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Apple Store / Apple news / Speed up Face ID on iPad or iPhone
20 May 2021

Speed up Face ID on iPad or iPhone

If you are interested in the question of how to accelerate identification using technology Face ID, then this article will answer it. We will tell you how to set up the module, make identification as quickly as possible, and use it for payment.

Anna Onishchenko

Owners of modern versions are wondering how to increase the speed of Face ID on iPad or iPhone. This technology allows you to recognize the face of the owner of the gadget, due to which you not only unlock the phone, but also perform confirmation of tasks such as registering on the site or paying for various purchases.
 Increase the speed of face scanning

For the first time, the module was implemented on the iPhone X and since then has proven itself excellent. For the iPhone XS, Apple has developed more advanced software that, thanks to innovative processors and algorithms, has significantly accelerated the recognition process. For faster identification, there is another way – secondary scanning.

How to add a second user or person to Face ID

With the arrival of iOS 12, it is possible to add a second face to Face ID. The function is used to connect another user or if your face has changed (you have grown your hair, mustache, beard, etc.). A second scan for identification speeds up the unlocking process.

If you are interested in the question of how to set up face ID, the answer is simple – you need to do a few simple steps:

  • open the application with settings;
  • select the item called "Face ID and password", enter the code;
  • press "alternative appearance";
  • choose "proceed".

Now you need to look at the camera so that the activation of the appearance scan begins. After the circle has become active, lower the iPhone to chest height, point the camera directly at your face at an angle of 45 degrees, try to keep your head straight (this will scan the lower part of your face). Now you need to look into the camera without turning your head. Then lower it down for a face scan. Make a circular motion, the chin should touch the place under the neck. For a second scan, repeat all movements again. That is, to set up Face ID, you should lower or raise your head a little. That's it, after that the process is considered complete.
Scanning process

Accelerated recognition allow you to perform identification as quickly as possible. Thanks to the technology, the face is scanned from below and from the front. If the device is below the face level, and there is no way to look directly at the camera, this option is very convenient. The setting allows you to scan a face in any situation: when the smartphone is on the table, or you took it out of your pocket while moving. Thus, it is possible to unlock the mobile device in any situations.

How to unblock Face ID on iPhone without swiping

Apple lets you unlock face ID without swiping on your iPhone. If you need to unlock after an unsuccessful attempt, then the first step is to make sure that your face is clearly in front of the smartphone, you must look directly into the camera. When the password entry screen appears, ignore it, swipe up from the bottom instead. The function will work as soon as the face appears in the lens. Scanning will open all the necessary functions on the device, you can read messages, chat, make calls and much more.

Unlocking using an application means performing certain actions:

  • Wake up the device from sleep mode by touching.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the display.
  • The iPhone must be held in an upright position, to look directly at the display. iPad – in any position. In the horizontal case, you should make sure that the camera is not covered with your finger, look at the display. If you are wearing a mask, you will need to enter the requested code.
    Scan to iPad

To disable or enable the function, go to settings, item "face ID and code", press "unlock". This technology can be used for a variety of purchases:

  • Make sure you are using your smartphone.
  • To apply the map, double–click on the button located on the side. If you want to use another card, then double–click on the side button, select the card, then the second.
  • Look carefully at the phone to unlock, if you are wearing a mask, select the "payment with password" function and indicate it.
  • Keep your phone near a cash reader.
  • Wait for the "done" result.

To make a purchase on any site, click Buy with Apple Pay, or you can select an app to pay. Confirm the transaction, select a card, double–click the button on the side, look at your smartphone, wait for the transaction to complete.

The described technology is used to enter various programs. It is also possible to apply automatic entry of the owner's name. To do this, open the program, press the button responsible for entering, confirm the request to use a username and password, look at your smartphone. If you want to use a program that supports this function, but does not imply its use immediately, you will have to log in manually the first time. After that, you will be able to enter the program using face unlock. It turns out that unlocking Face ID on an iPhone without a swipe is very easy....

Face ID does not focus on iPhone

There are times when Face ID doesn't want to focus. This is due to a number of limitations:

  1. New devices are able to recognize the owner at any position of the head. In order for the sensor on the smartphone to work, it should be held straight, small deviations are permissible, but with significant ones, nothing will work.
  2. Bright light striking the head will prevent the scanner from identifying.
  3. The function may be disabled by itself for security reasons. For example, if too many bad recognitions have been made.
  4. The scanner should clearly see your features. To speed up the response of Face ID, it is advisable to add several options to your appearance. Above, we talked about how to add a second person to face ID.
    Clear facial features for scanning

Following these rules, you can improve the application's performance and make identification as fast as possible.

Speed ​​up the responsiveness of Face ID on your phone

There are some tips for making Face ID respond faster. These include:

  • Avoid using inexpensive screen protectors or screen films. The protection designed for the front will not initially affect the operation of the application, but after a certain period will begin to flake off, leading to distortion of the infrared signal.
  • Wipe the front of the iPhone regularly with a special cloth. Proper cleaning is the key to excellent scan performance and both cameras.
  • Keep the phone at a distance of about 30–50 centimeters. This range allows the sensor to work as quickly as possible, do not bring the device too close to your face.
  • Take off various accessories: glasses, scarves, bandanas, etc. Some products interfere with infrared radiation.
  • Periodically change the angle of the smartphone. Raise the phone gradually until you reach eye level. Based on the position of the light sources, you should change the position. A minimum of sunlight should fall on the surface.

It should be borne in mind that the application may fail. Due to the binding of this module to the motherboard, you will have to spend a lot on repairs. You must set up your face ID correctly, otherwise it will simply stop working...

Comparison of two technologies: finger or face

Both options allow you to unlock your phone as quickly as possible: one with your finger, the other with your face. Each of them has a number of advantages. Touch is time–tested, it works reliably and stably, breakage is completely inexpensive. It allows you to unlock with one touch, and you don't even have to look at your phone. It is possible to set five different prints, and they can belong to different people.
Comparison of Touch or Face

The strengths of face ID include modern protection, minimal risk of hacking, no need for a special button on the smartphone, unlocking takes place even with gloves. This technology is more progressive and innovative, it is a pity that they are in no hurry to add it to laptops. The increase in the speed of identification on the iPad or iPhone is due to the addition of a second person. Thus, you can unlock your phone at any time, even if it's freezing outside. The system is completely safe, appeared recently, but has already won many fans.

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