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Apple Store / Apple news / Apple Watch Series 7 will be able to measure blood sugar
18 May 2021

Apple Watch Series 7 will be able to measure blood sugar

The new Apple Watch 7 Series 7 is coming soon, with constant blood sugar tracking

Volodymyr Poliarush

Recently, official sources said that the world famous Apple Corporation is bringing to an end the development of the next generation smartwatch, which will be released under the name Apple Watch 7 Series 7.

The main feature of this novelty will be the ability to perform the function of a glucometer. The gadget will help its owners measure blood sugar. The announcement of the innovative device is expected next year. It is likely that in 2022 the developers will have time to launch mass production of an exclusive modification, which will certainly bring the company record profits.

How the Apple Watch appeared and developed: a little history

The key principle of the famous Apple brand is the development of electronic technologies of modern medicine, a steady striving to bring this industry to a qualitatively new, more perfect level.

Proof of this strategy of the famous corporation was the announcement in the fall of 2014 of the first smartwatch Apple Watch, addressed to supporters of a dynamic lifestyle and people who want to keep abreast of their health. Since then, the branded smartwatch has been repeatedly updated with more and more fitness features.

A personal gadget has learned not only to track the pulse, but also to detect external noise, as well as to clarify the vulnerability of its owner's hearing to ambient noise. The watch gained the ability to independently call emergency medical assistance in case of loss of consciousness by a person. This was a chance to save many lives.

The latest modification of the Apple Watch, belonging to the sixth generation and dubbed Series 6, made a splash. This smart watch was endowed with the function of an electrocardiograph. They could do an ECG, saving a person from the need to visit a clinic or call a specialist with the appropriate medical equipment at home.

Future prospects: Apple Watch 7 Series 7, which measures blood sugar

Rumors of Apple's intention to develop a smartwatch that support the meter function began to circulate shortly after the release of the base model of the device.

Some media outlets tried to convince the public that work on an innovative device was already in full swing, although such data were, rather, unfounded.

This information was officially confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook three years ago. The head of the corporation gave an interview, in which he announced the tests of a prototype of the Apple Watch design sample, which will be able to show blood sugar levels.

The company is now working closely with the Rockley Photonics concern, which specializes in the development of non-invasive optical sensors that determine a number of indicators of the state of the body. Currently, specialists have succeeded in creating electronic sensor devices capable of determining the level of glucose in the blood.

Scientists plan to place the corresponding sensor on the back surface of the wrist gadget in contact with the body. The device will accurately diagnose the percentage of blood sugar using infrared light transmitted through the skin.

Relevance and features of smart watches with the function of a non-invasive blood glucose meter

The statistics released by the WHO state that over 420 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. Among them, a significant part of insulin-dependent patients who have to resort to daily injections of the drug. In order to determine the dosage of the injection, a diabetic needs to be aware of what level of glucose his blood contains.

The procedure is carried out using a blood glucose meter and test strips, on which a drop of blood must be applied for testing. Performing such a diagnosis is painful and not always convenient, and buying test strips is not a cheap pleasure.

The creation of Apple Watch 7 Series 7 guarantees an effective solution to these problems:

  • users will be able to perform the appropriate analysis in a non-invasive, absolutely painless method;
  • will receive the result instantly, as quickly as possible;
  • sensory diagnostics using the new Apple Watch will be error-free, as IT technologies have proven to be accurate;
  • the owners of the novelty will save themselves the need to systematically purchase expensive tests.

The upgraded device will also be useful to millions of people who are at risk and may develop diabetes mellitus due to hereditary factors, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight and a number of other reasons. And the earlier the disease is detected, the more chances for its successful treatment.

Development in progress: why hasn't the Apple Watch 7 Series 7 released yet?

The novelty so much anticipated by many people, rumors about which have been circulating for several years, has not yet seen the world, not at all because Apple scientists and their research partners lack professional competence.

In a recent interview, Sumbul Desai, Apple's vice president, explained the complexity and duration of such a project.

Desai noted that the implementation procedure for such a gadget is multi-stage. It involves the implementation of a number of works:

  • study of symptoms, types, prevalence of diabetes mellitus;
  • the choice of the method of research and their careful development;
  • participation of experts monitoring the received data;
  • conducting final tests to determine the practical effectiveness of the development.

Now scientists are approaching the final stage of the process, involving the approval of their latest miracle of technology by the country's political elite. The developers have concerns that overcoming bureaucratic obstacles will require additional time, but they are very much looking forward to the possibility of the Apple Watch 7 Series 7 unveiling in 2022.

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