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Apple Store / Apple news / Top 5 proven english learning Apps for iOS
23 January 2021

Top 5 proven english learning Apps for iOS

A selection of truly high-quality apps for effective language learning anytime, anywhere.

Eleonora Rusanovska

English is not easy to learn ... For most of us, learning is not a pleasure.  It should not be!  Every person will sooner or later come in handy, whether for work or study.

If learning this language is completely new to you and you are starting from scratch.  Or, you already have a certain base and want to improve your skills.  In any case, you are probably tormented by the question of how to do this quickly, efficiently, and at the same time fun?

Of course, the educational services market is filled with offers from linguistic schools and private tutors, so it's not difficult to find the right one.  Studying at school will spur you to the earliest possible memorization, compulsory attendance, building a goal.  However, the specific recording time and big money greatly limit the modern person.

Recently, a way of learning a language with the help of available applications is gaining popularity.  They are often free, which is good news.  By installing one of them, you can learn English during breaks between work, in transport, subway, sitting at home on the couch, and even while walking with children.  The apps will also help you improve self-discipline and personalize your schedule, as no one is sitting over you with a pointer.

ICOOLA has decided to compile its own list of the very best English apps.


A simple yet extremely popular platform for learning foreign languages.  On it, the user interacts with the main symbol - an owl, repeats words, improving his pronunciation, writes the missing in the sentence, earns points.  Everything happens in a playful way, which motivates the student to discover new levels.

At the start, the application makes it possible to choose a goal: work, study, culture, or travel.  Each chapter ends with a test.  All content in the app is free, but the premium version allows you to learn without unnecessary ads and offline.  Recently, the company released Duolingo ABC for language learning for the smallest.



Individual selection of the desired approach to study.  Thousands of TV series, films, books in the original and free access on your phone.  The user can translate specific words simply by clicking on them and memorize popular colloquial expressions that are unlikely to be seen on the pages of a textbook.  The application allows you to compare your results with those of other students, and track the level in the rating table.



Lingualeo is an educational platform for teaching English.  The gaming system helps both children and adults in learning.  An individual program is available in the application, as well as additional materials in the form of films, music, and books.

A unique feature of Lingualeo is the browser extension.  It allows you to translate unfamiliar words on web pages.  Among the possibilities are: studying words with pictures and voice acting, studying grammatical forms and rules, increasing the stock with the help of video and audio files in the target language, especially from TED Talks.



Some say Babbel is Duolingo's paid cousin.  The minimalist design of the application allows the new language to not seem overly complicated.  Lessons are created by native speakers and are based on live scenarios.  Each lesson includes new words or phrases, pictures, and formal and informal information.  Within 10-15 minutes, students have the opportunity to learn reading, writing, speaking, and grammar.

Babbel primarily explains the rules as the user progresses.  The app also lets you track all of your progress.

Unfortunately, the app is not free, but the first full lesson is free.  A monthly subscription will cost around $13.



Last but not least on our list.  Mondly won Apple's 2016 App of the Year Award.  It's easy to use, and it biases towards spoken language.  The colorful designs and engaging content make learning at Mondly a pleasure.  Lessons contain over 60 topics for students of all levels.

The emphasis is on learning the language in the context of everyday life.  A speech-recognition chatbot can improve your speaking skills.  Progress can be made in the overall ranking among students.

The app promises to learn 5000 new words and phrases by the end of the class.  It's free, but only with a subscription you can unlock all languages ​​and features.  The subscription price is $ 9.99 per month or $ 47.99 per year.  There is a version for children.


Remember that each of us learns differently.  First, you need to find the method that's right for you.  Unfortunately, not everyone will be helped by just using the applications; you will have to repeat the lessons or words yourself.  Set a goal and achieve it.  Moreover, the choice of application is so great.  It should match you and your capabilities.

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