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icoola.ua / Apple news / Ecology: the influence of technology on the formation of carbon dioxide
15 April 2021

Ecology: the influence of technology on the formation of carbon dioxide

Digital garbage and carbon dioxide emissions. Processes that significantly affect the approach of global warming

Olha Litvinova

Some users of the World Wide Web have no idea how the Internet affects the environment. It would seem that these are completely unrelated concepts, but in fact everything is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance. Six years ago, GeSI, or the Global Sustainability Initiative, determined that the Internet harms the environment in a way that is equivalent to carbon dioxide emissions from scheduled flights. This in turn not only pollutes the air, but also contributes to the development of the greenhouse effect.

The well-known Agency for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, located in France, also released scientific materials on this topic a few years ago. There, experts confirmed that regular and extensive use of the network has a negative impact on the environment. Carbon dioxide is formed in such quantities that it is the first year that the ecological system of the whole world has undergone negative changes.

Digital garbage and carbon dioxide emissions

How do emails affect the environment?

It seems to the vast majority of people that emails spend almost no resources to be in the mailbox of the right user. Most users don't even think about it. It seems that one letter will not hurt, you can unsubscribe from all spam, and unnecessary messages that come to many people every day do not even mean anything. In fact, this is far from the case.

Recent research has found that one e-mail that gets to your inbox "eats" as much energy as a light bulb that could shine around the clock. If the company, which has about 100 employees, corresponded all year round, the energy it produces could be used to organize thirteen flights from France to America.

Therefore, at first glance, a small action can significantly improve the environmental situation. We at iCOOLA Eco believe that caring for the planet begins with us in the first place. If everyone makes at least a minimal effort to help our nature breathe more freely, we will be able to significantly improve the environmental situation.

Digital garbage and carbon dioxide emissions

The University of Bristol and its team of researchers have found that streaming services or video hosting platforms also contribute to global warming. Due to the auto-play function on the rather popular site YouTube, a large part of carbon dioxide is regularly emitted in the world. When you forget about the player and leave it in autoplay mode, you unknowingly increase the "carbon footprint". According to scientists, if the service removed this option from its website, carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by more than 300 thousand tons per year.

Excess carbon emissions are affected not only by emails, but also by ordinary search queries, which have already become a regular part of our digital lives. Six grams of CO2 - about the same amount of excess carbon dioxide emissions after entering one search query. This is due to the fact that all communication processes in the network are associated with complex systems and machines. These are the components that ensure the proper functioning of the Internet around the world. In order for them to work properly and store seemingly innumerable information, they need energy. It is while data storage machines use energy that harmful substances are released.

Digital garbage and carbon dioxide emissions

The formation of digital emissions is significantly influenced by the production of devices that we use every day. Smartphones, regular and graphics tablets are only a small part of what affects the formation of the greenhouse effect. The centers responsible for storing and processing data in the network require significant use of electricity. In this case, CO2 is released not only through the direct operation of the centers, but also because of their need for cooling. This process also makes a significant contribution to the deterioration of the environmental situation.

The emission of negative elements is also significantly affected by the regular use of software and e-mail storage. One volumetric electronic message can emit about fifty grams of carbon dioxide. More than 80% of the electricity we use every day goes straight to sorting messages. With this, we receive a section in our cart with important messages and spam. Recent research has shown that the average person who uses equipment such as computers, telephones, etc., emits more than 100 kilograms of carbon dioxide each year. One-fifth of these emissions are most often related to unnecessary emails and reluctance of users to unsubscribe from unnecessary mailings.

Digital garbage and carbon dioxide emissions

Researchers at ICF International have found that regular cleaning of your inbox helps reduce spam by more than 70 percent. It would seem that spam means nothing, but in reality such a reduction is equivalent to the disappearance of more than two million cars from the world's highways. You can significantly help the environment with regular spam removal, but a much better solution would be to deal not with the effect but with the cause. That is why you should unsubscribe from all the mailings you do not need. This will save you time, because you will not have to delete it all later, as well as improve the environmental situation in Ukraine and the world.

Large corporations seek to reduce carbon emissions by introducing blockchain technologies. Well-known companies such as Microsoft and Google in the near future plan to completely switch to the environmental work of their services. However, such a transition, unfortunately, has a downside, because with the change of all sources to "green" analogues, prices for the services of these companies can increase significantly.

Digital garbage and carbon dioxide emissions

In order to help the environment and contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation, there are a few simple things to do:

  • regularly unsubscribe from unnecessary mailings and sort emails
  • give preference to other methods of communication
  • minimize the amount of information you send

Thanks to this list of simple tasks, you can reduce carbon emissions on your own and make our planet a little cleaner.

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