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22 April 2021

The best services for creating your own blog on the iPhone

Programs to help you create a blog and find your audience

Olha Litvinova

Blogs are a great opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas, as well as a good platform for creativity. Using modern technology, users can now create an individual page from anywhere in the world, where anyone can comment on the main events in the world, various trends and many other things that are fascinating to discuss. Blogs are also a handy service for marketers who can create and present their product by promoting it to the masses online.

Services for blogging on iPhone

If you want to create your own blog on the iPhone, you should download one of the services, which we will talk about today. In them, you will find a whole list of features that will help you design your own page and spread your thoughts among other users.


A reliable service that has been used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world for many years. Extensive tools of the platform force most users to stay on WordPress, because among its counterparts this application is one of the most convenient. The program is free, but includes paid premium functionality, which you can purchase if you want to have full control over the capabilities of the platform. Even the basic version has useful tools with which you can style your page and set filters so that you will not receive any spam, view the activity of other users on your blog, and so on.

Services for blogging on iPhone

Many of the popular blogs you've heard of are just starting out on WordPress. One such blog that is still being developed on this platform today is CNN Politics.

Through its intuitive interface, the program will be useful for both professionals and beginners in the field of blogging.


This service is closely related to the previous one, as both platforms run on the same software. Blog has a list of negative and positive characteristics that are inherent in any service for creating a blog on the iPhone. Among the advantages of the Blog is the ability to stylishly design your profile, which will give you a better chance to attract new readers. The list of tools includes free change of themes of your blog and installation of modern plug-ins designed to make working with your account more convenient. One downside is that there are far fewer ads on the previous service than on the Blog, but you can pay to remove them.

Services for blogging on iPhone

This service also has a built-in storage with a free capacity of two gigabytes. On WordPress, this storage is 1 GB larger. Both storage spaces can be expanded at an additional cost.


This is a platform with extensive features and functions used by users from around the world. Of course, the tools here are not as wide as in previous platforms, but you still have the opportunity to personalize your page as much as possible so that readers can easily view it.

Services for blogging on iPhone

One of the useful features that will help you to realize all your ideas in digital format is the graphic design feature. With this option, you can change the look of your page in almost any way.

TypePad Micro

One of the services to create your own blog, which is worth paying attention to - TypePad Micro. Here you will find a user-friendly interface that will make the process of creating and publishing posts much easier. There are also options with which you can export the files you need to other applications or download content from other resources.

However, one of the disadvantages of the platform is a small list of topics that are unlikely to be suitable for those who are serious about blogging. In the basic list of free features you will find themes for design and personal domain, as well as access to support for the technical side of your blog. This whole package of services will cost you about ten dollars.

Services for blogging on iPhone

At a time when there are a really large number of free services where all these options are available without any subscription, TypePad Micro significantly loses to its counterparts, although this service, of course, has its fans who are not going to switch to other platforms to create their own blogs.


This platform is slightly different from its counterparts, as it is designed more for sharing content within the network, rather than for a specific blog. Despite the fact that the purpose of this service is slightly different from the previous ones, the tools here are about the same. Thanks to the options contained in Jux, you will still be able to create your own blog on the iPhone. Despite the fact that it will be slightly smaller than on previous services, you will still have the opportunity to share your posts with readers.

The lack of widgets can be a bit intimidating to some users, but it's not a significant part of blogging. Jux tools allow you to create a visually appealing profile design, as well as other similar applications. Here you can immediately create your own account and post publications, which is a feature that distinguishes the application from its alternatives. The developers' approach to the design of the pages is very simple, clear and visually pleasing, so you should not have any problems while operating the platform.

Services for blogging on iPhone

The application is perfect for people of creative professions and specialties such as designers and artists, because its content is focused mainly on visual perception. The platform is convenient to use both with a personal computer and with a smartphone.


Speaking of the wide range of opportunities for running your own microblogging, it is worth mentioning Tumbler. It is a popular network among mostly young users, with an infinite number of categories divided by interests and fandoms. Posts here can contain files of any format from photos and videos to GIFs. For the most part, this network is aimed at visualizing content, but here everyone can find something for themselves. Musicians upload their new tracks here, artists share their work in regular or digital format, and writers regularly publish their lyrics.

Services for blogging on iPhone

It is worth talking about how you can design your page on this social network. Here, users have the opportunity not only to create a profile, but also to create their own minisite, which will host content related to the subject of the profile. For easier navigation in the posts, search engine functions are available, in which you can find publications on topics that interest you. There is also an option that allows you to monitor both individual users and search queries. In this way, not only the posts of the users you subscribe to will appear in the news feed, but also posts on topics that interest you.

The possibilities of personalizing your own blog are almost limitless, because you can create your own unique design by changing the fonts and colors, customizing the image of photos and many other options.

Posterous Spaces

In terms of functionality, this service is a pretty good analogue of Tumblr. Thanks to well-developed privacy, you can easily share posts with your subscribers without worrying about security breaches. With these settings, you get complete control over who views your posts. The algorithms of this application allow you to publish any posts so that they are downloaded to the network as quickly as possible and without any restrictions.

Services for blogging on iPhone

Using the mobile version, you can check your feed wherever you are. All these options are available through a simple and clear interface that does not contain any unnecessary panels and buttons.


A blogging platform that uses WordPress algorithms and software. Due to the list of functions in these two services, they are similar, but not similar. In Blogetery you will find a limited list of free themes with which you can design your blog, as well as a list of four dozen plugins. The free version of the app includes advertisements, but you can remove them by subscribing, which will cost about four dollars a month. Ad blocking is not the only feature that will be available after subscribing, because for a few dollars a month you get:

  • additional topics for the design of your blog
  • wide list of plugins
  • email technical support
  • another five gigabytes of free space in cloud storage tied to the platform


This program is a little more complicated to operate than its alternatives. This is due to the fact that in Weebly, in addition to running your own blog, you can practice creating websites. Of course, this program is not a professional designer, but if you are new to this business and want to know what the process of creating a site looks like, the platform will help with this.

Services for blogging on iPhone

Thanks to a wide range of features, you can not only edit the text components of the page, but also add a variety of media files such as video, audio, photos, slideshows and so on. This will help make your blog more visible and diversify it with media content.

In addition, you can use this system instead of the control element of the details on your site and fulfill the orders of your customers, optimizing the operation of the platform.


It's hard to find a blogger who doesn't know anything about LiveJournal. The program is aimed primarily at interaction between users who can share with each other the latest news and events in the world. LiveJournal remains popular in some circles mainly due to the socialization capabilities provided by the application's functionality.

Services for blogging on iPhone

We hope that our article helped those who would like to download the blog application to the iPhone, but still could not decide on a favorite.

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