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04 June 2021

How to choose a cable for charging a smartphone, and whether it affects its speed

A guide that will help you choose a cable for charging a smartphone so that it does not harm the device

Olha Muntean

One day, literally every owner of a smartphone or any other device will face the problem of a bad cable. This is an inevitable fate that awaits everyone. And, when the original cable has outlived its due to long-term use or not entirely correct operation, the question arises of buying a new cable for the phone.

However, the question immediately arises, which cable is best suited for a particular smartphone, because they cannot be counted on the market. Manufacturers are ready to sell literally any cable imaginable, so it is not surprising that the user can get confused and ultimately choose not what he needs. This article is devoted to the question of how to choose a cable for charging your phone, and will it affect its speed?

How to choose the right charging?

To the delight of users, the times are gone when chargers had to be carried with them, because they were different and were not suitable for certain phones.

type cabel

At the moment, smartphone companies have developed such a certain standard for themselves - type A, B and C connectors. Connectors are just a metal thing that is located on both sides of the cable. These are the connectors that can be either different or the same. If we are talking about the same connectors, then they are called type-C, and you can find them in any new models of charging for Apple or Xiaomi gadgets. More and more companies prefer this particular type of connector, so who knows, perhaps in the future we should expect one single type of charging.

Different connectors exist for power supplies and portable chargers, as well as a USB cable that transfers data between devices. Let's talk about each type in more detail.

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A Type A connector is one that is located at one end of the cable. It is type A that is used to connect the cable to a laptop, PC or portable charger. So, you shouldn't focus on it when choosing a new cable, because almost all USB have this type of connector.

Type B connector - can be found when the device is connected to a smartphone, video recorder, navigator, etc. It is worth noting here that Type B has several variations, but they are very easy to remember and distinguish. These connectors have a square or trapezoidal shape, which is suitable for scanners, modems and printers, but not for charging mobile devices.

Type C connector is a completely new type. Its appearance started in 2014 at the USB developer forum. This type very quickly took root among the masses, and today all popular world companies add this particular connector to the cables. There was even Apple, which was famous for its custom Lightning connectors.

type usb

The type C connector has a lot of advantages, which, however, made it so popular and in demand:

  • It is two-sided, so you can easily insert it into the smartphone connector by either side;
  • It's engineered to transfer data and current a couple of times faster than a standard Micro-B type, so fast charging is what it guarantees.

Since there are a lot of cables of type C on the market, then, of course, there is a different price range. However, we strongly discourage buying a cheap cable of this type, as it can carry a huge current. So, if there is some kind of defect in the cable, or the quality is questionable, it can both damage your smartphone and start a full-fledged fire. Agree, not the most promising prospects. Therefore, it is better to pay a little more once than to deal with the sad consequences later.

Select cable by thickness and length

There is a generally accepted standard for marking cable thickness - American Wire Gauge (AWG). To find out the thickness of the cable, you need to know a simple thing - the thinner the wire, the higher the specified caliber.

Often, manufacturers, in their greedy desires to save on copper, make cables with thin wires. This leads to a decrease in the cross-section, which means that such a cable will not be able to supply a lot of current. All this slows down the charging process of your gadget at times. That is, to put it simply, when buying a cable for charging a smartphone, give preference to thick cables.

charging cable

Now we need to touch on the second question - what is the optimal length for the cable?

How long the cable is, its resistance, depends on very much. So, the longer the cable, the greater its resistance. This is why cheap but very short cables can charge your smartphone much faster. This applies directly to gadgets with Fast and Quick Charge charging. Long charging times can be encountered when using long cables in car interiors. When buying a long cable that connects from the cigarette lighter to your dashboard or windshield, be prepared to charge your phone for a very long time. Moreover, the cable, in principle, may not charge, but only keep the charging in the phone at the same level at which it was.

Choosing the shape and braiding of the phone charging cable

If you want your cable to last as long as possible, then pay special attention to the shape and what the cord is made of. So, the braiding of the cord is of particular importance:

  1. protects the wiring from any mechanical stress;
  2. protects the wiring from temperature changes;
  3. Isolates against high and static voltage.

To create a high-quality braid for the cord, manufacturers add certain materials: silicone, rubber or plastic, metal, leather, fabric. Most often, you can find cables made of rubber or plastic, silicone and fabric, because they are very convenient to use. Although a metal braid can be safely called durable, it is rarely used due to the impracticality of the material, because it is simply impossible to twist such a cable and throw it into a backpack or pocket without consequences. Here it is still worth highlighting the fabric and silicone cord, because they have not only proven themselves no worse than their competitors, but can also last long enough, without breaking, unlike plastic cables.

charging cable phone

Charging cords are round, springs, and flat. Round cables are standard cables that come with your smartphone. They are very often confused and broken, while springs and flat ones are not. Although, it all depends on the manufacturer and his conscientiousness. Flat cords never get tangled, and due to their flexibility, they are quite difficult to break. Spring-loaded cables are ideal for users who often charge phones remotely from a wall outlet or portable device. Such a cable does not need to be twisted, it is stretched to the required length, and then it takes its original shape.

That is, it is very important to pay attention to its length and shape when choosing a cable for charging a smartphone. Think about the conditions under which you most often use the cord, in order to make the right choice in the end.

Effect of cable on charging speed

If you want to know if the wire is suitable for fast charging, then you need to carefully study the box. Manufacturers indicate whether their cable affects charging speed or not. This will be indicated by the marking 2A. The thickness of the cord can also tell about the possibility of accelerating the charge. That is, a cable marked 28/28 is considered thin, which means that it will withstand a current load of up to 1.4A. 28/24 is a thick wire that can handle up to 3.5A. This means that a thick, high-quality cable up to 1.5 meters long is best suited for fast charging a smartphone.

How cheap cable harms your phone

And just think, how can a charging cable harm a smartphone? What's the difference, cheap or expensive, because both are charged? But it turns out that the wire is of great importance, so that a cheap, low-quality cord is capable of:

  • Influence the wear and tear of the battery, accelerating its usability;
  • Break the charging connector;
  • Long charge, or none at all;
  • Does not connect devices to each other;
  • May cause short circuit.

type charging cable phone

In conclusion, we can add that choosing a cable is not at all difficult. Before buying, the main thing is to identify for yourself some points, based on which you can determine which charging cable is worth buying. Pay attention to the connector and the type of charging you need (fast / regular). It is these answers that will become key when choosing a cable for charging smartphones.

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