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Apple Store / Apple news / Will Apple release a foldable iPhone by 2023? Available information about him?
16 May 2021

Will Apple release a foldable iPhone by 2023? Available information about him?

Apple is constantly delighting with new products, but what about a foldable iPhone by 2023 that will have the least flaws and maximum durability?

Valentina Krupskaya

Foldable iPhone by 2023 longer seems to be something unrealizable. The Internet is full of news and rumors about this device, information about it is provided by reputable analysts. The company-developer, whose name means "apple" in translation, is one of the most famous in the world and the first in America with an estimate of more than 1 trillion. While she is considered by many to be a technological innovator, she is not, at least not entirely.

Is Apple an Innovative Corporation or Not?

Although the firm ranks first in all ratings for advanced technologies, it is not. And all because she came up with little herself from the beginning, but basically improves the already existing gadgets and their features.

Some technologies not invented by this company:

  • water resistance - the pioneers of this function were SonyXperia;
  • wireless charging - back in 2011 it was at LG;
  • OLED displays - Android has been around for a long time;
  • Face ID - First seen on Samsung GalaxyNote 7.

“This is done in order to provide the highest quality product. We are in no hurry to be ahead of the competition. First of all, our developments should change the lives of our clients for the better. The iPod is not the first MP3-player in the world, as well as the iPad is a tablet "- this is the position of the company, its head Tim Cook. This scheme allows you to spend less money on production.

By and large, Apple introduces environmental innovations:

  • aluminum alloy without various additives;
  • boxes are made from recycled materials;
  • the composition does not contain raw materials that cause allergies;
  • devices are getting faster, but power consumption is decreasing.

Also, the first iPhone with a flexible display is far from a novelty, but still, many people around the world are looking forward to it.Skladnyy iPhone

What is known about the folding iPhone

Rumors about such a novelty have been circulating for several years, and the more time passes, the more information becomes known. At the moment, there is not much to learn about the smartphone in question. Some sources provide information that work on the gadget is now in its initial stages, but most report that it has already passed the necessary testing and will soon see the light of day.

You can often hear that Samsung will supply foldable screens within a year, since it has long since put similar phone models on the market. You can often come across a description where the newly introduced device is positioned not as a simple clamshell, but as a smartphone with a "unique hinge" - it combines 2 displays. Will be able to protect equipment from dust and other dirt, which will allow it to live longer than current devices. It is also noted that it will not bend like the existing ones, but more like a kind of sandwich. But many will say that this is also far from surprising and that something like that has existed on the market for a long time. The corporation plans to release a mechanism that, when opened, has one solid screen.

Also, the data of most analysts agree on the size of the future device: in the folding state it plans to have an 8-inch screen with QHD + resolution. It will include a silver nanowire that will strengthen the entire structure and extend its life. However, the final appearance and exact specifications still remain a mystery.

Folding iPhone patent

The Internet contains confirmed data on Apple's obtaining a patent for the design of a folding smartphone, an application for it was filed back in January 2018. Most likely, most of the actions performed on the mobile will come to work thanks to the touch system. It is assumed that this will adjust the volume of sounds and interact with the interface. There is even a hope that TouchID with a biometric sensor will be returned

The purchased document also provides for the shape of the future gadget. The side walls are designed to function normally in both flat and curved positions. Still, apparently, stylus support will be available, allowing you to take notes, handwritten, or perform other desired options. All implementations depend on the decision of the company, what it considers necessary and what is useless.Skladnyy iPhone

Analyst predictions

Min-ChiKuo has already established himself as a certain prophet with accurate predictions, and many resources are based on his statements in their articles. He believes that the release of the foldable iPhone 13 will push other manufacturers to study and create similar models. Such samples will become a must-have for major phone suppliers to the market. In addition, it is this person who predicts the release of the device in 2023. It is expected that 15-20 million samples will be shipped to store warehouses.

Skladnyy iPhone

John Prosser, a reputable whistleblower, also provided some of the Apple-related leaks. According to him, the device will be similar to SamsungZFlip. They expect to pay a lot of attention to the color scheme, they want to make the colors as diverse as possible. Despite the fact that Apple's equipment usually costs several times more than from other manufacturers, the new line may cost less than its similar predecessors. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the design is completely new and you will not surprise anyone with this. The famous bangs, where the speaker for conversations and the front camera were located, will most likely disappear.

Release foldable iPhone by 2023 a rather difficult task, since the fold area is a weak point, prone to scratches and other damage. Also, it cannot be protected with sufficiently strong glass. Therefore, you will have to wait before these shortcomings are eliminated or attempts are made to do so. It is unlikely that a company with an impeccable reputation will want to release an unfinished or low-quality product. We can only wait and hope that such a novelty will appear on the market soon and will be able to change the rules of the game.

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