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Protect our planet with ICOOLA ECO

Our duty, as the and all, is in fact to improve the view of people on the awareness of that environment Wednesday needs to protect. With each passing year, the popularity of such opinion is undoubtedly growing, and along with this growing need to protect nature. ICOOLA ECO is a program from our company With the help of which you can bring your broken iPhone for recycling and besides this, get behind this award. Note, that we also have a program of exchange ( Trade the IN) with the help of which you can exchange your old gadget for the new. It is very important to convey to you the information, that, throwing his broken smartphone in the trash, you even do not is, how much damage will cause this action surrounding the environment. For example, a conventional Finger battery, aborted in the landfill, is able to contaminate more than 400 liters of water or 20 square meters area. Now, imagine, how much area pollutes the battery of the smartphone? Note, that all components, which are harmful to the surrounding environment and are no longer subject to reprocessing, our company collects and transmits in specially certified institutions.

We will plant a tree for every iPhone you buy from us!

In conditions of total pollution of nature, by representatives of an intelligent species of creatures called Homo Sapiens (Homo sapiens), it is extremely important to convey to such intelligent representatives that when the last tree on the earth is cut down, when the last river is poisoned, when the last bird is caught, from then maybe we will understand that money cannot be eaten.

That is why we, as a company that is directly involved in the restoration and sale of Apple technology and is related to the ecology of our planet, make a huge contribution to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Hundreds of tons of e-waste that would have to pollute our land and be thrown away are sent to our hands for recycling - but this is not enough for us. Now we plant a tree for every USED iPhone sold. By purchasing an Apple iPhone from us, you will receive excellent technology and your purchase will make our planet even greener. Let's keep our nature together!

Note that the first tree planting will take place in the spring of 2021. You can personally track the number of smartphones sold in the corresponding banner on the main page of our website. Photo and video report on tree planting will be published in the blog. Thank you for choosing ICOOLA.

Data security

The issue of security of client data to us above all. If you have decided to exchange or sell us your old iPhone for reprocessing, the company ICOOLA has robust capabilities for clearing all data, which have been preserved or when -or were at your the broken device. As shown study, the majority of customers do not dare take your broken iPhone only of the fact that on it could be preserved personal data. It should be noted, that with our capabilities destruction of data, you can be sure, that they will be protected from the extract.

The main advantages of working with the ICOOLA ECO program:

  • You will contribute to the protection of the surrounding environment;
  • Your information will be safely deleted;
  • It is possible to remove the memory chip in your personal presence;

Save the nature - hand over to us your broken iPhone.

What are we doing?

Home Our mission - is the reduction of electronic waste and its recycling. A lot of people simply do not know where to donate their broken devices, which take place in their apartment. By focusing attention on restoring the iPhone, we are doing everything possible, so that this technique has a chance to re-use, thus, maximizing its life cycle. Our main mission to preserve the environment is that we significantly reduce the number of electronics thrown away.

Become part of the ICOOLA ECO program - change your own future. Recycle your electronic device safe and secure, together with the program ICOOLA ECO. If you have decided to pass or re-sell your old iPhone to us, then be sure that that you certainly did the right choice and have made a great contribution to the protection of the surrounding environment.