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26 April 2021

Instructions for beginners: how to set up and start using a new iPhone

You have become the owner of a new iPhone - congratulations! How to start getting acquainted with a new gadget? Basic tips to help you avoid mistakes when setting up and using iPhone.

Irina Rychkova

First, I want to congratulate you on buying a new iPhone, because it is a great choice and buying a new smartphone brings joy.

What do you need to do first after buying an iPhone?

1. Prepare a SIM card. The iPhone uses Nano-Sim. If you have recently updated your SIM card, it will most likely be in the desired format, and if not - you need to contact your mobile operator.

2. Install iTunes. With iTunes, an iOS device connects to your computer, resulting in music, movies, contact information, photos, and more.

3. Create an Apple ID. An Apple ID account is required for full iPhone use. Because with the help of Apple ID you can install applications from the App Store, use iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud and buy certain content from the iTunes Store.

Create an Apple ID

4. Activate your gadget. To do this, you will need a SIM card, and then you will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network or a computer with Internet access. The following steps will be required for the activation process:

  • choose language and country;
  • determine geolocation settings;
  • specify Apple ID;
  • activate password;
  • configure iCloud.

5. Check the software version. Apple manufacturers are constantly working to optimize the software so that each new version increases the stability of the gadget, improves speed and increases autonomy. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check the software for updates, especially after purchasing a smartphone. You just need to go to "Settings" - "Basic" - "Software Update".

6. Configure FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage. FaceTime is a video calling service. To activate, you need to go to "Settings" - "FaceTime", and then specify the Apple ID. And everything will work.

iCloud is a common service that allows you to synchronize information between your devices and create backups without connecting your smartphone to your computer. In order to configure iCloud, you need to specify the Apple ID data and select the information to be synchronized. This must be done.

iMessage - a service for free messaging between owners of Apple devices.

To activate a video calling service - FaceTime

7. Set up "Find iPhone". This is an important feature to connect because it can help find and block stolen or lost smartphones.

8. Activate the password (Touch ID or Face ID). A password is very important for the security of your data. To connect this function you need to go to "Settings" - "Password". Don't ignore this stage!

9. Set up email accounts. "Mail" - an application from Apple that offers a set of full-fledged tools for working with mail. You can connect multiple accounts and collect all mail in one place.

You need to go to "Settings" - "Mail, address, calendars" - "Add account" - specify your details. If you also need to connect corporate mail, it is best to contact your system administrator.

10. Understand the processor of installation, grouping of applications, removal. Applications are installed through the AppStore. You need to go there to find the required program and click "Download" for free or paid applications.

You can uninstall a specific program in the following ways:

  1. Open "Settings" - "Basic" - "Statistics" - "Repository" - select the desired program and delete.
  2. Click on the desired program you want to uninstall by holding your finger on the screen for a couple of seconds. Once the program starts to be selected, then you can already delete it.

Applications are installed through the AppStore

11. Transfer old data to a new iPhone. If you had an old phone from Apple, then moving data to a new gadget will be easy to do through iCloud.

 How to do it?

  • pick up an old phone;
  • the gadget must be charged and connected to Wi-Fi;
  • go to "Settings";
  • select the "iCloud" section;
  • then "Backup";
  • click on "Backup";
  • after the backup is complete, you need to turn off your old iPhone;
  • remove the phone SIM card from your old phone;
  • you need to insert a SIM card into a new smartphone;
  • turn on the new iPhone, which must also be charged;
  • connect to Wi-Fi;
  • select "Update from iCloud copies";
  • select the desired backup from the list.

This process can take from a few minutes to an hour.

Tips for setting up your iPhone for the first time:

  1. In case the Touch ID function cannot identify your fingerprint, you can set a normal password. The main thing is to remember the password!
  2. If you have an Apple ID, enter it the first time you set up your device, and you won't need to assign it later.
  3. If you have access to a computer and a backup is stored on it, then connect your gadget to it with a USB cable and install the data from the copy, so it will be faster than recovery from iCloud.
  4. And if you do not have access to a computer, but have an iCloud backup, you can connect your device to the Internet via Wi-Fi and select "Restore from iCloud copies".
  5. Do not turn off the geolocation service for the "Find iPhone" application, so that in case of loss or theft, you can find out the location of the smartphone.
  6. The new iPhone shows the charge only by the battery indicator, so it is unclear how much longer the smartphone will work. Therefore, in order for the charge to show interest, you need to go to "Settings" - "Battery" - "Percentage charge".
  7. After setting up the iPhone, you sometimes need more than just two keyboards. Therefore, to add new ones (especially emoji) go to "Settings" - "Basic" - "Keyboard" - choose which ones you want to add.
  8. For quick access to certain contacts that you use most often, it's best to add them to Favorites. You need to go to the contact profile and costs "Add to favorites".
  9. For special cases, you can adjust the "Do not disturb" mode for yourself. You need to go to the "Control Center", and then you can configure it in the "Settings" - "Do not disturb". You can set which calls may be available during this mode or to activate the mode automatically.

All you need to set up iPhone



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