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"ICOOLA" offers cooperation in the fields of iPhone repair or sales of used iPhone 8. We are always open to different suggestions and proposals of  new common projects with other stores, sales representatives, or service centers.

Do you want to buy the best product at the lowest prices in Ukraine in large quantities? If you, you should commicate with us. It is ICOOLA that is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of iPhones, both used and refurbished. If you are interested in cooperation in the field of repair, we are able to repair thousands of Apple iPhone units per month, which is not possible  for any  service in Ukraine. Therefore, if you have your own iPhone store, but there is no service, we are ready to provide you with restoration or repair services.

The key to our success is high quality and advanced technologies that have helped us  to improve, and to become one of the best eco-brands and services in Ukraine. Contact us with your suggestions and let's  start working together: +380636261194 - Valentine (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp) or send  an e-mail to:  icoolaua@gmail.com. Thank you for choosing "ICOOLA", for your trust and faith in us.