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02 June 2021

Climate change in Ukraine: causes and consequences. Electric transport and factory closures

Climate change worldwide and Ukraine. Causes and consequences of climate change. Increasing the number of electric vehicles in Ukraine

Olha Litvinova

What does climate change look like in Ukraine?

The fact of rapid climate change in Ukraine no longer surprises anyone. Countless natural disasters occur regularly around the world. The vast majority of scientists believe that the main factor in their formation is human action. There are also scientists who believe that the processes of change in the environment have a natural origin. Their theory has a right to exist, but it must be acknowledged that climate change has begun to occur much faster. This is significantly influenced by industrialization and industrial development in general.

Scientists care about the ecological situation in Ukraine, so for many years there have been regular studies of climate change. Data from Western European sources help to make the analysis of natural phenomena much deeper and more accurate.

Every year we notice more and more changes in our weather: squalls, hail, tornadoes and other phenomena that are not specific to a particular area, occur more often. They used to appear every few decades. Warming in winter can adversely affect yields.

Climate change in Ukraine

For example, ice crusts that form in fields and are affected by frost lead to a 50 percent loss of spring and autumn crops.

What are the causes of climate change?

When considering the causes of climate change, it is important to remember that they can be triggered by both nature and human activities. First, such changes are influenced by processes occurring in the Earth's atmosphere.

In the twentieth century began the active development of industry, which gradually became a threat to the climate around the world. There are several main factors in the impact of human activity on nature:

  • formation of the greenhouse effect due to excessive release of CO2 and other gases produced by factories
  • excessive mass of atmospheric aerosols
  • release of a large amount of thermal energy that enters the atmosphere

According to researchers, the most important factor is the formation of the greenhouse effect. The earth's atmosphere contains special gases. They retain heat in the lower atmosphere, so they are important for maintaining life on our planet. If these gases were not released, the normal temperature of the Earth's surface would be lower by 30 degrees Celsius. Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrogen (N2O), etc. - these are the so-called greenhouse gases. Their excessive concentration on the earth's surface leads to the formation of a "gas curtain". It blocks the ingress of excessive infrared radiation into space.

Climate change in Ukraine

Under normal conditions, the radiation would simply be reflected from the Earth's surface. Due to the formation of the veil, a certain amount of energy remains in the layer near the earth's surface. This process leads to the inevitable warming.

In general, the main cause of warming is carbon dioxide, which accounts for 65 percent of all sources. Increased CO2 emissions are affected by the combustion of fuels such as coal or petroleum products. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop the supply of excess gas in the coming decades. This is due to the technical aspect of modern enterprises.

Today we can already feel how the climate of our planet changes significantly from year to year, and the average air temperature becomes higher and higher. Although the climate itself is volatile, human activity is accelerating its change significantly.

What are the consequences of climate change in the world?

The effects of climate change are actually far greater than they may seem at first glance. Already in the second half of the last century it was possible to trace that warming of the Earth's atmosphere occurs at rather fast rate. The UN predicts that temperatures may rise by several degrees Celsius this century.

Climate change in Ukraine

It is important to know the most important consequences of global warming. First, the level of the world's oceans will rise significantly. This will be affected by the melting of glaciers and polar ice, which have already melted by 10-25 cm over the past hundred years. This process will lead to flooding, reduction of fresh water in reservoirs and loss of potential habitats. The amount of precipitation will also change significantly: in the northern part of Europe it will increase, and in the south it will decrease. The quantity and quality of water resources in the hydrosphere are changing. All ecological systems will also change. Due to warming, wildlife will begin to migrate en masse, and climatic zones will shift. Affected by the seasonality of some crops and yields in general.

It is no secret that all these consequences can have a significant negative impact on the quality of our lives. All areas of our lives, from health to the economy, will be threatened. Agriculture in some parts of the world will decline, as droughts could lead to a crisis in this area. The result is a disruption of community stability and a threat of mass starvation. In countries with warm climates, it is important to maintain a proper water supply. In its absence, tropical and subtropical diseases spread rapidly.

Climate change in Ukraine

Along with increased warming, natural disasters will become stronger. Weather conditions will deteriorate so much that they will cause great damage to agriculture.

Public electric transport in Ukraine

As part of the National Transport Strategy in Ukraine, it is planned to replace all urban public transport with electric transport. To do this, they also plan to create an appropriate infrastructure, said Vladislav Krykliy. It should be noted that the official document does not mention the complete replacement of conventional transport with an electric analogue. The current share of electric vehicles is planned to be upgraded and raised to 75 percent.

Despite the necessary changes in infrastructure, electric transport in general is beginning to gain popularity in various walks of life. Residents of large cities are no longer surprised by electric scooters, because they can be seen every day right in the center. However, are they as useful as they seem at first glance?

Unfortunately, we live in a time when the world market is changing every day. Our economy is built so that prices in any case do not remain stable, but gradually increase. It is becoming increasingly difficult to buy fuel, so there is an alternative - electric vehicles. One of the most popular vehicles of this type is the electric scooter.

Climate change in Ukraine

This device does not need to be refueled, because it works due to the charge from the network. Electric transport is quite ergonomic and light, so it has almost no problems when moving. Speed ​​indicators are not disappointing here either: the budget type of electric transport can accelerate up to 35 km / h, and mid-range devices up to 90 km / h.

The environmental friendliness of such transport is in question. Thus, the use of electricity does not provoke such large emissions of harmful gases as when using conventional transport. However, a significant problem is that in most cases people do not replace conventional electric vehicles. The same electric scooters are used not by drivers, but by ordinary pedestrians. Because of this, it is difficult to trace their positive impact on the environment.

The distances that people cover on scooters are not great. In most cases, the destination can be reached by tram, trolleybus or on foot. A regular bicycle is a good alternative to an electric scooter. It does not harm nature or your health.

It is also worth noting that the creation of batteries for such devices provokes an increase in the carbon footprint. The carbon footprint from the production of one such battery is about 30 kilograms of CO2.

Climate change in Ukraine

The car needs to travel about 100 kilometers to emit 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide. That is, such a vehicle should travel about 170 kilometers and all CO2 emissions are neutralized.

In general, electric scooters have a greater environmental balance than conventional cars. However, to improve the environmental situation, drivers should switch to them, not pedestrians.

Closing factories due to climate change

Changing weather conditions lead not only to rising sea levels, but also to the closure of entire factories and enterprises. Not so long ago in the United States was a terrible snowstorm. Such a natural disaster is very unusual for America, and climate change is to blame. Due to the pandemic, most companies did not have enough budget to properly protect their production. As a result, these companies simply collapsed.

Imagine that you live in a town in Texas. You are the owner of a Tesla, but for a whole week you do not have the opportunity to drive too far from your home due to a power outage. As a result, you are tied to one place and cannot change anything. Such situations occur regularly with hundreds of people due to uncontrolled climate change.

Climate change in Ukraine

In the same Texas there are two Samsung productions. They create SSDs, mobile processors and PC RAM and servers. When the power supply is stopped, all conveyors of such productions are stopped. If such a factory is idle for at least one day, large companies will lose profits in incredible amounts, and there will be a shortage of parts in the market. There are quite a few electronics factories in Texas and all of them stop working due to bad weather.

To solve the problem and save profits, companies will begin to produce reserve stocks in case of an unexpected cataclysm. Of course, this will affect the cost of components, because storage is summed with the cost of goods.

The main thing in the problem of climate change is not to turn a blind eye to it. Greenhouse gases, global warming, excessive CO2 emissions are all that humanity has to contend with. Our main task is to stay conscious and understand that in real life there is no "cancel" button.

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