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Apple Store / Apple news / How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password?
17 June 2021

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password?

The article provides information on how to recover the password from the iPhone

Yarina Samarik

Did you know that 40% of iPhone users forget their password? Such statistics began to grow rapidly with the advent of Face ID and Touch ID. And this has its own logic, because why remember the password, when you can just put your finger or bring the phone to your face. However, if such an annoying situation happened to you, do not panic. In this site we will explain in detail what to do when you can not remember the password from your iPhone.

How to recover password on iPhone using iCloud?

Go to iCloud, enter your Apple ID, then go to the "all devices" section. There you will find the option to "erase the iPhone". All information will be deleted from your device, the phone will be turned off and you will need to reconnect to your computer via iTuns and make updates. What? You will find in the next section.

How to recover password to iPhone using computer?

We immediately warn you that this method will completely update your device and erase all data from it. Therefore, before you begin, we recommend that you create a copy of your iCloud, if you have not already done so. In the future, you can easily restore them on an updated iPhone with a known password.

To get started, you need to install iTunes on your computer. Go to the Apple iTunes site and download it. If you have the latest versions of Windows, then click "Get it from Microsoft" at the bottom. If you have Windows 7 -8 or older installed, then click "select a previous version of iTunes." Then click "get". We want to emphasize that this download is absolutely free. Immediately after this action, you will be asked to open the "Microsoft Store" application from above, to which you must select the "Open Microsoft Store" application command. And click "Install", after which the inscription will change to "Launch" - click. You will have a new window with the conditions that you need to read and accept. This completes the download successfully. Let's go to your phone.

Now we will tell you which commands to perform on the sixth, seventh, eighth and fifth models of your iPhone. And below for the iPhone: XS, XR, 11, 12, second generation SE and other newer models.

You need to put the phone on the table and press the lock / unlock button and turn it off accordingly. Then press and hold your finger on the volume down button and use a special USB cable to connect your phone to the computer on which iTunes has just been installed. It is important not to release your finger until the software recovery command lights up on the screen, in the form of a wire pointing to the computer. This will take a few seconds, and when it appears, it will mean that the recovery mode is activated.

So, what commands to execute on iPhone: XS, XR, 11, 12, SE of the second generation. In this case, press the lock / unlock button and the volume down button, then turn off the device. Next, hold down the lock / unlock button and connect the USB cable while still holding the lock button. And wait until the recovery mode lights up.

Also, with some phones, you need to hold your finger on the round central "home" button after the "turn off" command to activate the recovery mode.

Next, go to the computer where you want to turn on iTunes and click "restore", then - "restore and update". After this command, all data on your iPhone will be deleted. The download takes about forty minutes, after which, your gadget activates the recovery mode and it will take another twenty minutes of your time. And then you will be greeted by the already updated iPhone, the well-known phrase "Bonjour".

Go through the standard setup process and stop at iPhone activation, where you need to log in to the iCloud that was before the setup was restored, ie enter the same data that was there, namely: Apple ID and Password.

We warn you that the activation may fail and you will have to refill everything. Unfortunately, Apple technology, like any other technology in the world - is not perfect, so do not panic and repeat the previous steps.

The next step after activation will be data recovery on your iPhone, because at this stage your device is like new, just bought in the store. Apple will offer you five options for recovering information:

  1. Restore from a copy of iCloud
  2. Restore from Mac or Windows
  3. Transfer directly from iPhone
  4. Transfer data from Android

Or the fifth option: "do not transfer data at all."

You can choose any of the proposed options, but we will show by example "restore from a copy of iCloud":

Choose Apple ID, I will recover the data and enter the password. Apple will then send you a six-digit password code that you will need to enter. Then you will be asked to read the terms and conditions of iOS. And now you will be required to provide the password code you forgot. At the bottom in blue letters will be the inscription "Forgot your iPhone password code?", Which you need to click and then "Enter password code later". Next, select a backup and continue setting up.

How to recover the password on iPhone using the application?

This is a very simple way to update a forgotten password from your iPhone, using the iPhoneUnclocker application system. Download this application on your computer. Then three buttons will appear on the main screen: "Delete password from the lock screen", "Delete Apple ID", "Bypass MOM". Then you need to connect the iPhone on which you want to recover the password to the computer and select the option "Remove password from the lock screen". IPhone Unclocker immediately recognizes your phone model and which version of iOS it requires. All you need to do is click on the "Start" button, thus activating the process of downloading the latest version of iOS for your iPhone, after which, your device will be completely updated to this iOS.

So, to put it bluntly, installing a new iOS saves you the password, but you don't need to back it up so that the password doesn't come back because it stays with it.

This is a very simple way to update your password. And in addition, you get a fresh iOS, which only has to be reconfigured.

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