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Apple Store / Apple news / How to change the wallpaper on the iPhone on a schedule?
06 September 2021

How to change the wallpaper on the iPhone on a schedule?

How to quickly change wallpaper on iPhone. Proven methods for changing the wallpaper on the iPhone. Where you can find beautiful wallpaper for every taste

Anastasia Perekupko

If you are a happy owner of the iPhone, which has the latest version of the iOS operating system, then many new features and opportunities open up for you. For example, you can now choose the sound that will play when you connect the gadget to the charger, the sound in the AirPods Pro headphones will change depending on the position of the head, and in the notes you can now not worry about the equality of the drawn figures. All of these innovations are related to the Quick Commands application. In today's article, we will understand in detail how to change the wallpaper on your smartphone according to a certain desired schedule.

iPhone Wallpapers

How to set up auto wallpaper replacement?

  1. The first step you need to take is to open the Quick Commands app, if it's on your smartphone. If you have already installed it, then do it using the "App Store".
  2. Go to "Settings"> "Quick Commands". Make the "Untrusted Commands" feature valid. You will need to confirm the selection with a password.
  3. Go to "Photo" and create a separate album with all the images you would like to see as wallpaper on the iPhone.
  4. Find the appropriate command on the Internet. It's not difficult, just type it into a search engine, and you'll see it right away. After that, you need to download it and add it to all your commands.
  5. Go to the team settings (you can do this by clicking on the three dots), select the album you just created in the "Photo" application. You can also choose which wallpaper will change: on the lock screen, on the desktop, or both.
  6. P.S. Be sure to select "Album matches" and open the team's permission in the "Photo" application.
  7. Click "Done" and all changes should be saved after that.
  8. In the "Commands" application, go to the "Automation" window and click "+" in the upper right corner.
  9. In the window that opens, you need to click on "Create automation for yourself".
  10. Then you can choose the conditions for automation: the time of changing the wallpaper and more.
  11. Then add "Run Quick Command" (in the search - "Applications"> "Commands") and select "Change wallpaper".
  12. Disable the "Prompt to start" radio button. Then everything will happen automatically, and you will not need to confirm the action every time.
  13. Done! Congratulations, you have passed this difficult path of settings, but now you can enjoy new wallpapers at least every hour.
  14. The wallpaper on your iPhone will change automatically at the set time every day. You can choose a "sign" to change the photo not only in the form of time, it can be others, such as changing the geolocation, connection to a particular network.

iPhone Wallpapers

Changing the wallpaper on the iPhone or iPad for various factors

Go to the "Quick Commands" application, then click on "Automation"> "+"> "Create automation for yourself". You have to decide what will be the trigger for the function to work:

  • Scheduled operation: select "Time of day", and then - time interval.
  • Trigger by location: select the appropriate item, adjust the geolocation and time interval.
  • Trigger according to the battery level: select "Charge level" and the percentage of charge on the smartphone battery.

There are other triggers: receiving mail, messages from a contact, connecting to Wi-Fi, etc.

How do I add a quick wallpaper change shortcut to my iPhone desktop?

Remember that you can manually change the wallpaper by running a command from the application or through the smartphone desktop icon. To do this, you must:

  • Press your finger on the desktop and hold it for a few seconds on the command shortcut
  • Then go through the menu to the "Details" section and click on "Add to the" Home "screen".
  • Done!

If you've always dreamed of seeing new wallpapers every time you unlock your iPhone, congratulations, your wish has come true since the iOS update!

iPhone Wallpapers

What else does iOS 14 offer us?

  • Widget screen. Now the desktop on the iPhone has become even more diverse. This innovation is very similar to what is in the android, but it does not make it bad. Widgets are icons that can now be added to a smartphone screen. For example, weather forecast, favorite music, activity for the day, notes. You can change their size, location.
  • Picture in picture. Now you can watch a movie and write something in notes or correspond with a friend on Facebook at the same time. The minimized window will be on the screen all this time, and you can change inject its location at a convenient location.
  • New "Translator". Everyone uses Google Translate now, but who knows, maybe in some time this application will become better and more popular? Apple's "translator" is quite convenient, but unfortunately, not all languages ​​of the world are there yet.
  • Gray's new interface. Now, when you call the assistant, the application window will not take up the entire screen. Only a small circle will appear at the bottom of the screen, clicking on which will take you to Gray.
  • "Annoying" call. If you have an unlocked iPhone, you are doing something important, and you can not pick up the phone for some reason, it is possible to close the call window instead of waiting for the phone to stop ringing to continue doing business as before.
  • New Emoji. New stickers and smilies always appear when a new version of iOS is released. Version 14 is no exception - communicating with friends will be even more interesting and fun.
  • Change default browser and mail. If you don't like genuine Apple apps like Safari and Mail, you now have the option to change them to others, such as Google and Gmail.
  • Application library. You can now hide applications, sometimes even entire folders, in a shared library, so they don't interfere with your desktop.
  • Camera and microphone activity indicator. Thanks to the new version of iOS, you can see if the camera or microphone is used by any of the applications.

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