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A few words about what we are doing to become better!

We work very hard so that everyone who wants to restore any electronics knows that they can always contact the ICOOLA service center. In addition, we are serious about the environment, so we took it upon ourselves to plant a tree for every iPhone we refurbished. We are a team focused on sustainable development and a circular economy, we want to convey to people the idea that refurbished electronics are no worse than new ones. Also, if you want to choose products that are ecological, that work great and are part of a circular economy - contact our company, because we are the best Apple Store in Ukraine.

And we want to rebuild and revive the huge potential of engineering in Ukraine and educate a group of young people who would be interested in optoelectronics and microengineering, because we believe that Ukrainians have great talent in this area. Every day we look for talented people who want to develop in this field and invite them to a huge ICOOLA team!

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How can you join the events organized by ICOOLA.UA?

Everything is very simple. Write to us at icoolaua@gmail.com and indicate in the letter that you want to join the upcoming event organized by our company, and we will definitely invite you!

A few words about our team ...

We are a team of 36 people working on many processes to improve our team's specifications: experienced electronics engineers, marketers, programmers, and just people who want to make this world a better place. That's why we restore electronics, plant trees, and organize regular campaigns to promote our mission.

Who are we?

We are the first Renew Company of Ukraine to take a course to restore gadgets to reduce e-waste! The whole of Europe and the whole civilized world strives to profess the principles of sustainable development and the circular economy. That's why we decided to move in this direction as well!

And is it possible to get to work for us and create Renew company ICOOLA.UA together?

We are always happy and open to anyone who wants to work in this direction with us. If you have any wishes or ideas, we will be happy to listen to you. Write to the post marked "Job" and we will definitely invite you for an interview.

Why do we plant trees?

We restore gadgets and are directly related to the environment, so we plant trees to make our contribution to the environment even more effective. For every iPhone we buy, we plant a tree!

And where are we physically?

We are located in Lviv at 25-27 Kotsyubynskoho Street. You can call us at 0 800 602 250 or contact us in any social network...