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Apple Store / Apple news / Trade-in: is it profitable to exchange iPhone and how to do it correctly?
13 April 2021

Trade-in: is it profitable to exchange iPhone and how to do it correctly?

Many people want to buy a new iPhone, so they need to know about the Trade-in program.  You will learn about all its benefits and receive instructions for beginners.

Diana Dubynska

Trade-In is a comfortable, environmentally friendly and smart way to buy new devices. You can profitably, safely and quickly exchange any gadget from Apple: iPhone, iPad, MacBook - for a new device.

If you are tired of the old smartphone or just dissatisfied with it, and dream of a new phone model, then there are two options for solving this situation

The first way is putting an old gadget on sale. But it can take a long time to meet potential buyers who are always dissatisfied with the appearance of the smartphone and offer to reduce the price. Therefore, at best, in a couple of weeks you will be able to sell the old iPhone, but perhaps at a lower price. And after that we went to buy a new phone, adding the right amount, which is not enough.

The second way is a Trade-In program: bring your old iPhone and pick up a new one. That is, you will cover part of the cost with your old gadget.


Who is this program suitable for?

1. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time. You don't anymoreyou need to place ads, meet with potential buyers who will ask to reduce the price. It takes a lot of time.
2. Safety. Every customer who has used the program Trade-In, can be sure of the end result. You do not need to worry about the picky buyer, and after the procedure of viewing your gadget, you can choose a new model, paying the required amount or making an installment.
3. Nice price selling an old smartphone as well favorable prices for new devices. You will also receive an official warranty from the store where you purchased a new iPhone or other gadget from Apple.
Trade-in iPhone is a new era in the development of commerce, which allows owners of Apple devices to buy it immediately when a new model is released, without waiting for a reduction in cost. Contact our service center.

Instructions for beginners

1. You bring the device to a professional, fast and operational inspection. In your presence, evaluate it, focusing on the following criteria: appearance, operation of the phone and the presence of a box with equipment. The better the smartphone works, the more complete it is and the better it looks, the higher the cost, suggested the specialist.
2. The amount is also affected by the age of your phone. For example, if it has been in use for more than a year - the cost will be reduced, but it all depends on its general condition: if the smartphone is more than a year, but looks and works perfectly, the price can be quite favorable.
3. The cost of the gadget is also influenced by the following factors: it relevance and number of external and internal defects.

If you are already thinking about exchanging your phone through the Trade-In program in the near future, you must first bring it to a better condition: use it neatly, avoid scratches on the case to maintain a decent appearance and equipment.

In general, it will take no more than one time to inspect your device. The cost will then be announced.

You can exchange any device from Apple: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Apple Watch, Apple TV.

Also, if you have a phone that is not in the best shape (visible visual or hardware damage), you can still make an exchange. If the device has problems with the screen or work at all, it is simply taken into account in the total cost. And if the gadget is not in working order, then it is possible to accept its spare parts for a certain price.

 Stages of Trade-In registration:

  1. You choose a new device model on the website or store where you want to create an exchange.
  2. Apply for the Trade-In service by phone or by phone through a consultation in the store. The manager will ask a couple of questions about the device and will inspect it. It will then report the surcharge to purchase a new iPhone or other Apple gadget.
  3. You get the desired new smartphone.

You should know that you first need to pay the full price and get a discount only after the Apple affiliate program receives and tests your old smartphone.

It is also a good idea to leave your old phone, as it can be a great backup or suitable for a quick upgrade for other family members.

If you have decided to turn to the Trade-In program, you need to make specific decisions about your old gadget.  

How to transfer your data from an old iPhone to a new one?

  1. Backup. To start, you need an old smartphone, to set up a new one. Back up your old iPhone ("Settings" - "iCloud"). Then click on "Back up now" and wait. Also, if you want to transfer all the data, you need to include all the toggles in the "Applications that use iCloud" menu.
  2. iCloud. You must select "Update from iCloud copy" instead of "Set up iPhone as new". Once you've entered your Apple ID, you'll begin the process of transferring apps, contacts, photos, and other information.
  3. iTunes. This method is considered the oldest and uncomfortable because errors may occur during its use. It is even possible to remain without data at all. However, this method can be used to transfer data from one phone to another if the backup capacity is 300 GB and you do not want to buy additional storage in iCloud.

The backup will be created on your computer, so make sure you have enough memory. Then connect your smartphone by clicking "Configure with iTunes". That is, the backup from the old iPhone will be moved immediately to the new one.

However, it is recommended to use direct data transfer, so it is a safer and more productive option. The fact is that a backup that was created earlier may not take into account the latest changes that were made to the old gadget. And at direct data transfer all information is transferred in an invariable kind. Also, this method does not limit the amount of information moved.

In order for your old iPhone to be ready for sharing or for sale, you need to delete all the extra information in it: "Settings" - "Basic" - "Reset" - "Delete content and settings".

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