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08 June 2021

Top 15 green professions: the future belongs to them

Why green professions are the future and how they reduce negative impact on the environment

Olha Muntean

For the sake of environmental safety and the desire to stay on the market, large corporations are forced to change their attitude towards stability. Therefore, already know you can read the news about how companies are responding to changes in population, as well as the current state of the climate. Thus, any change is normal, as is the growth of the needs of the middle class, whose number also increases over the years. This growth, combined with environmental concerns, is creating higher prices for a variety of vital resources in the form of food and energy. This, in turn, guarantees a load on the non-renewable resources of nature, be it fresh drinking water or something else. Global shipments are becoming more vulnerable.

flower in arms

However, professions can help in this situation, the essence of which is to help the environment and promote green life to the masses, to different categories of the population. We are talking about green professions, because their contribution will help reduce negative impacts on the climate and the planet. Such workers can reduce energy and natural resource use, reduce waste and debris, and restore ecosystems.

Why are green professions the future?

The environmental trend is forcing big business to look for new ecological approaches to work. That is why companies have to actively extract raw materials from the world's landfills, resuming the fashion for the recycling of things. So, in the near future we will be able to develop a new scheme where humanity will extract raw materials and resources from landfills. Secondary consumption will become a new method of renewing resources that no one paid attention to now or before.

As the global green economy develops and flourishes, companies will erect new canons of sustainability that will become a central factor in any possible job, be it a call center, trade or the medical field. The near future will dictate new rules where it will become impossible to simply sell household appliances. After all, you will have to conduct tests in special service centers to prove that your equipment will not only be efficient in use, but also consume little energy.

ecology work

We can safely note that the demand for completely new professions will increase, for example, a water footprint consultant who will monitor water consumption in production and advise more effective strategies for the manufacture of services and products. You will say that all this is absurd? But the well-known Coca-Cola brand has already experienced a shortage of water in production, and the problem arose due to the global drought. This led the company to recognize that changing climatic conditions can change the economy and the strategy of production processes. Thus, by 2025, new green jobs will appear. Unfortunately, according to the research, today's youth will not be able to acquire the skills necessary in green professions, since the current education is simply not designed for this. To create new green employees, it is necessary first to change something in the educational sphere, creating new directions for study. However, you can still think about what green professions will be in demand in the near future.

Green professions - what are they?

To begin with, it is worth understanding what green professions are, and what can be attributed to them. Such jobs are a fast growing and truly promising phenomenon that will soon become mandatory in all countries of the world in various sectors of life. And the main reason for this is the tightening of environmental standards at the global level.

Green engineering

Such a worker will monitor and report the amount of energy used by your device. He can also give advice on how to use equipment more efficiently, restore the operation of any device, and also carry out tests on the total amount of energy consumption in your home.

Urban farming

The urban farmer will become the person who will grow green plants, fruits and vegetables in urban settings, for example, on the roofs of high-rise buildings and the walls of buildings. This will help reduce local air pollution as well as insulate buildings and even increase biodiversity. Such a worker is obliged to be well versed in agronomy and biology, to know in general about ecology, architecture and even engineering.

somebody have plant

The need for this profession arose due to the lack of free land for agriculture, reservoirs and other natural resources. Also, more and more residents of the city are beginning to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits grown without any chemical influence. An urban farmer can set up a garden or small farmland in the city.

Green call center worker

Such a profession is important, because its responsibilities include providing the population with recommendations for the correct and environmentally friendly use of their devices. And all this over the phone, without wasting time on the way to the office. Such a worker must teach the society how to properly save water, energy and money.

Green coordinator

New technological systems must be implemented anyway, so why not do something really necessary and important: help people reduce their time on the road and in traffic jams? The coordinator should teach the driver of any vehicle how to properly plan their trips in order to reduce congestion and also improve city traffic.


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Tracking Consultant

Such an employee is needed to timely check and control products and their sources. After all, very often problems arise among consumers and sellers, as it turns out that many of the products offered do not meet the stated criteria. The Green Tracking Consultant must ensure that the goods are correctly manufactured and labeled.

Green miners

With the growth of secondary consumption, there is a need for jobs, whose purpose will reduce the growth of resource costs, which increase with demand. So, someone has to get old things from landfills so that in the future they will turn into new recycled goods.

Green 3D planner

The purpose of the profession is to design and create layouts of structures, as well as to select the best raw materials for printing them on a 3D printer. Inspection and control of the building printing process. Such a person should be well versed in architecture, urbanism, construction, ecology, design and materials.


Such a person is needed to design new ecological cities based on biotechnology. It has to oversee green building, mining and green energy urban deployment.

people and computer

Also, such a profession guarantees the control of environmental pollution.

The preacher of a green lifestyle

It is impossible to do without the general literacy of the population. This requires a person who can easily and easily tell people about the advantages of an ecological lifestyle. Such a specialist will also be involved in educational activities for children and adults.

Virtual health support

The development of digital technologies contributes to the development of other spheres of life, especially those that are responsible for the life and health of the population. Thus, very soon there will be a need for a virtual assistant that can help patients monitor their health at home. Such a specialist will help reduce the burden on the hospital, reduce the waiting time for medical care and speed up the recovery process.

Smart Environment Engineer

Already, there is an acute shortage of specialists who could provide residents of cities and villages with professional advice on the correct and economical use of energy and water. And also help in the selection and installation of economical equipment. Assist in the development of technological solutions for offices, supermarkets, apartments and private houses.

Eco mechanic

The car market introduces a new generation of cars every year. Therefore, it is very important to have a specialist in standard vehicles, hybrids and electric vehicles.

eco building

A mechanic must be able to service all kinds of machines, and for this he needs to understand various areas of engineering, mechanics and new technologies.

Environmental Disaster Manager

This profession can be classified as superheroes, because it is the ability to prevent possible environmental disasters that people are beginning to realize. We are talking about a dump of toxic and radiation substances, melting glaciers, unauthorized dumps, pollution of water bodies and air.

Green auditor-technologist

Such a specialist is needed to check the activities of industrialists and large enterprises, as well as to distribute recommendations that will help reduce the impact of corporations on the environment through modern production and a constant change in working methods. At the same time, the employee must understand and implement the technology of reusable use of materials, and their waste-free production.

Environmental designer

Nowadays, any modern fashion designer tries to embody ecological approaches in his works, be it clothes made from recycled materials or ecological materials. Artists prefer to take ecological materials, and interior designers are increasingly choosing old, used things for decoration, which then become an unexpected part of the interior, for example, a shelf in the form of a skateboard or a sofa made of wooden pallets.

green job

Such a profession can combine these three areas, because the main message will be zero waste. So, to become an environmental designer, you will need to know the basics of design in a particular area, understand the environment and have a talent and artistic taste.

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