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08 April 2021

Why you need to worry about the environment: protecting the environment

What does threaten to our planet in the near time, and how to save ecology, not coming from a house?

Ольга Мунтян

Unfortunately, a person, in an attempt to survive, is forced to wastefully use all kinds of natural resources. Yes, they will recover over time, but for this it will take many, many years. Thus, unreasonable consumerism leads to the complete disappearance of certain things. The world is on the brink of a global catastrophe, natural and habitual landscapes are changing, animal species disappear without a trace. And it would seem that this is the main rule of nature in action - the strongest survives. But, in the event of the disappearance of any things or animals, the entire habitual life chain changes completely. This, in turn, creates new conditions for existence.

Nature is what we must protect and what we must think about first. We depend on nature as much as she does on us. Therefore, it is imperative to know what to fight and protect. So what does nature do for us?

give earth

1.    Conservation helps sustain jobs by boosting the economy

The conservation area offers jobs for many people. There are many areas here to get a job. So, there is an opportunity to work in the organic farming sector, in the production of energy from sunlight, water, wind and biofuel. You can also learn to be an inspector of nature conservation or become an organizer of tourist routes in national reserves and parks.

2.    Taking care of the environment helps to develop scientific research and create new technologies

Nature has always stimulated a person to develop and desire to create something new. For example, air travel is available only because people once wanted to be able to fly like birds. A huge number of modern medicines contain many natural herbal or bacterial elements. All this is due to the fact that in ancient times only traditional medicine was available to people, which, among other things, taught humanity to synthesize the necessary medicines from what is at hand. It is also impossible not to remember about creativity, because thanks to lotus petals, we have modern paints and dirt-repellent surfaces. Literally all plants or animals hide a huge amount of secrets, revealing which scientists discover new technologies and useful elements. And all this is for a comfortable human life.

If ecosystems and species of animals and plants disappear, then we will lose the donated base for new discoveries, both scientific and technological.

3.    By protecting the environment, we will prevent natural disasters

All living things strive for calmness and balance. Thus, trees absorb carbon dioxide, converting it into oxygen. Thanks to this action, all living things have the right to exist and live, and the climate slows down its changes. Moreover, the loess spaces guarantee the presence of the water cycle in nature, which makes it possible to purify water, turning it into drinking water. It should also be noted that any green areas fulfill the natural role of protecting the earth from erosion, that is, they eliminate the problem of landslides and avalanches.

Massive deforestation of forests and green areas contributes to changing climatic conditions on the planet. This leads to desertification and dehydration of the once large reservoirs and other similar masses in one part of the Earth. In another, severe floods appear that drown entire cities. In order to avoid such a sad and joyless fate, it is necessary to learn to take good care of ecosystems.

natural resurs

4.    An environmental disaster affects all cities and countries, and there is no place where it can be avoided

New Zealand has been welcoming people from other countries for several years now who have been affected by any natural disasters due to climate change in their region. Following her, such experience is being adopted by other large countries. Nobody is surprised by such a term as "climate refugee" anymore. Future climate change will lead to economic and political shocks and changes. This means that it is impossible to localize the desire to protect nature, it is impossible to think that this does not apply to this or that country, city. Protection has no boundaries, which is why eco-activists and volunteers around the world are fighting for the right to solve environmental problems.

5.    Protecting the environment, we learn a sense of responsibility towards others and ourselves

In search of a comfortable life, a person does not hesitate to consume natural resources. To get them, it is necessary to cut down entire forest belts, depriving millions of living creatures of their homes and habitats. The cultivation of cotton in industry leads to the fact that water bodies simply dry up and disappear, which in turn accelerates the ecological and climatic disaster in different countries. Now ecological and safe analogues of the goods we are used to are beginning to appear, so we have the opportunity to make an informed choice of certain consumer products. All this is reflected in the state of our planet.

6.    By protecting the environment, we give humanity a chance to live

Since we are completely dependent on natural resources, their protection gives us a chance for a comfortable and happy life. So, without the usual and necessary resources, humanity will be on the brink of war, economic and political crisis, hunger and epidemic. For example, if we exclude the same bees from the ecosystem, then we will lose not only honey. Bees are pollinators who work for most of the beneficial and useful plants. Without them, we will forget what fruits, vegetables, honey are. Thus, a person will live in a mode of hunger, disease, war and constant migration in an attempt to find something better.

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7.    Protecting the environment, you can give yourself moral satisfaction

Man constantly interacts with nature in one way or another, literally from the very birth. We are the offspring of Mother Nature. From the first steps we study nature, travel to see beautiful places, climb mountains to breathe in the clean mountain air. Most of the tourism business is based on promises to show the very pristine and wilderness that has not been touched by the hand of man. We all love to watch birds, dogs, cats and other animals. All this gives great moral pleasure and soothes.

News about the elimination of any landfills, the rescue of whales or turtles from the captivity of plastic, the creation of new reserves - all these are reasons for the joy of a huge number of people from all over the world. This is what inspires and makes us not give up in the fight for a clean environment.

We cannot imagine our existence without nature, since we ourselves are an integral part of pristine nature. We are in a cycle, in our place. And all our actions, both good and bad, are clearly displayed on the ecosystem, giving us certain consequences that are visible in everyday life. We can change everything for the better if we learn to think not only about ourselves, but also about those around us. All our actions are reflected in the nature and life of the whole planet.

Now is the time to think about the fact that each person is responsible for the current state of our planet and ecology. It is very easy to save the situation, for this it is not even necessary to leave the house and join the rallies. It is necessary to adhere to some basic rules with the help of which it will turn out to make the world cleaner and better.

eco eco

Reasonable consumption of resources

A person does not even realize how many resources he is wasting every day. And in fact, it is not at all difficult to start saving electricity and water. For this, the elementary timely shutdown of household appliances, light and water, when there is no need to use them, is quite enough. Chargers consume energy even when they are simply plugged into an outlet and not in use - they must be removed from the network. When buying any household appliance, you should pay attention to the marking, which will indicate how energy-saving this model is (A, A +, A ++).

If we talk about water, then here you can save on a communal apartment and at the same time save nature by installing a water meter. In addition, you can also buy special shower heads that help save water consumption up to 10 liters per minute. And if during washing, completely load the washing machine and specify a low washing temperature, you can reduce energy consumption by 80 percent.

Waste sorting

There are three main ways to deal with waste: send it to landfills, incinerate, recycle. The first two methods are the most toxic and unsafe for the environment and human health. That is why many countries are starting to build waste processing plants - this will not only reduce the level of pollution in the world, but also create additional jobs. After recycling, you can create a new item or material for an item from garbage of a certain type. So, new notebooks and paper are created from used waste paper, and plastic bottles will become children's slides.

For example, in Lviv it is possible to dispose of pre-sorted waste into special bins for plastic, glass, etc. It is very important to learn how to sort your waste before throwing it away. In addition, to reduce waste, you can flatten bottles and boxes and bundle the waste paper into bales.

It is important to remember that you should not throw used batteries with the rest of the trash. So, just one battery will be enough to pollute an entire square meter of land with heavy metals.

men run


The next stage after the separate collection of waste will be the recycling of raw materials. Almost all waste is sent to landfills, which has an extremely negative impact on the overall environmental situation in Ukraine and the world as a whole. At the same time, about 80% of the garbage that lies in the landfill can be safely recycled, and thereby save the environment from destruction.

Choosing ecological transport

Most of the transport used by humans poses a threat to the environment. Of course, no one says that it should be abandoned and completely switched to a bicycle. You can just use the machine only when needed. In cases where, in principle, a car or a bus is not necessary, you can choose a walk or the same bike ride. Environmentalists have long developed tips that can help reduce gas mileage, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Opting for reusability

Reducing waste is just as important as recycling and sorting it. The modern market is trying to fulfill all the desires of consumers, so you can buy freely available things with a long life cycle. Fortunately, now any disposable item has a reusable counterpart, which is not so bad for the environment.

You can keep track of your purchases:

  • Reduce purchases that can soon be thrown away;
  • Give up disposable tableware;
  • Do not buy products in unnecessary packaging;
  • Avoid disposable towels and napkins.

Now, any supermarket is ready to offer products in ecological packaging, paper, glass or fabric.

Plastic bags do not biodegrade, so they are very dangerous for the environment and the life of animals who suffer from an overabundance of discarded bags. However, the popular biodegradable bags are not completely safe, quite the opposite. The carbon footprint of such a bag is approximately three times that of a standard plastic bag. It turns out that the allegedly ecological package brings a lot of toxicity into the atmosphere. You can also help the planet in this case - you just need to get yourself a few reusable staples made of cotton or mesh. You can also use a thermal bag.

eco bags

Develop ecological habits while working

To teach others to love nature, you need to show them your own example:

  • Give preference to stairs over elevators;
  • Turn off your computer and lights at the end of the day;
  • When buying lunch, take it in your own reusable dishes and thermo mugs;
  • Offer the boss to do a separate collection of raw materials in the office by categories (paper, glass, plastic);
  • Green your office for more oxygen. To do this, you can put just a few pots of plants. You will be surprised at how much easier it will be to breathe, because the air quality will improve dramatically;
  • Offer to hold meetings outdoors, of course, in good weather. This will improve the general mood and give the team a boost of vivacity and productivity.

Choosing the right food

Choosing food without harm to the environment is still not an easy task. In order not to leave an ecological footprint, you can buy seasonal products and goods exclusively of local production. Why? It's very simple - much less fuel is spent to deliver them, therefore, the emission of harmful substances is also reduced. In addition, the more a product is processed, the heavier its ecological footprint. Therefore, canned food and semi-finished products are classified as the heaviest.

Another major problem for products and goods is the availability of packaging. Mainly, food packaging is used for wrapping products, which make up about 600 million tons of emissions per year. Therefore, it is important to choose goods in paper packaging, as well as to take reusable shopping bags or thermal bags with you. So, you can not only keep the fresh condition of the products, but also significantly save money on the constant purchase of packages. And, of course, this will reduce the amount of waste.

Refusal from plastic

Of course, you need to understand that it is impossible to completely abandon plastic, since there are too many things around that are created from this material. It is cheap, which is why manufacturers love it so much. But, do not be upset, because you can still contribute to environmental protection and help save nature. For example, you can avoid buying water in plastic bottles, preferring reusable metal or any reusable non-toxic material.

If you are from that category of people who cannot imagine the morning without a cup of tea or coffee, then come to a cafe with your thermo mug. Some coffee shops even organize promotions on this occasion.

eco products

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