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icoola.ua / Apple news / Do you need Windows on your MacBook in 2021?
07 April 2021

Do you need Windows on your MacBook in 2021?

While using a Mac, you may experience insurmountable difficulties that do not frighten, but rather stimulate you to switch to Windows. Is it worth it and how to install Windows on a MacBook

Anastasia Perekupko

Apple products are popular all over the world. Mac, iPad and iPhone can be seen in people of different professions - politicians, journalists, comedians. Despite the widespread use of devices running Microsoft operating systems, the macOS family has taken its market share. Although, in the process of using a Mac, insurmountable difficulties can arise that do not frighten, but rather stimulate the switch to Windows.

Why is it worth downloading Windows to Mac?

Since purchasing the highly anticipated Mac, many Microsoft software users continue to use virtualization solutions. Nevertheless, macOS does not have those programs that have previously been tested and studied to the point of holes in Windows, for example, Notepad ++. Gamers sigh heavily, because the version of the World of Tanks game looks different, and they want to return to the usual gameplay.

The category of Microsoft power users who had to switch to Mac includes people who, for whatever reason, continue to use MS Office and Outlook. Despite the fact that there are a number of other useful and effective office programs on the Mac, it takes time to switch to another operating system that they simply may not have due to the heavy workload. Most likely, they will postpone the development of new tools for the weekend, but for now they are installing Windows on the Mac.

Which browser most often opens in a virtual machine? It turns out that Internet Explorer, a graphical browser built for internal use by the Microsoft team, runs in most cases in a virtual machine. The popularity of Internet Explorer is explained quite simply, since many web resources used by a person will not open in Safari or run with limited functionality. Safari is a web browser developed by Apple's team of experts.

Download Windows for work

Parallels, a virtualization software developer, found that after purchasing a Mac and installing Windows on it, users of the operating system have not changed anything for years. According to a survey conducted on the social network Twitter under the auspices of Parallels, this is the state of affairs for Mac users, as long as they are not trying to reinstall the operating system or find other solutions to improve their own efficiency.

Although not everything is as transparent as it might seem at first glance. Sometimes Mac users are forced to switch to Windows, since the software they need, used in their professional activities, falls only under the operating system of Microsoft. An example of highly specialized programs is 1C, which is specially designed for accountants. The development of a niche program requires an impressive amount of investment, which can be invested in more significant and important things when it comes to the effective development of the business of a particular company.

It's not for nothing that Parallels is mentioned in the question of using Windows on Mac. If a PC user still chooses a virtual machine when choosing several operating systems, macOS has a suitable solution. The Parallels Desktop virtual machine is arguably one of the most popular among Mac users, providing seamless access to Windows applications. Parallels Desktop is most often used by developers of applications and programs for different operating systems. These can be applications for devices based on Android, iOS, Windows.

First of all, it should be mentioned about the existence of a separate category of users who are called geeks. Geeks are extremely passionate about high technology. There are not so many such users of newfangled gadgets, mobile devices and computers, but it is quite enough to reckon with their opinion.

The so-called seekers are ready to take the time to study the features of any gadget or software. Geeks do not just study the settings in detail, but they are engaged in flashing and reconfiguring.

Download Windowsnot possible on Mac? Let's wait for a response from Microsoft

In 2020, Apple introduced Mac computers based on the Apple M1 ARM chip. The main feature of these devices, in addition to the unique functionality and appearance, is the fact that these are the first computers that do not support Windows. Of course, many fans of the company's products were interested in the Windows issue. The new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini simply don't have a Boot Camp. It should be clarified that Boot Camp is a program that is used to install Windows on a computer.

Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software development at Apple, reassured Mac users who prefer Windows software rather than macOS. Craig said it was possible to run Windows on new computers. He stressed that everything depends only on the Microsoft team. As it turned out, the issue of licensing Windows 10 for ARM is being resolved. Apple assures that they have everything ready. Therefore, it is hardly worth worrying about those who actively use solutions for Windows in their work and everyday life that are not supported by macOS.

MacOS still remains

Many Windows users deliberately do not buy Apple products due to the fact that they need to get confused with installing programs necessary for serious work. In addition, after the end of the Steve Jobs era, the direction of Apple's development changed slightly.

Still, Apple has worried about users who need Microsoft products by offering them a special option to switch to Windows. But, as always, there is one “but” - after installing Windows, the masOS operating system will be available on the computer. masOS remains after Windows is installed.

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