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Apple Store / Apple news / How to quickly find any photo on your smartphone?
06 June 2021

How to quickly find any photo on your smartphone?

All about quick photo search. Using Google Photos: Features and Disadvantages

Anastasia Perekupko

The regular smartphone user manages to accumulate quite a lot of photos in just one day when traveling, at work or elsewhere. Even if you clear your mobile gadget of photos from time to time, thousands of images are stored in the smartphone's memory. Most likely, it does not cause any difficulties, but until you need to quickly find one photo. Of course, you can sit down to search for the desired image and find the desired file, but not always the smartphone user has that time. What to do in this case?

Google Photos

Google Photos: Photo Search

To save time searching for the image you want, the best option is to search for images via Google Photos. Although Google's search engine is used by most smartphone owners, not many users know about smart image search.

Google Photos was created to recognize the elements depicted in the photo. However, the technology has not gone so far as to recognize even the smallest details in the frame, and the service is quite good at recognizing objects such as a dog, car, or person. It's much easier to search by date and location. A few years after the event, it may take as long to remember the exact date the photo was taken as it does to search for an image without additional features. So it's best to use the functionality to have on hand in Google Photos when it comes to speed and accuracy of image search.

Google Photos is a convenient photo storage service that is available by default to all owners of smartphones based on the Android operating system. IOS users will have to download Google Photos themselves to continue using the service.

Now let's move directly to searching for images through Google Photos. To do this, you need to find a line on the home page to search for information. If you use a tablet, the search bar is located at the top of the page, while on smartphones, this search bar appears if you find a magnifying glass or magnifying glass and click on this item.

Next, use the search bar by destination, and enter the word that will speed up the search for the desired image. It can be a "dog", a "man", and most importantly, it should be relevant to the picture. Google Photos does a quick search on a custom query and shows you the images you want.

Google's photo storage service can even sort images by natural phenomena, so it is likely that the desired photo will appear in the top ten photos, which was found in the personal photo library of the smartphone owner. You can also search for images by date and location. If it's an image taken on a birthday, you can use this phrase to find the photo you need.

Google Photos

How does Google Photos work?

In order to quickly find photos on individual request in the Google Photos service, it is necessary to configure it, because each user is interested in the fact that his personal photos were of high quality. And Google Photos is an effective way to store photos if you take care of photo compression beforehand.

First, you need to set up automatic uploading of photos of the user's smartphone or iPhone, and in the startup settings specify that the photos must be of high quality. When you select the High Quality option, it is specified that the number of saved images is unlimited. If you skip this item, the user will only have access to the free 15 GB. Agree, this volume is not enough for social network users who take new photos every day from different angles.

How are photos compressed, and is it really about high image quality in this case? The JPG format already provides image compression, while Google offers an additional option to significantly reduce the storage space for photos. In the case of Google Photos, it's about reducing the resolution to 1500-2000 pixels in terms of width, while in the standard version, photos with a resolution of up to 16 MP are available. What about space? By changing the startup settings, you can reduce the amount of saved files from 4-8 GB to 300-600 KB.

But the logical question is, do such changes to the Google Photos startup settings affect image quality? They do not have a significant effect, but you can still notice if you look closely that it will change the quality a bit. But you can still see all the details of the photo, that is, the image quality is not too much and deteriorates, and you can be sure of this from your own experience, using the option.

Google Photos

More features of Google Photos

  • The convenience of using Google Photos is due to the fact that all images are automatically grouped by date, so you can very quickly find the right photo, if you remember the date of shooting.
  • Google Photos also has the ability to use the groups to feature similar faces. To access such functionality, you must agree to such grouping. The service offers this option when the smartphone user first goes to the People section. Of course, you can agree with the grouping of faces, or just ignore.
  • Other categories are available in Google Photos, such as screenshots, selfies, videos, and panoramas. In addition to searching, there are tools for creating animations, collages and videos.
  • The owner of the smartphone has the opportunity to provide access to photos to another user by personal e-mail. You can still hide the location, but this is for users who share photos with other users.
  • If you select the High quality autoload option, photos will be uploaded to the cloud, so there is unlimited storage space for the photo.
  • When you download the RAW format, it is automatically converted to the default JPG. And to upload photos in RAW format, you need to opt out of High Quality and unlimited storage space.

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