apple Safari is the starting browser, so there will be no problems.  Moreover, you can install additional extensions into the browser itself.  For example, spell check or save documents for future reference.

Install Safari Extensions on Mac

  1. First of all, make sure that your browser is updated to at least version 12. Open it up.
  2. On the top bar, look for the word Safari, "Safari Extensions." The extensions page will open. The App Store will appear on it.
  3. To download a specific extension, just click Get. Installation can be either paid or free. Then click "Install".
  4. After, upon completion of the installation, the "Open" button will appear. Click it and return to the browser.
  5. Select Safari, Preferences, Extensions.
  6. Check the ones you want to use.

Install Safari Extensions on iPhone and iPad

Safari mobile browser also supports extensions.  After downloading the necessary programs, go to the browser, click on the icon with the arrow "Share".  In the proposed programs, find an icon with three "More" buttons.  Go and in the upper right corner find the word "edit" to add or remove programs.

Perhaps the most popular Safari browser extensions are VPN and Adblock.  First, it opens access to foreign sites by hiding the user's real IP address.  Second, it blocks intrusive ads on websites.  The connection of the latter is slightly different.  To block ads, go to Settings, scroll to Safari and select the Content Blocking Rules option.  If you have preinstalled the block application, it will appear as an option on the next parameter page.  It just needs to be activated.  Next, you need to launch the application and go to the desired site in the browser.

Features of using the Safari browser

Many of Safari's cool and useful features are deeply embedded in the system.  Therefore, not everyone knows about them.  By going to the Safari option in the device's settings, you can adjust Safari suggestions and frequently visited pages, disable pop-up messages, even delete your search history by scrolling down to the corresponding option.

Wipe Safari data completely

This will remove not only your browsing history from your phone but also data from websites, such as cookies and saved passwords.  Remember that you should resort to this type of deletion only when you transfer the phone to a new owner.

Partial data deletion from Safari

This method will suit you if you do not want other users of your device to see which pages you have visited.  Safari allows you to delete your browsing history for a specific period.

To delete history for the last hour, day, or several days:

  1. Open the Safari app.
  2. Click the history icon. You will find it at the bottom of the screen. It looks like an open book.
  3. Select "Clear" from the bottom menu.
  4. Select the period from the menu to remove it from the search history.

How can I remove one page from the Safari search?

If you accidentally visit a page that you do not want to visit, you can delete only that from your request history.

To remove one URL from your browser history:

  1. Open the Safari app.
  2. Click the history icon. You will find it at the bottom of the screen. It looks like an open book.
  3. Scroll through the list of displayed pages until the one you want to delete appears. Move your finger slightly to the left and press the "Delete" button, or quickly slide it from right to left across the screen, and the page will be deleted without any questions.

Quickly remove all tabs and quickly open a new Safari tab

A long press on the 2 tabs icon in the lower right corner of the Safari browser will take the user to a menu where he can select the next action.

  • Close all available tabs
  • Close current tab
  • Open a new private tab
  • Open a new tab

Open a recently deleted tab and see your navigation history

If you remember that you have not saved something important, and the page is already closed, there is no need to enter the request again.  Go to create a new tab and hold the "+" sign.  Links to 5 recently deleted resources will appear on the screen.

In the case of a desire to return to one of the chains of open tabs, a long press on the "Back" or "Forward" icons in the browser will help.

Full version of the site and search by page

To open the full version of the site, press and hold the reload page icon.  And to search for a specific word, copy it, enter it in the search above, and scroll to the words "On this page".  You will see the number of matches.

Safari Browser and iOS 14

Taking a closer look at the new features planned for the Safari browser, we note several extremely convenient and unique ones:

Built-in translator

The beta version of iOS 14 was tested successfully, which means that all users should have a built-in translator.  It works independently of third-party services and allows you to quickly and easily translate content posted on websites.  To use it, you should click on the letters aA in the search bar and select the "Translate text" option into one of the seven available languages.

Apple Pencil support

Safari with iOS 14 will let you work with Apple Pencil on websites.  With Pencil support in the Safari browser, the possibilities are expanded.  Thus, the user will make it easier for himself to search the page, and will also be able to save and convert handwritten text into typed text and use it.

Dual Screen Mode

Literally, the most notable feature of iOS 14 is the "two pictures" mode.  It allows you to view video in a floating window while working in another application.  Also in the Safari browser, you can simultaneously watch videos, such as news, without interrupting your reading.  As in other applications, the user can move the additional window in Safari across the screen, and also pause and rewind the video.  However, some websites block this feature or make it available to premium users only.

Security and Confidentiality

Apple is gradually introducing new features to improve the privacy of device users.  Safari for iOS 14 adds a privacy reporting feature that shows information about trackers on websites you visit.

You can view this information again by clicking on the button with the aA symbol on the left side of the search bar, selecting "Privacy report".  The privacy report is linked to the website.  After clicking on a specific page, you can see detailed information about the trackers and the actions they have taken.

Sign in to sites with Touch ID and Face ID

In addition to reports, with the updated iOS14, you can sign in to sites in Safari using Touch ID or Face ID.  The new browser option is based on the WebAuthn API and uses a combination of cryptography public keys and biometric data to verify identity.  Unfortunately, this login method requires site-side WebAuthn implementation, so it is difficult to say how quickly and to what extent it will be implemented by site administrators.  The user only needs to log into the site in the usual way, and then save the credentials in the iCloud keychain.  The next time you log in, the biometric login option will appear automatically and allow you to log in using a fingerprint or face scanner.

Data Leakage Warning

IOS 14 uses the iCloud Keychain for more than just storing usernames and passwords.  The system informs the user about the possible loss of passwords due to data leakage.  When logging into a website using iCloud AutoComplete, the user will be notified if the system detects that the password may have been lost.  To change your password, just click the button "Change password on the site".  Keychain Access prompts you for a strong new password that you can use to replace your old one.  Also, you will see warnings in the settings for any passwords that may have leaked in the past.

Type of location

IOS 14 added the Coarse Location feature.  The user can decide whether the application should receive the exact location of the phone or only an approximate one.  If a site asks for your location but you don't want to reveal it, launch the Settings app, then select Privacy, Location Services, Safari Sites, and turn on Ask next time.  Then, use the slider next to the "Exact location" option.  Turn it on, turn it off, or activate your approximate location.

Safari Browser for Windows

Safari Browser is a unique creation of Apple, designed specifically for its own products.  However, if you own a gadget based on Windows 7, 8, or 10, and you need to work in Safari, you can download it in version 5.1.7, which is fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

Using such a browser cannot be called convenient.  Its interface is more reminiscent of early Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately, Apple has long since given up developing a version of this browser for other software, and it hasn't been updated for years.

The only way to test the latest Safari on Windows 10 is to install the Hackintosh configuration, which allows you to have Apple's operating system running on a regular PC.

Replace the default Safari browser with another

If you want to replace the base Safari browser on your device, you can do so by updating to iOS 14 and installing the latest version of Google Chrome from the App Store.  This opportunity appeared for all iPhone users in the middle of autumn 2020.

After installation, go to the "Settings" section and find one of the browser applications.  Then go to the "Default Browser" option and navigate to the desired program.  From now on, the links will be displayed in the new application.  It's worth noting that on iOS, third-party browsers still use the Safari page rendering engine for security reasons.

It is not just the browser that is subject to change at this time.  For example, the basic mail application can be replaced with Gmail.  We hope that with the release of new updates, the developers will expand the capabilities of users.

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