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Apple Store / Apple news / How to customize your iPhone and iPad lock screen
30 April 2021

How to customize your iPhone and iPad lock screen

Simple steps to improve your iPhone or iPad lock screen

Olha Muntean

It happens that the existing lock screen is tired or does not perform the functions necessary for the consumer. Of course, it will be natural to want to customize the smartphone lock screen in a new way, so that this time all desires are taken into account. But it is not always possible to articulate what exactly looks wrong and what is missing on the main screen. We will tell you about all the possibilities: what functions can be added, what is better to change or even turn off altogether.

Setting wallpaper on the iPhone lock screen

The easiest thing you can do to change your lock screen is to set a new picture or photo. This is literally the first thing that comes to mind. However, even such a simple action can be done in a creative and unusual way.

 iPhone Lock Screen1

  • Set your own photo or standard photo from the offered iOS pictures. You can choose either a regular picture or an animation one that will react when you tap the screen. All of this can be found in the classic iOS collection or downloaded from the Internet. You can set a photo on the screen wallpaper by following simple steps: open “settings” - find “wallpaper” and the item “choose new wallpaper”. Next, you will be offered a choice of one of the categories, and finally you can select the desired picture. See how the wallpaper will look on the display. If the need arises, you can turn off the perspective and then click "install" again, specifying the lock screen.
  • Create your own animated wallpapers if the classic live wallpaper is not what you need. There is always a way out by personalizing certain functions, so creating animated wallpapers from any live photo is very easy and stylish. First you just need to open the selected picture in the "photo" program, then select the item "share" and "choose wallpaper". You can zoom in on the photo and don't forget to turn on the Live Photo feature. Then select "install" and "lock screen" again. It should be noted that the animation will only be visible on the lock screen. The desktop can only please with a beautiful static image.
  • Use funny GIFs as wallpaper. There is no problem if you liked a GIF and you would not mind seeing it every time. To do this, you need the Giphy program, which will help you convert GIFs into live photo format. Next, you need to work with the previous algorithm of actions. Download and install Giphy, run it. Select the necessary GIF and go to the application menu. Find the item "convert to live photo" and then "save as a live photo (full screen)". The animation will be saved to the gallery. Next, just open the GIF and install it on the lock screen, following the previous paragraph.

Setting up auto-lock on iPhone

The iPhone or iPad screen is designed in such a way that after three minutes of inactivity, it automatically turns off, that is, it locks. This is done to conserve battery power and to reduce the risk of accidental clicks. But, frankly, a specific interval of three minutes is very inconvenient.

 iPhone Lock Screen2

There are times when, in principle, there is no need for the screen to fade, for example, when the battery has already outlived its usefulness, it is better to set the minimum interval of one minute altogether. This will extend the life of the battery. You can change the auto-lock time in the "settings" - "screen and brightness" section. Find the item "auto-block" and specify the desired amount of time. The choice is large: from five seconds to five minutes. You can also turn off this function altogether.

Remove widgets from lock screen

Lock screen widgets are not always secure. With their help, you can easily access the personal information of the owner of the iPhone or iPad. The standard settings suggest that you can just swipe to the right on the lock screen, and anyone can see widgets on this very screen without Face or Touch ID and without entering a password. However, the situation can be remedied easily.

Go to the settings menu and find "Face or Touch ID and Passcode." Next, you need "lock screen access". Put the toggle switch "today" in the inoperative mode.

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Hide notifications and their contents

Anyone who holds or sees your smartphone can see and read notifications. Few people will be satisfied with such an action, so you need to secure your personal space as follows.

 iPhone Lock Screen3

Go to the settings menu and select the item "notifications" - "display thumbnails" and select the function "no blocking" or "never".

Selecting “no blocking” will only allow you to see notifications if you look at your phone or use Face or Touch ID. The item "never" will help to display notifications in the demo version, indicating in which application you received the message, their number and time of receipt.

Reject Siri's suggestions

The iPhone and iPad operating system collects information about how the user uses their device. This is done so that artificial intelligence can then propose any actions at one time or another of the day, depending on the location of the user and other content. If all this started to piss you off and anger, then this is what needs to be done.

Go to the settings menu and select "Siri and Search". In the item "Siri suggestions" find "on the locked screen" and turn the toggle switch to the off position.

Disable Siri

Aside from annoying recommendations, the voice assistant can also call someone, open a calendar, and do other similar actions, despite the fact that the smartphone screen is locked. If you do not need such functions, then you can simply turn off the work of Siri on the lock screen.

Go to the settings menu and select "Siri and Search". Next, in the item "Siri with a screen lock" turn off the switch.

Add instant notes

An idea came to your mind, but while you were trying to unlock your smartphone and find notes, did it get lost? Then the function of adding instant notes to the iPhone lock screen can help you.

 iPhone Lock Screen4

Go to the settings menu and look for the "notes" item, at the very bottom there is a line "notes on the locked screen". Click on "always create a new note". After that, you can call the control center and click on the instant notes icon.

For iPads, simply touch the Apple Pencil display.

Customize your morning weather display

This option will save you some time in the morning. You no longer have to search for the weather forecast for the day, go to widgets or the "weather" application. With this function of displaying the weather on the lock screen, you will know the forecast immediately after waking up. You just need to click on Touch ID.

Go to the settings menu and select "do not disturb", turn on the "scheduled" switch and select the desired time period. Then go back to the settings menu and select "privacy", and then "geolocation services" - "weather". Click on the weather and select "when using an app or widgets."

Disable USB Lock

If you constantly need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, then you definitely came across a constant request to enter a password to unlock devices. And you have to do this literally every time. However, this can be disabled.

Go to the settings menu and select "Face or Touch ID and Passcode." Select "USB" from the list and turn on the switch.

Expand the possibilities Touch ID

Many people use the Touch ID function and do not even realize that it can be expanded. Add 2 times more prints than stated in the settings. This will be useful in case of registration of all 10 fingers, as well as fingerprinting data for wet hands. In addition, this way you can register someone else to whom you can entrust the use of your smartphone.

 iPhone Lock Screen5

A simple trick can be used to work around this limitation. Write down the fingerprints of two fingers at once in one slot: at the beginning of the setup, lean one finger, and during confirmation, lean the second finger when the system asks for a second scan.

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