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08 June 2021

How to save the planet: everyone can do it

How to reduce the negative impact on the planet and help the environment in a few steps

Olha Muntean

Every day, environmentalists here and there try to convey to people that it is the wasteful use of natural resources that affects the current state of the planet. We are talking about a rapid change in the Earth's climate, a decrease in drinking water supplies and daily emissions of garbage of one kind or another into the waters of the World Ocean. Man also contributed to the destruction of the soil of the earth, which led to the disappearance of some species of plants and animals.

plants and litter

Any actions of mankind are reflected on the viability of the planet, which is why eco-activists so persistently urge the population to wisely consume the resources of nature and love the planet. And it cannot be said that they do not succeed, because every year the number of responsible citizens increases, who understand how important it is to protect our nature with all their might. Any large company whose product is always on the hearing does everything to reduce the negative footprint of its production, ordinary people open stores with ecological goods, and the government passes laws to ban plastic and bags. Increasingly, on the supermarket shelf you can see paper, not plastic dishes. And designers are trying to instill in people a conscious fashion, making their clothes environmentally friendly and safe. Also, one cannot fail to mention the trend towards cosmetics made from natural ingredients, which, moreover, has not been used in animal studies. And the jars with bottles will soon be made of safe, decaying materials.

And now, when the world around us begins to change rapidly, and even for the better, then anyone will think about their participation in this good cause. However, it is not always clear where to start and how you can save the planet, starting with yourself. It can be noted that the tips that you read further do not cause any difficulties, because these are really basic things that should be followed. And if everyone takes into account these guides, then the chance of saving the Earth will increase. These tips will not take much of your time and effort. All you have to do is change some of your habits a little to make the environment a little cleaner and safer.

Universal awareness

In the transition to conscious consumption, a small difficulty immediately arises - it is necessary to understand where to start. Fortunately, the Internet with its numerous thematic forums and articles, as well as any acquaintance who has already managed to join the environmental direction, can help with this.

girls and plant

But awareness should not be one-sided. You also have a responsibility to inform your environment. Fortunately, in the era of technology, this will not be difficult. Facebook and Instagram will be happy to help you with this. These social networks have a special algorithm that learns what you like, which stories you react to, and then gives it out in the recommendations of your subscribers. Also, no one canceled posts and mini articles in which you can share your thoughts, make thematic publications that will definitely be seen and appreciated by your friends, relatives, colleagues and just guests.

Say no to disposable tableware

Disposable bowls, forks, spoons, cups cost mere pennies, which is why they are actively used to this day both in everyday life and in large companies that deliver meals to offices and canteens. Of course, this does not mean that now you need to carry your personal plate or cup with you everywhere. However, the modern market provides an opportunity to buy inexpensive reusable vessels or a thermo mug. They do not have to be carried with you, you can leave them in the office. And sets with spoons, forks and straws will take up a little space in the bag. All this will help to get rid of used plastic, which will significantly clean up city streets or nearby landfills of toxic waste.

Support local farmers

By purchasing locally sourced food, you improve the ecology of your city. Farmers own agricultural land, where they actively grow fruits or vegetables, give animals and insects a place of residence. And also block the land from industrial or commercial use.

In addition, delivering such products to the market or to the store is much faster and safer for the environment, because you do not have to use different transport, as when importing. So carbon dioxide emissions will decrease, as well as the emission of greenhouse gases.

eco planet

The buyer knows the conditions under which the product was grown, and it is this fact that makes local farmers use only clean farming methods. So the farmer can give up pesticides and so on.

Alternatives to plastic

If you cannot do without plastic dishes, for example, a trip to a picnic, then you can give preference to disposable paper dishes. And it is better to buy water in glass bottles. Thus, glass recycling will take a quarter less resources than plastic, which means that air and water pollution will be much less.

However, very often water in glass is expensive to buy every time. So you can buy a special bottle for water, or you can use a plastic bottle several times, but this option is a last resort.

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Time to start saving energy

Saving electricity will not only help the planet, it will also help save money. And it seems that these rules are quite common and simple, but they are not always used.

clouds and earth

  • In the daytime, use natural light, do not turn on the light unnecessarily;
  • When leaving the room, do not forget to turn off the light;
  • Turn off your computer, do not leave it in sleep mode;
  • Also, do not turn on the TV for the background when you are in another room;
  • If possible, use energy efficient bulbs in your home. If it seems dull to you, then it can be screwed into a pantry or toilet;
  • If you use an electric stove, then it is advisable not to use an ordinary kettle, preferably an electric one. Yes, and cooking something in a double boiler is more economical than on the same stove;
  • Dry your clothes in the traditional way, not by tumble drying;
  • Fully loading the washing machine and dishwasher will save both water and energy.

Don't forget about cleaning filters

If you have hard water from the tap at home that cannot be drunk, then water filters will be your salvation. This way, you don't have to spend money to get water from special machines or buy constantly bottled water for drinking. Thus, you will not only increase your budget, but also contribute to a better environment. After all, bottled water still needs to be delivered to a supermarket or company.

Saving water will save the environment

Lovers of soaking in a hot bath a couple of times a week will have to give up such a pleasure in favor of a shower, because this will save the overall water consumption. Another way is to reduce the time spent in the shower by 2-3 minutes. Also remember to turn off the water when soaping your hair or performing other procedures, rubbing a pan with detergent, or brushing your teeth. So, on average, about 10 liters of water flows out of the tap per minute. Agree, this is a lot.

Shopping with my bag

It used to be possible to buy a multi-colored plastic bag for a lot of money, and even then only from hands. Therefore, such bags were worn for many months, constantly washed and sealed in those places where holes appeared. So we came across such a concept as a one-time bag relatively recently. However, despite this recently, the damage that such packages managed to do is colossal. Many animals on land and in the water have died due to human neglect. Not very good news.


You can buy such a package now for a penny, and all supermarkets will gladly sell as many packages of any size as possible. Now we have gradually started to move away from this, and already more often you can find chain stores that use paper instead of polyethylene. Or people who prefer reusable fabric shopping bags over bags. These bags will serve you for a long time, and this fact alone is proof that the resources of the Earth will not be affected. And in terms of convenience and aesthetics, such shoppers will appeal to users.

Saving paper consumption

If you can do without printed letters or documents, then this is clearly worth using. So, more than 21 million tons of A4 paper are sent to the landfill from offices alone, and this is a year! We ourselves can reduce paper consumption, because now digital technologies rule the world, which means that in many aspects, even train tickets, you can get by with a digital option. You can also set up your printer so that it prints on both sides of the sheet, or give the already used paper to the child so that he draws from the blank side.

You can also pay utility bills through special bank applications or in the terminal, because there you can not print a check. Thus, time and money are saved, because the commission will be less than through payment at the cash desk, and also save the world's forests from deforestation. Even one uncut tree is already a victory.

Say no to phosphates

Household chemicals contain an unrealistic amount of phosphates, which, when released into natural resources: reservoirs and soils, threaten the planet with a real ecological crisis. Phosphates provoke vigorous flowering, because they work as a fertilizer. This, in turn, accelerates the aging of the reservoir.

So, to save the Earth, it is important to select phosphate-free household chemicals, especially since the modern market provides a lot of different options. You will not only be able to get rid of allergic reactions, but also help to save the reservoirs of the planet.

Consuming things wisely

Nowadays, you can often hear about the recycling of things. So, bottles, gift boxes, envelopes, bags, skateboards and many other unexpected things with dexterous hands are converted into some kind of interior items. This not only does not pollute the environment with waste, but also allows you to fill the interior with unusual objects.

eco marks

Do not take packaging from stores if you do not need it in the future. When buying any small things, be it hairpins, tights, stockings, pens and so on, sellers very often put all this in small bags, which are then thrown away by buyers. But you can simply not take it, and thereby slightly save the environment from non-decomposable garbage.

Do not be afraid to take the initiative to make the world more beautiful and cleaner, because if you have an idea, you need to develop it. So you can come up with your own eco-project, with the help of which you can, for example, inform the population about the steps to preserve nature. Fortunately, now you can win grants for such projects, which means that help and first contributions are provided to you.

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