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08 February 2021

Interesting features that not every advanced user of smartphones from Apple guesses

Hidden features that are unknown to most users, check you knew about them before

Володимир Губчакевич

Apple is a company whose gadgets have been popular in the market for a long time . IPhone smartphones have been the choice of millions of users for over 10 years. But, many of them are not even aware of the existence of some functions that are in the phone.

Perhaps many smartphone owners are able to find the letter "e" or hard sign by means of Siri , some owners are not ZN ayut that can conv atit your gadget into something like television in black and white type , as well as the fact that the smart management of pho nom possible exercise with head movements .

Protective function

Probably, in the life of every user there was a situation when someone from friends and acquaintances tried to see a photo on the phone, which the owner of the smartphone did not want to show. So, the developers managed to solve this problem, but for some reason they forgot to tell the public about all this.

This feature is called Guided Access. To try the option in action , go to the "Settings" menu, then select "General" , then "Universal access". Scrolling down the menu to the very bottom, you can see the section "Guided Access".

It is necessary to activate this function, create a password and set up the "Shortcut keys".

After that, pressing the " Home " button three times will appear a menu in which you can select this option. And in the section , which will appear on top to press "Start". After that, no one else can exit this mode without knowing a special password, except for the owner of the smartphone.

It is even possible to trace with your finger areas of the screen that the owner of the phone does not want other users to click on.

Turn on black and white mode

This secret function is quite unexpected, but at the same time no less useless. It turned out that a gadget that transmits millions of shades can be turned into a combination of black and white, similar to the TV that grandparents had in childhood.

To do this , you need to go to the "Settings" section again, then select "General", and after that "Accessibility" find the "Display adaptation" section and select "Traffic lights". After all this, in the drop-down menu, you need to move the slider and click on "Grayscale" . The iPhone will turn completely black and white.

There are a number of other settings that can be applied below, but the black and white screen is the most impressive feature. And especially it can be useful for the category of users who have vision problems.

Understanding at a glance

If the user uses a text form for communication, then this function , first of all , will be relevant for such an iPhone owner . Application will increase the speed and quality of the letter several times.

You need to go to the "Settings" section, then "General", then "Keyboard", and only then "Text replacement".

In this menu, you can configure the automatic replacement of half words, abbreviations with full text. So, for example, the spelling " etc. " will immediately be translated into "and so on."

But, all this should not be limited. Probably, during correspondence in messengers, each user can often use the same phrases. Therefore, to constantly do not gain the same text must be configured replacement tex t as well. For example, just as in the previous case , the phrase can be abbreviated "I love you too" as " yattl " and so on.

Controlling the Camera Using Headphones

Probably everyone knows that you can not take pictures of roofing by pressing certain keys on the screen, but also on the body of the phone, those , which are often made of sound-level control.

But perhaps no one knows what to do, you can photograph and clicking on the button, which is on the phone connected to the headset. So you can just click on "- " or "+" and you're done, the photo is there.

This function will be especially relevant for users who use a tripod .

Fast number typing

To take advantage of this useful feature, no need to go into the "Settings" As used ix this option something or somewhat similar use of the letter "e" long press on the "e". But, for some reason, not every user knows about this.

So , for example, writing a long message requires one or two numbers. But to do this it is necessary to switch the keyboard to the dial, which is not always convenient. Or it is sometimes necessary to put a certain character, such as quotation marks, and also switch to another keyboard.

But, this can be done without turning on the additional keyboard. You just need to press 123 , and at the same time do not release until the numbers appear . The dial will appear on the keyboard, but after selecting the required number, it will disappear, and the user will be able to continue working with letters again.

Continuous photography

All manufacturers are working to make the quality of the images much higher. But, even with a good camera, it is not always possible to take the picture you want. Moving objects are often the culprit. The user takes a picture, but due to the motion it turns out to be blurry, so you must try again. But time is already lost and do it , so as it should , it is impossible.

Therefore, the developers took care of the user, and decided to help overcome this problem by creating a special function. So, they laid down the possibility of creating several images on the iPhone at once almost simultaneously.

There is no need to configure or perform any other actions to use this function . To do this, you just need to press the key during the shot and do not release it until the series ends. And so that the memory is not full, you just need to choose the best pictures, the rest just delete.


Probably , none of the users did not know that the smartphone can be used also as a magnifying glass. There is no need to open the camera and adjust the magnification.

In order to use this function, you need to go to "Settings", then "Universal Access" and select "Magnifier" . Then just activate this function.

This will make it possible to add a special section to the menu, which will help you quickly remove the magnifier and the camera, without the user it will magnify everything. This application works like a real magnifier, and in some cases even better.

IPhone is able to follow the user

Using the standard functions of the gadget, you can find out the places where you often use it.

To do this, go to the "Settings" section, then "Privacy" and select " Geolocation Services " and "System Services". After that, you should go to the "Frequently visited places" section.

The user needs to select a city, after which he will see all the places where he often had to visit before. It will even be possible to view the time and exact date of your stay in a particular place.

It is not known why the developers decided to implement this feature , and how it will help them. But, definitely, all this can help jealous wives or husbands to find out where the other half is often.

But, this function can also be turned off if the user does not want someone to know later about his place of residence.

F Feature Level

The iPhone can turn into a real building level. Many are accustomed to the fact that the usual standard application that was found in older versions of "Compass" is completely useless and many have even removed it.

The Apple forgot to tell you again that the left finger brushing it can be turned in at the building level. Therefore, making repairs at home , the owner ayfon can not hurry to run to the store , to buy level, because this feature can be enabled on the smartphone.

Vibration signal for choice

Today, almost every user of these devices knows how to replace the old ringtone with a new one, or even create your own. But, today, many people choose vibration signals instead of loud sounds.

But, and here the developers decided to help the user. He can choose the vibration signal for himself. To do this, go to "Settings", then "Sounds" and select the " Ringtone " section and then "Vibration" . This is where you can create your own vibration signal. After that, the main thing is not to forget to click the "Save" button.

Smartphone control with the head

One of the most amazing and interesting features of the iPhone is the ability to control the phone with head gestures.

In practice, you can use this function after making some settings, namely, you need to go to "Settings". Control will be carried out by moving the head to the right and left. A number of functions can be assigned to each of the movements.

These functions are especially useful for people with disabilities. They have a small chance, although not completely, but still manage the device.

Creating a link on the smartphone desktop

There is almost always a site that you need to visit most often. And often in order to get to the necessary page, you need to carry out a number of additional actions.

Some add a link to this site to bookmarks. But, all this can be done even easier. You just need to place , a link on the desktop, so to go to the desired site, will not need to go even to the browser.

There are many more features that users do not know about, but not all of them can be called useful. With the release of a new smartphone, there are more and more opportunities that Apple developers provide to ordinary users .










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