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08 February 2021

Tesla Model S - vehicle specifications and price

What to expect from the refreshed 2021 Tesla Model S. Improved software, complete interior replacement. Does the consumers ready for such changes?

Eleonora Rusanovska

In 2012, the world saw the first Tesla S. After almost 9 years from the start of production, Tesla finally decided to update the model.

Nine years is a really long time for the modern automotive industry.  Despite this, Tesla has made a huge leap forward in development and may have defined the future for subsequent vehicles.

At the presentation, an electric car appeared before us, seemingly no different from its predecessor.  But the internal changes are colossal.  Instead of a new version, there is now a heavily updated version.  Most of the changes you will find in the interior.  The first thing that catches your eye is a unique steering wheel that looks more like a game one.  Several important technical improvements were also announced.

Tesla Model S 2021 Specs

At first glance, this is the same good Tesla Model S, which, despite the years passed, still looks surprisingly fresh, being the benchmark in terms of performance.  Yes, the exterior has not changed significantly, but the interior can be compared to a completely new world.

Regardless of the configuration, the dimensions of any Tesla Model S will be as follows: body length 498 cm, width - 196 cm, height 145 cm. The number of seats, including the driver - 5. The warranty is issued by the manufacturer for 4 years or 80,000 km.  The vehicle's range is now over 800 km.  Its wheelbase is 296 cm. The luggage compartment is 744 liters.  And with the backs of the rear seats folded down, it increases to 1,645 liters.  The front luggage compartment has a capacity of 150 liters.

In the appearance of the cabin, one can note a certain asceticism, simplicity of forms.  This is largely due not only to more diverse materials - leather, wood, and aluminum, but also the rejection of some details.  For example, the visible vents have been replaced by new brand offerings.

An additional multimedia screen for passengers is now installed in the rear of the cabin.  The front screen is replaced by a protruding horizontal counterpart with a diagonal of 17 inches and a resolution of 2200 x 1300 pixels.  This one is already known from other brand models.  It's worth noting that Tesla hasn't given up on a digital 12.3-inch display right in front of the driver.  In both cases, the resolution, brightness and quality, color reproduction were improved.  This should make everyday use more enjoyable.

In addition to supporting almost all car functions, you can play your favorite games on the screen.  Such an opportunity should be provided by a new onboard system with Tesla Arcade function and 10 teraflops of computing power.  The latest generation consoles Sony PS5 and Xbox X have similar parameters.

The steering wheel of an electric car was a key source of excitement among buyers.  While driving, it is impossible to ignore the new buttons that have appeared on it.  They exist to select the direction of movement and trigger indicators, completely replacing the usual levers.  Namely turn signals, headlight switches, wiper, etc.

Due to the unusual form, many expressed their indignation on social networks.  To which the head of the corporation, Elon Musk, replies that after a week of use, you will not want to change to your old car.  Tesla hasn't revealed any reasons for replacing the classic steering wheel with something similar, but it's easy to guess that this is another hint of fully autonomous driving.  According to rumors, brand supporters will be able to order the familiar "wheel" as an additional option.

Autonomous driving, or "autopilot", will be available for subscription from next year.

Tesla Model S Plaid and Plaid +

Tesla has officially announced that it will finally bring the ultra-fast Plaid model to its first customers in 2021.  This model has what all performance enthusiasts have come to expect - 1,020 horsepower.  The company claims that acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h will take exactly 1.99 seconds, every hundredth of a second is important when calculating.  According to the manufacturer's promises, the Model S Plaid + will be the first production sedan to break the two-second barrier.

The new three-engine Tesla Model S Plaid will be able to accelerate to 322 km / h and drive almost 630 km without recharging.  Later, the offer will be complemented by the Plaid + model with an extended range of up to 840 km and even better acceleration.  All versions of Tesla Model S and X after the upgrade can be ordered on the manufacturer's website.  The first copies will be delivered to customers in September.

How much does the Tesla Model S cost?

After the Model X crossover, the Tesla Model S is the second most expensive in the lineup.  It has many variations, which in general differed in battery capacity, maximum speed, and acceleration time to 100 km / h.  These cars are no longer produced.  So, Tesla Model S 70, and S 80 have not been available for purchase from authorized dealers since 2016, models S 60, S 60D, and model 75 left the market in 2017, models 75 D, 100D, P100D, lasted longer - up to  2019.  It should be noted that the letter "D" means that the car is four-wheel drive.  When buying from unofficial sellers, the prices will be as follows:

  • Tesla Model S 60 - from $ 19,999
  • Tesla Model S 60D - from $ 36,880
  • Tesla Model S 75 - from $ 34,000
  • Tesla Model S 75D - from $ 32,989
  • Tesla Model S 85 - from $ 20,000
  • Tesla Model S 85D - from $ 32,900
  • Tesla Model S P85 - from $ 21,995
  • Tesla Model S P85 + - from $ 23,990
  • Tesla Model S P85D - from $ 34,999
  • Tesla Model S 90D - from $ 35,879
  • Tesla Model S P90D - from $ 41,704
  • Tesla Model S 100D - from $ 49,980
  • Tesla Model S P100D - from $ 58,980

If the seller is a foreigner, of course, you should take into account the car customs clearance fee.

It is much more interesting to describe more recent models.  The Performance version in the updated range has been renamed Plaid, and the highly anticipated Plaid + release was also introduced, which brings more than 840 km of range on a single charge and accelerates to 100 km / h in under 2.1 seconds.  Given the parameters above, it's easy to see why the Model S won't need a successor for a long time to come.

  • Tesla Model S Long Range - from $ 80,000
  • Tesla Model S Plaid - from $ 134,490
  • Tesla Model S Plaid + - from $ 140,000

Tesla Model S Convertible

Ares Design from Italy has created a unique model by converting the Tesla Model S into a convertible.

The Italian specialists took a standard copy for the workshop, in which they cut off the roof and got rid of the tailgate.  Then the body was properly strengthened to maintain proper rigidity, and space was made in the trunk for a folding mechanism with a softcover.  Thus was born the Model S convertible, which looks surprisingly good.  The car is not small, but the proportions seem good.  What about practicality?

Well, taking up space in the rear seats is, of course, a little difficult, but in the cabin itself, there is nothing to complain about.  The interior itself has been slightly modified.  The white leather is trimmed with orange accents, which gives the car a sportier look.

Ares Design does not reveal which drive is hidden in this one, but it can be assumed that this is the most powerful version of the P100D.  This is evidenced by the promised acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds.

The price has not yet been disclosed, but there is confidence that more samples of this unique design will be released.  There will be a lot of buyers, and convertibles are an extremely rare species.

Is it worth buying a Tesla?

Tesla has taken the concept of an electric vehicle to a new level.  The company has made its cars attractive by selling over a million copies.  Its shares are skyrocketing in the stock market.  Tesla is the first car manufacturer in the world to realize that the most important thing when developing new models is computer software.

While the automotive world has been talking for years that the average driver needs 150 km of electric range per day, Tesla has taken a different path from the beginning.  There is no modern model of this brand that could travel less than 400 km on a single battery charge.  Tesla Model S can drive up to 610 km at all - this is the highest mileage of all production cars.

The top speed for these electricians exceeds general standards.  So, answering the question of whether it is worth buying a Tesla, we will answer that it is definitely worth it!

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