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Warranty from ICOOLA: everything you need to know about warranty service

First of all, we want to say a huge THANK YOU for choosing one of the best companies in terms of service and sales of genuine Apple equipment. Most other companies provide a warranty for only one week or a month, and if you want to buy it for a much longer period, you will have to pay a significant amount for it. We provide a warranty card for all our equipment for a period of 12 months free of charge, therefore, in case of any problems, we will repair the iPhone 6 or any other model you purchased from us. That is why we are the best in the field of repair and service of smartphones from Apple.

Conditions under which the warranty period does not apply:

  • If the defect of the device has occurred in case of careless handling and its misuse, or in violation of the conditions and rules of operation; For example, you buy used iPhone X, after a while it fell and crashed, in which case the warranty will not help you;
  • If the defects of the device are caused by foreign objects penetrating inside. Or in case of the direct influence of mechanical forces or under the influence of chemical, thermal or physical influence;
  • If the defects of the device are caused by contacting another service center or trying to open the device yourself;
  • The presence of mechanical or thermal damage to the device or its components: (scratches, dents, cracks);
  • Absence or damage to the device of special markings (serial number, model name, etc.);
  • Damage is caused by natural disasters or any other household factors.
  • Damage caused by external factors, or incorrect connection to the power supply, or other cases;

The ICOOLA warranty does not apply to raw materials, accessories, and batteries. It is important to clarify that the chargers and batteries are not subject to a warranty replacement, they all undergo a 3-level inspection system before sending it to the customer, which prevents failure. Quite often, customers charge the device in a car, train, etc., ignoring the rules of operation and in such cases, battery failure is not our fault.

The seller disclaims liability (ie does not reimburse compensation) for possible damage to the device by people, pets if the damage occurred in case of non-compliance with the rules of use. Pursuant to Article 8 of the Law on Consumer Protection, the exchange of products during the 14-day period does not apply to second-hand goods, ie second-hand goods (including telephones). It is possible to exchange products or eliminate any breakdowns during the warranty period.

Note that if you want to give your iPhone to us under warranty, you can come to us in a store located in the city of Lviv, on the street Kotsyubynskoho 25, or send us your gadget by Nova Poshta. When sending an iPhone by mail, be sure to include a warranty card in the parcel. Friends, we always go to meet you and understand that you want to buy quality equipment. Whatever happens to your gadget, contact us and we will be sure to meet you and fix any problems for free if they happened through our fault.

Note that before sending us a smartphone, a prerequisite that you need to fulfill - is to unplug the iPhone from iCloud and remove the screen password. ICOOLA company - first of all, cares that you are delighted with the received smartphone, and the best thanks from you will be a recommendation of our online store and service center to the relatives and acquaintances.