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Apple Store / Apple news / Using AirTag Beacons with Android Devices and Older iPhones
10 May 2021

Using AirTag Beacons with Android Devices and Older iPhones

Since Samsung unveiled its foldable smartphone, their design has become a matter of honor for most mobile phone companies

Anastasia Perekupko

Foldable phones have been around a few years ago. And while on the market there are only a few options from several manufacturers. So, for example, the Galaxy Z Flip took into account the shortcomings of its predecessor, but there were also new ones. Many manufacturers, for example, Xiaomi, decided to take up the development of such gadgets. Recently, Google has also started talking about this new direction.

Foldable smartphone

Benefits of foldable phones

Speaking about the advantages of such devices, the first thing I want to note is the ability to work with one screen, while making it of different sizes. When folded it is a phone, when opened it is a tablet. In fact, two devices in one. It is easy and convenient to watch a movie, work with several applications at once. The second point, some models are convenient to put and shoot without additional accessories.

Convenience in terms of size. Everyone wants a comfortable screen, but this entails a corresponding increase in size. There is no such effect here. But such a smartphone will be slightly thicker than standard ones. But this is less of a problem.

Selfie quality issue has been partially resolved. It can be done on the main camera, while fully controlling the process. Then use a stripped-down frontal one if there is an excellent quality of several modules at once.

Foldable smartphone

New foldable device could be a reality

Not so long ago it was reported that Google has applied to the US Patent Office to register a patent with the name "Hinge mechanism with a slider for a folding display device." The structure can be used in the production of:

  • smartphone;
  • tablet;
  • notebook.

The document describes in detail all the problems that arise when developing folding devices. The company has found its own solution for this. In fact, the patent has two parts. In the beginning, all the disadvantages that existing hinge mechanisms have are described in detail. This is followed by a suggestion from Google developers. It looks like this. A unit is built into the device, where there is a loop, a slider and gears. The last two elements are responsible for converting rotation into translational movement, which passes from one body to another. What does it do? This flexible device allows bending to be performed without cracking or breaking. The only thing is that all this is described only on paper. At the moment, developments are carried out only in the laboratory. The company is not ready to present a prototype for today.

Foldable smartphone

Features of foldable phones

Journalists claim that Google is considering two options for folding gadgets. The screen will fold with the screen outward or inward. In both cases, a unique hinge device will be used.

The whole mechanism will consist of several segments, which are placed in one row. The design will be applied to smartphones that fold outward with the screen.

The undoubted plus of the foldable phone is that when folded it has a small size. And if you expand it, then we get a touch screen with a large diagonal. An important feature is that the smartphone combines convenience in size and functionality. Very often, users want to have a small gadget and at the same time, so that all information is displayed on one plane.

Google Pixel Series

Since summer 2020, Google has released one Pixel model after another:

  • four;
  • 4a;
  • five.

From reliable sources it became known about the following modifications. That should be the budget Pixel 5a. In the documents, he is called Barrette. The next should be smartphones of the 6th series. Judging from the preliminary name Passport, we are talking about a folding model.

The name suggests that this phone will most likely resemble an open book. This is a hint that a foldable smartphone with a large G on the back will have a similar name. While the documents say that there will be a similar model. The first and most important plus is the company's ability to easily adapt operating systems. On the other hand, there are options such as:

  • technical problems;
    bad concept;
    failure of similar models from other manufacturers on the market;
    too high a price.

Foldable smartphone

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All this can greatly slow down, or even cancel the release of the new flagship altogether. But so far we are talking only about developments.

Huawei and Motorola have foldable mobile phones. Perhaps this explains Google's interest in such models. Newer versions of Android 10 and 11 include this operating system on foldable displays. This means that when you open the screen, applications automatically change and adapt to new parameters. Support for non-standard screens is one of the main features of the new versions of Android.

Tentatively, the release date for new clamshells was supposed to be the end of last year. But the general global crisis and the coronavirus epidemic postponed the appearance of Pixel indefinitely.

The preliminary cost of new smartphones has not yet been announced. If we compare prices with other manufacturers, then Samsung for its Galaxy Z asks for about $2 thousand. This keeps it in segment status that is available to select consumers. The Pixel 6 is likely to suffer the same fate. Even if Google opts for a cheaper chip, OLED technology is expensive.

Today it is difficult to say how popular and progressive the technology of the folded screen will become. There are now only a few manufacturers on the market. Perhaps, when such meters as Google and Apple appear, popularity will increase. But the cost will still remain significant due to the complexity of the technological process.

It remains to wait for the release of a new model and hope that despite the price, it will be able to gain its popularity.

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