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Apple Store / Apple news / iPhone 14 will be equipped with Touch ID - will the cutout be in place?
13 September 2021

iPhone 14 will be equipped with Touch ID - will the cutout be in place?

Analysis of leaks that concern Touch ID in the new iPhone 13

Olha Muntean

Monitoring of current reports has shown that the new iPhones will show us a new look at the camera, processor and display. The planned improvements should affect exactly these components of the new smartphones.

Obviously, the bangs will remain, however, the company plans to reduce it. It is already hard to imagine apple devices without it, therefore, it is clearly not worth expecting its elimination.

Also, an important function that the new smartphones will have is Face ID and Touch ID. This feature has been postponed for a long time from new devices, however, now users can rejoice. After all, now you can forget about the inconveniences associated with the inability to fully open your face to the camera, manually entering the code and Apple Watch unlocking. Fingerprint rushes to the rescue.

fingerprint phone

In addition, the display of the device deserves special attention. Users will be able to try out the LTPO display. Hopefully, the company has no plans to present us with a refresh rate of 90 hertz as a real revolution. Let's wait for a faster screen.

Why is the Touch ID news so good?

The company's design delights, display and processor improvements are undeniably important. However, user friendliness takes a much higher priority for users than boosting performance and fluidity. Therefore, the news of the return of Touch ID is received with much more enthusiasm.

When only Face ID remained on Apple devices, it was perceived ambiguously. After all, the global pandemic did not spare this technology, and did everything to make its use as inconvenient as possible. And of the alternatives to face recognition, users are left with only manual code entry.

But the fact remains. The Home button, which simultaneously read fingerprints, is a rather bulky part of the device, which took up the lion's share of the display. Therefore, the apple giants will have to work hard to integrate it into new devices and do it as elegantly as possible. It is not yet fully known in what format we will see the touch ID, and on which devices this function will be implemented, but we can be sure that soon we will be able to enjoy the variability in unlocking devices.

finger scan

Most likely, the fingerprint reader will be located under the display itself, which will make it as easy as possible for the user and avoid adding the Home button again. But all that remains is to wait for the official news. Integration of such a function without losing the functionality of the device is not easy.

As for Face ID?

The function of unlocking the device using your own face will not disappear anywhere. Despite being tested by a pandemic, many users fell in love with it and is clearly not going to go anywhere from devices.

However, there were earlier rumors that Apple was planning to get rid of the bangs. Then the opinions of users were divided, and it was not known how Face ID will be integrated, and whether they will add it in general. Options for integrating the front camera into the display itself were considered.

scanning finger

Now we have a reason to think about the direct integration of this function, relying on the fact that the bangs will remain, although they will be reduced. Most likely, the camera will remain in the bangs itself, although it can be converted for other needs, the same speaker, while the integration of unlocking in the face will take place with its introduction under the display. Again, all that remains is to wait for the official data.

What is LTPO display?

Low Temperature Polycrystal Oxide, or simply LTPO, is a technology created by Apple. You could see its benefits in Apple Watch Series 5, which had a permanent working display.

The main advantage of this technology is the ability to create a screen with different refresh rates, which will allow us to enjoy a much smoother screen, and enjoy the same videos in a much more pleasing format.

But we can be satisfied not only with the overall smoothness. The main advantage of this screen format is that the device's lifespan can be increased by combining classic LTPS and LTPO. Now, long-term operation of the device will not only be comfortable for the eye, but also will not imply premature depletion of the battery.

fingerpring scan

And considering also the fact that Apple is planning to use more powerful processors in their devices, we can count on phenomenal performance and operation of the device, because the use of LTPO does not require any additional components between the display and the processor itself. In general, all that remains is to wait for quality growth.

How encouraging is the news?

The important thing now is not to rejoice too much. Do not forget that by the day of the official presentation, everything can change dramatically, and we will receive new details. However, the fact remains: we are waiting for a really great job from Apple engineers.

We'll see increased display refresh rates, improved device performance, integration with everyone's favorite Touch ID, and I'm sure a lot more. We can only hope that at least the declared functions will be valid. In this case, we will see some really amazing devices that can inspire all users.

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